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   Chapter 39 Unparalleled Power

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The Life and Death Valley was, in fact, a low ridge with an area of about two hundred and seventy thousand square meters, surrounded by towering mountains over thirty meters tall. At this moment, hundreds of people were watching Darren's suicide challenge.

Five people stood in front of Darren in the valley.

"William, please give me this opportunity. I have never killed a man in person," a disciple from the School of Blade Skill said.

"Andy, please give it to me. I have just broken into the Spirit Realm, I want a try," another disciple called Norbert Wang blurted out.

"Well, you kill him." William nodded to Norbert Wang, giving him permission. He thought he had given much respect to Darren by sending a Spirit Realm master to kill him.

A happy look crossed Norbert's face now that he had William's consent. He leaped onto a raised platform called Death Platform.

"Norbert, you will be a disgrace if you can't kill him."

"Nonsense, killing him will be a piece of cake." "Lad, how many swings would you prefer to be killed in?" Norbert shouted softly.

"Stupid dog, soon you will know who will be killed!" Darren sneered at Norbert.

"A scum of the Primary Realm, I will kill you in a second, you bastard!" With a sudden shout, Norbert lifted his saber and rushed at Darren.

Darren's face turned cold as ice as Norbert's aggressive aura of the Spirit Realm surged into him. It was much more powerful than that at the Primary Realm.

Quickly, Darren's imposing aura also surged out as he hacked at Norbert with a broadsword.

The sound from the fierce clash immediately echoed through the Life and Death Valley as heavy dust was blown backward.

After the dissipation of the dust, everyone in the valley was openly astonished. Darren had survived that violent attack!

"The lad. He managed to survive, how could it be possible?"

"Even a heavy blow from a Spirit Realm cultivator failed to kill him?"

While all the crowd was talking about the matter, Darren was mulling over something in his mind. 'There is only one-millionth of an inch between my realm and the Spirit Realm, but I am falling far behind in physical strength. Perhaps I can make up the difference if I use my blade and sword internal force.'

In the previous clash, Darren used only his pure physical strength rather than the blade and sword internal force to counterattack Norbert.

"Ha ha ha, you are such a disgrace, Norbert. You are of about the same level as him. I have doubt wheth

"Brother!" William could have never imagined for his brother to die as well.

Having killed Karl with a single slash, Darren turned back to the other two disciples without any hesitation, his right hand drawing out an icy sword.

Inside Darren's body, the blade and sword internal force condensed together wildly rather than turned against each other.

This time, Darren exercised the Profound Nine Sword Skills and the Grand Thirteen Blade Skills simultaneously from his right and left hands respectively.

With the overwhelming blade and sword waves, clinks of steel echoed through the Life and Death Valley. Swiftness and fierceness of sword skills were shown in the movements of the sword while the violence and intensity of blade skills were displayed in the sword blade!

Under his continuous attack, the two Spirit Realm masters' flesh and blood vanished inch by inch. Even their bones turned into powders and disappeared like smoke.

"Good god!"

"What the fuck!"

"Oh my god!"

Darren's attack made the crowd on top of the valley go wild. Their cries of excitement echoed above the Life and Death Valley for a long time.

"What sort of martial skill is that? It is so powerful!"

"Too amazing, is he a genius?"

William, who had reached the third stage of the Spirit Realm, also took hasty steps backward due to the strong internal force.

He was shocked when he halted.

The power was a threat to him!

His hostility grew stronger than his caution, and William rushed to Darren with his saber in hand.

Silence fell over everyone standing on top of the Life and Death Valley as if they were waiting to witness a miracle!

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