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   Chapter 31 The Unexpected Trouble (Part One)

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Keller led Darren to a rather remote and secluded wooden cottage that was situated at the corner of Sword Mountain base and settled him down. Darren looked around the cottage. Although the space inside was limited, all of the essentials and other miscellanies were present and would be able to provide its dweller with a cozy and comfortable stay.

Pleased with the good environment, Darren smiled politely at Keller. But just as Darren started to thank him, Keller went ahead and stopped him. "Don't thank me, Darren. I still suggest that you leave this place, for your safety. After what has happened today, I am very positive that they will come for trouble sooner rather than later," he proposed solicitously.

Keller was a short and stumpy young man. Although he was only in his twenties, the hardships and miserable experiences in the life had left imprints on his face. His face would always be scrunched up in worry, much like the one he was currently wearing on his face. Mismatching his age, his appearance looked more like that of a man in his forties.

Darren didn't respond but instead gave him a confused glare. Keller instantly feared that Darren had misunderstood his meanings. Keller shook his head and waved his hands in the air. "Darren, please don't get me wrong. I say this not to try to chase you away, but to help you. I had every intention to have you stay here, but I'm afraid that won't be possible anymore. Given the recent turn of events, I thought I should let you know that it would not be safe for you to be here," he anxiously explained.

Seeing how Keller was so concerned for his safety, a small smile formed on Darren's lips. "I know you are concerned about me. But I don't want to leave just because of what happened today. I don't think running away would solve anything. Plus, I'm not exaggerating when I say that those bullies wouldn't dare come for trouble so recklessly," he said as he tried to console Keller.

Darren seemed to have already made up his mind and Keller felt that he wouldn't be able to change it anymore. There was no way around but to accept his decision. "All right then, I hope things will turn out for the best," he said, smiling awkwardly but sincerely at Darren. Keller gave the room one last cleaning. Afte

nds of internal forces without any provocations, as if on impulse, causing his energy meridians to get harmed in the process.

He was very much disappointed and utterly devastated by his finding. "Have I really gotten wrecked?" he wondered ruefully. The failure clouded his mind. He could not dare to imagine how things would turn out if he continued to become weak again – he wouldn't be able to defeat anyone in a fight.

As Darren contemplated over the extremely disadvantageous situation he now faced, trying and failing to come up with a solution, he heard a yammering.

"Isn't this the Black Degree talent disciple that has recently just joined our sect? Why am I getting the feeling that he is just an ordinary type? Have you caught anything outstanding out of his display just now?" a shrill peculiar voice called out behind him, just outside his door. The remarks were followed by an obnoxious chortle that came from a second person.

Darren turned around to see who it was. There were two young men who were standing at the door, observing him. Seeing that they were both wearing the same clothes as Keller's, Darren assumed that they were attendant disciples of the School of Sword Skill.

"Don't say that, Shawn! He has the title of the super martial genius, after all. He may have deviated from my expectations, but I think he is still powerful enough to take you down," the other guy said in a same feminine voice. As the words escaped, both of them burst into a fit of loud convulsive laughter.

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