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   Chapter 36 A Suicide Challenge

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The tense air between Darren and several men was palpable. The charged atmosphere piqued the curiosity among the disciples. They gathered around them, wanting to have a good look at the commotion.

"This is going to be interesting," one of the disciples gestured towards the group from School of Blade Skill. "These guys often bully the newcomers."

"That guy is Darren, the fallen genius."

"I see. I heard he gets lots of resources each month. No wonder these guys are giving him a hard time."

Whispers and murmurs could be heard all around as the crowd started to scrutinize. They were eager to see what was about to unfold.

"Brat, it looks like you don't know what you're doing. If you mess with us, you will be in a lot of trouble," one disciple of the School of Blade Skill threatened.

"Shut up!" Darren snapped brashly. "Aren't you planning on stealing my resources? I'd like to see you try." Darren did not flinch one bit. He did not find those guys daunting at all. They were nothing but revolting scoundrels for him.

"Oh? You're one arrogant guy, aren't you? Let's see if you can still be haughty later," the disciple continued.

He pulled out his blade to attack Darren.

One person decided to put a halt to this madness. He rushed forward and interjected, "What are you doing? If you continue this brash display, the Elder is sure to know about this. Fighting on the square will get you severely punished."

Darren shifted his gaze towards the speaker. It was Keller, the one who led him to his place yesterday.

Keller walked towards his side and whispered, "Darren, get out of here. These are notorious tyrants. I will stall them for you. Go to the Sword Mountain. You'll be safer there."

"Who the hell are you, you bumpkin? Get lost!" One member of the group spat.

"Guys, it's best for you to let go of Darren. If you don't, the Elders are going to know about this. Disciples are not allowed to fight out of personal matters. I'm sure you know that," Keller continued grimly.

This made them uneasy. They were familiar with the rules of the sect, and they didn't want any trouble.

"Son of a bitch! You better watch your back. We will not spare you." They threatened before walking away.

"Get to the Sword Mountain and stay there in the next few days. I'm afraid they might return soon," Keller suggested, a concerned expression clear on his face.

"What about you?" Darren asked with a frown, looking at Keller. He had already considered him as his friend.

"Don't worry about me. They might hit me but I'll be fine as long as I don't fight back," Keller assured him. "I'm going to go out to buy some items. Take care of yourself." Keller headed down the mountain hurriedly.

"Let me know if anything happens," Darren urged. A small smile formed on the corner of Keller's mouth. Without looking back, he continued to walk down the mountain.

The guys who attempted to put Darren down went to a corner on the square. They talked to two ominous looking men in a low voice.

"You're a bunch of useless losers!" William, one of the two men, hissed. "All I ask is for you to provoke him and trick him into going to Life and D

in disbelief. 'A loser dared to challenge me? You've got to be kidding me, ' he thought.

"I said I am going to take your life. Is that so hard for you to understand, you jerk?" Darren snarled, internal force gushing out from his body.

His voice echoed throughout the whole square. This whole fiasco caught the attention of the other disciples.

William and Karl were stunned at his remark.

"Are you going mute, you cowards? Meet me in the Life and Death Valley this afternoon. I swear to God I will eliminate you," Darren hollered.

Many disciples on the square flocked to them.

"Seriously? William of the School of Blade Skill has reached the third stage of Spirit Realm. This guy had the gall to meet him at the Life and Death Valley."

"Once people enter that valley, they are liable to their actions. They will not be punished even if they kill other disciples. Has he lost his mind?"

"He is Darren. He has just been accepted as an official disciple. A fallen genius dared to challenge William? He is digging his own grave."

"He must have gone mad. He hasn't even reached the Spirit Realm. He definitely has lost his mind."

The crowd was throwing in opinions right and left. They thought Darren was playing with fire.

Darren bellowed, "You bastards, are you coming to meet me at the Life and Death Valley or not?"

His bold actions took everyone present by great surprise.

William's face turned livid. Anger boiled deep in his system, as hot as lava. A loser who hadn't reached the Spirit Realm had the nerve to bark at him in public, which embarrassed him.

"My brother is going to kill you without even breaking a sweat," Karl snorted, composing himself. He was trying to get him and his brother out of this degrading situation.

Darren let out his boiling antipathy and swung his fist, too quick and potent, into Karl's face. He howled, "You talk too much. Just answer my question: yes or no?"

As the crowd was taken aback with the turn of events, the whole square was surrounded with stunned silence. The disciples' mouths were agape, apprehensive of what might happen next.

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