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   Chapter 38 Enter Life And Death Valley (Part Two)

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His words made Darren think about the situation more. 'Jimmy is the elite of the School of Boxing Skill, but he got beaten up like this. Why didn't the Elder of the School of Boxing Skill, Ezra, stand up for him?' he wondered, confused.

After mulling it over for a few minutes, he had come to a conclusion: Alan had used Jimmy as a pawn and Ezra gave his assent.

'This is so horrible. The relationships among the elders are complicated.

To weaken the strength of their enemies and to gain more profits, the leaders are willing to sacrifice their disciples. They don't value other people's lives as long as they can get what they want.

I learned an important lesson from this. This world is dominated by the strong, and the weak are nothing but disposable pieces, ' he grudgingly thought.

This realization made Darren long for power more than ever. He wanted to become so strong that nothing could ever threaten him again.

"Come back to Sword Mountain right now and go to the cave to reflect upon the mistakes you've made for half a year. This is your punishment," Thomas said, his tone making it obvious that it was his final decision.

"Elder Thomas!" With an evil smile on his face, William stepped forward and stopped in front of Thomas. He said, "Darren and I agreed to fight in the Life and Death Valley. According to the rule, no one can back out once an agreement has been established."

Without warning, Thomas swung his arm and gave William a slap. He thundered, "How dare you pressure my disciple to enter the Life and Death Valley?"

Terrified and with one hand touching his sore cheek, William immediately knelt down and explained, "I have been misunderstood, Elder Thomas. I have not pressured Darren. In fact, he was the one who proposed to fight in the Life and Death Valley. If my words are not enough to prove that I am saying the truth, perhaps the words of the people around us are. Th

rit Realm?" Cody berated with evident concern in his voice.

"Pursuing martial arts is a tough path. If I always choose to run away from problems, I will never make any progress. So I decided not to run anymore. I'd like to give this a shot. Everyone thinks I'm going to die. If I make it out of here alive, I'll be able to prove them wrong, and I'll be able to prove to myself that I have what it takes to carry on this path," Darren replied calmly.

He then jumped off the cliff and entered the valley below.

William laughed loudly and said, "The bastard is there. Let's go." He and other disciples of the School of Blade Skill followed Darren and jumped off the cliff, too.

Once people entered the Life and Death Valley, one of their feet was already in the grave. Their lives were at the mercy of the stronger party.

"Guess how long it will take for those guys to slay Darren?"

"Is that even a question? Come on! Haven't you noticed that he hasn't entered the Spirit Realm? Besides, he has refined the sword intent seed and blade intent seed, so he doesn't stand a chance. This is a losing battle for him. I bet he will get killed within a few minutes."

"Look, the fight has finally begun!"

Everyone looked down below the valley and watched the battle unfold.

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