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   Chapter 32 The Unexpected Trouble (Part Two)

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"Um, I'm sorry? Have I done something to offend you two?" Darren asked, growing irritated. The two young men's words were like a punch in Darren's gut. As if it wasn't already enough that he still hadn't fully come around from the pain he suffered from his cultivation practice.

"Oh, so you mean that we are in no position to displease you? That, you're so powerful, you're untouchable, is that it?" the one named Shawn Xu retorted, staring vindictively at Darren. A spasm of anger swiftly passed over Darren's face, but it vanished just as quickly as it had appeared. He restrained himself, thinking it was hardly the time to whip up chaos.

However, the other guy wasn't planning on letting him go that easily. "Stop bluffing, man! I swear that if you challenge him, I would be dragging you back to your room tonight. You would be spending the rest of your life crippled and bedridden! Didn't you hear what they said? This guy has the strength of the ninth stage of the Primary Realm. In no way can you stand up against him in a fight, let alone beat him," he said, clearly trying to provoke his companion, baiting him into fighting Darren for his own entertainment. The atmosphere in the room grew tense.

"I'm going to fuck you up, ninth stage!" Shawn Xu barked with fury, falling right into his companion's trap. "You're nothing more than a despicable, weak bastard. I'm the real genius here," he continued.

Darren knew that Shawn did have a point in some respects. Just because he reached the ninth stage didn't mean that he was superior to Shawn in strength by default. The Ilmen Sect had always had the tradition of enlisting disciples who were at least at the sixth stage. Newly enlisted members all worke

Shawn? He wants you to-"

His sentence was cut off by the resounding sound of a slap.

Darren's chest violently pumped in anger. He wasn't able to tolerate the man's constant prodding any longer. If he had to listen to one more depraved word that came out of the man's mouth, he swore he might just throw up.

In the speed of light, he was standing next to the man.

It all happened in a flash. There was a piercing scream, and the next thing the man knew, there were blood-red palm marks imprinted on his face accompanied by a searing pain.

"If you continue badgering me with those spiteful and disgusting words, I swear you would no longer be able to see the light of day," Darren bellowed, fire burning in his eyes. Silence fell among them. The man was deeply paralyzed with fear. His mouth was agape and his eyes were filled with utmost consternation.

By this point, Darren's wrath had been completely set loose.

All the anger he had been trying to contain exploded. He started to bombard the man's chest with his energy-charged fists. He sent out his punches, one after another until the man was slumped down to the ground.

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