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   Chapter 34 Darren's Goal (Part One)

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After Darren stopped transferring the vital energy, he felt much better. But some of his meridians had been severely injured.

After he rested for a few moments, Darren tried to use the Meridians Refining Scripture to heal the damaged meridians, but he failed. The two internal forces had broken his meridians, and it was impossible for him to fix it.

"Am I going to stay a loser?" Darren was hopeless at the moment.

Darren frowned at the irony of the situation. He could use spiritual energy to improve his talent, but once he had absorbed it into his body, it would turn into internal force and injure his meridians.

"Well, maybe I should take a break and solve the problem step by step," Darren said.

Convinced that a good night's rest would give him a fresh perspective, Darren went to bed early.

Although he was hoping to solve the challenge he faced, Darren felt disappointed that he could neither absorb spiritual energy nor transfer vital energy.


Another night passed. Darren was woken by the sound of someone knocking at his door in the early morning hours.

Darren hadn't slept well at night. He wearily rubbed his eyes, stood from his bed, and made his way to the door. He frowned when he opened the door.

"Darren, I have brought the resources the sect has assigned to you. Come and take them," a disciple standing at Darren's door casually said. The frown on Darren's face grew deeper when he noticed that the disciple had a blank expression on his face. Then, without warning, the disciple threw a pile of spiritual herbs in front of Darren.

"Humph. This is so ridiculous. What rules is the sect following? Why are they always giving a loser like you so many resources? It is so unfair. What a waste!" Without waiting for Darren to reply, the disciple continued murmuring to himself, "Every day, someone fights with another member for resources like these as they are rare and precious. But the sect just gives them to you! I'm afrai

tion, after which, the internal force would not hurt him again.

Almost an hour passed. By the end of the practice, Darren was soaked in sweat. He was so exhausted from the intense process that he almost passed out. Although he was tired and his legs felt weak, he was delighted with the result.

"This is so great! Although my meridians were injured after I used all my internal force, I will recover from the injuries in less than a month if I can keep my meridians from further damage," Darren said. Darren was excited.

In the meantime, he felt that the new internal force was stronger and more powerful than the vital energy he had experienced before. Darren also understood that only after combining the internal forces of the blade and sword could he maximize his internal force when attacking his enemy.

Darren found that he had become stronger than before!

Feeling empty inside his body, Darren walked inside his house. After picking up the spiritual herbs on the ground, he started to absorb their spiritual energy.

After a little while, he had absorbed all the energy from the fifty superior spiritual herbs. Although the internal force was only about one-tenth the quantity of the spiritual energy that he had absorbed from the Heaven and the Earth, Darren was still satisfied with the result.

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