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   Chapter 40 Jerome Bei

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William went crazy when he saw his little brother killed by Darren's blade. Unable to control his fury, he charged at him.

Darren didn't expect the sudden burst of power. He just pondered at the possibility of using the blade and the sword at the same time. Everything just came out without him meaning to.

'I just got into the Spirit Realm and my body is still changing. If I hadn't used my sword skill and blade skill at the same time, I couldn't have killed the two martial artists who had been in the Spirit Realm for a long time!' Darren thought to himself. Even he was shocked with what happened.

He almost used up all his internal forces for the blade and the sword because of that massive blow. He was like a used gun running low on ammunition. What would he do if William, who was at the third stage of the Spirit Realm, attacked him?

Even though the odds currently weren't at his favor, Darren still wasn't very worried. Because he just graded up to the Spirit Realm, and there was still plenty of spiritual energy entering his body. He still had enough if he needed to defend himself.

Strong spiritual energy was filling him up quickly. He did his best to manage his newly absorbed spiritual energy. With it, he nourished his meridians and made a lot of internal force of blade and sword.

"Pffft!" Darren coughed blood out from his mouth.

The internal force of the blade and the internal force of the sword were fighting with each other, tearing his meridians apart. He could feel his meridians breaking one by one.

Darren couldn't imagine anything worse than what was happening right now. This could kill him! There was nothing left for him to do but fight for the chance to live.

"I want you dead! You have to die!"

William was now insanely angry. His eyes were bloodshot because of his rage. His vital energy of the third stage of the Spirit Realm exploded to every corner of the Life and Death Valley.

Darren stepped back.

In the blink of an eye, William was in front of Darren with the tip of his blade pointing towards him in a dangerous way.

The fact that William was currently overwhelmed with emotion worked for Darren as he could not focus on the fight one hundred percent. If not, it would have been impossible for Darren to dodge his blows.

As he avoided his blows, he absorbed his spiritual energy.

"It hurts..." Darren's body shook because of the pain. It was so painful it almost made him faint. Finally, after what felt like a century, he gathered enough internal force in his body.

"Profound Nine Sword Skills! Grand Thirteen Blade Skills!"

He used the blade and the sword together again.


The power of the blade and the power of the sword filled the whole Life and Death Valley like huge wave of water washing over it.

"You have to die!" William didn't even care to dodge. He just went after Darren like a madman.

He brandished his blade with a massive aura around it and rammed it straight towards Darren.


With another loud sound, the ears of the disciples above the valley who were in a lower realm than the Spirit Realm all started to ring. For a moment, it seemed like they lost their hearing ability.

Everyone was stunned into silence. Whether Darren was still alive or dead

"Long time no see, Cody. You are still in the Spirit Realm? What a shame. You are almost thirty and you still haven't progressed much. You don't get to talk to me like that, you loser!" Jerome Bei said arrogantly.

"You!" Anger rose in Cody's heart. The sword on his back moved. He wanted to fight with Jerome so badly to make him regret his words.

"Enough, Cody! Take Darren back to the Sword Mountain," Thomas commanded. As he spoke, he used an invisible sword intent to attack Jerome.

This shocked him as he did not expect the attack. He backed up a few steps and immediately shot an arrow out. It exploded in mid-air but he was still sent flying by Thomas' blow.

"How dare you attack a young disciple, Thomas!" the elder of the School of Arrow Skill remarked as he looked at Jerome with a distressed expression.

"Oh? How can you be so sure that it was me?" Thomas didn't plan to admit that it was him who attacked Jerome on his disciple's behalf.

"You!" The elder of the School of Arrow Skill couldn't find a way to argue back. So instead, he said, "Why would you attack the best disciple of my school for a loser? I won't let this go easily, Thomas! Wait till the next Five Schools Competition! You will regret what you have done today. Let's go, Jerome."

In Life and Death Valley, Jerome glared at Cody with hateful eyes. "In the next Five Schools Competition, I will make every member of the School of Sword Skill kneel in front of me!" he declared.

Then, he walked up to Darren. "As for you, loser, I hope you can live 'till the day I kick the School of Sword Skill's ass. Do you want to know why I did all this? It's because you were too arrogant for my liking."

With these words, he laughed and left, following the elder of the School of Arrow Skill.

When he was gone, Darren struggled to stand. He couldn't support himself anymore. He was both hurt because of the opposing internal forces inside him and the pressure brought about by Jerome. Under all the pain, he blacked out.

But before he completely lost his consciousness, he managed to silently vow to himself, "I will make you kneel in front of me like a petty dog when I get stronger. One day, Jerome!"

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