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   Chapter 33 The Unexpected Trouble (Part Three)

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"How does that feel, huh?" Darren barked down on him. "Let's see if you dare to speak malicious remarks about others again," he continued menacingly as he carried on sending his fist down to the man. His mind was swirling with contempt towards the man. Each strike he dealt was loaded with his power and his deep grudge.

"Help! Darren is killing me!" the man shouted out in a strangled cry. Fear took hold of his heart and his body vibrated violently in pain as he cried out for his life.

"Shut the hell up!" Darren shouted at him. He hadn't let out all his fury. Not yet. He grabbed a handful of gravel from the ground and stuffed it into the man's mouth.

The torture did not end there. Upon blocking his mouth with the gravel, Darren violently shoved his fist into the man's mouth.

As his fist landed, both Darren and Shawn heard the distinct sound of the man's teeth cracking. The hit was so powerful that it would have sent anyone howling. The man wasn't able to bear it and as a result of the pain, he went out like a light.

Shawn was left speechless as he watched the violent scene unfold, his eyes wide open in astonishment. He had not expected Darren to be so merciless and cruel. He started to regret having challenged him just a while ago.

Seeing that the man had already blacked out, Darren stopped his strikes. "I did tell you to shut up," he mumbled, then quickly averted his eyes from the man's disfigured face. He turned his gaze towards Shawn who was still standing in a trance-like state.

"Now, it's your turn," Darren said in a cold gravelly voice. Despite the fact that Shawn was already cowering in fear inside his

ting stance. "Today I will end your lousy and disgraceful life!" he declared with conviction. He leapt up and aimed his sword straight at Darren.

Darren hurriedly lifted his sword and put the second move of the Profound Nine Sword Skills he had just learned into action.

"Taste my Shadowless Stab!" Darren uttered.

As soon as the sword skill had been activated, streaks of blinding light began to emanate from it, filling up every corner of the room. Darren waved the mighty sword over at Shawn and the streaks of light began to change its shape into dozens of swords made of light that looked sharp enough to pierce through anything.

Shawn, who was rushing towards Darren, sensed the danger a little too late for him to be able to dodge the attack.

The streaks of light pierced through him all over his body and blood sputtered out.

"So terrible..." Shawn breathlessly whispered just as a ray of light cut through his neck like lightning hitting a tree.

Darren, suddenly felt a jolting pain inside his body. A fountain of blood spritzed out of his mouth as he fell to the ground.

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