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   Chapter 35 Darren's Goal (Part Two)

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"This Holy Star Herb is different and rare. The spiritual energy that is contained inside the herb is extremely pure. Even the elders of the Mysterious Realm need to use it," Darren thought.

After the experience, Darren held the Holy Star Herb in his hands and started to assimilate it.

This time, however, it took him 45 minutes to completely assimilate it.

"Ah, that is great!"

Had his strength reached a higher level after the experience? Darren was excited, and said, "I feel so refreshed! What does that mean? Have I reached the Spirit Realm?"

Darren felt as though he was being elevated to the Spirit Realm. Generally speaking, it was far more difficult to break through one realm than it was to improve one's stage within a realm. But Darren, who had grown from a mediocre learner to a master, had achieved this in only a few months.

Excitement coursed through Darren when he thought he was going to reach the Spirit Realm.

"Since I already know how to use my internal force, can I compete with masters who have reached the Spirit Realm?" Darren wondered. Darren hoped that one day, he would be able to compete with them to see who was better.

In cultivation, it was hard for a person who was inferior to others in stage to succeed in defeating his opponent. And Darren, who was at a lower realm than others, wanted to fight with a master at the Spirit Realm. It seemed like an unrealistic goal.

Darren was cheerful after he found that his strength had improved tremendously. He decided to take a walk outside alone.


In the morning, numerous young disciples from different schools gathered at the square to practice their skills.

Darren strolled around the square, admiring the beautiful view as the clouds and mist drifted across the mountains like a fairyl

on started to grow in his heart, and he felt an overwhelming desire to become strong and powerful.

"You! Stop!" one of the disciples shouted.

The disciples noticed that Darren had overheard their conversation. Quick as a flash, the disciples rushed toward Darren, stood in front of him, and blocked his way.

"Get lost!" said Darren impatiently. Darren knew that they were bullies, so he was cautious as he didn't want to get into trouble.

"Look! That bastard is so arrogant," a disciple sneered at him. Seeing that they carried sabers on their backs, Darren felt his chest tighten. Their leader cast a defiant glance at Darren, and provoked him, "I heard that you have received numerous resources lately. You had better kneel and give them to me. Otherwise, I will beat you to death."

"Ha-ha-ha!" The other disciples, who were standing behind him, burst into laughter.

"I do have some resources, but they are mine. As for you, I think you should go to the bathroom over there and eat all the shit you want!" Darren retorted without hesitation.

After Darren finished, a mix of fury and embarrassment washed over their faces, and they screamed, "You son of a bitch! I will kill you!"

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