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   Chapter 30 Wrecked

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After hearing what happened, several elders came forward one after another to examine Darren's vital energy in succession.

"Sure enough, he seems to have absorbed both the sword intent seed and the blade intent seed!" Elder Clark of the School of Spear Skill said in surprise, "You have ruined your future."

Elsa felt extremely nervous. If Darren had really absorbed both the sword intent seed and the blade intent seed, then she would have made a great mistake. She traded for a person with no improving possibilities at such a high cost.

"Elders, may I ask what will happen to me after absorbing the two seeds?" Darren asked as he shifted nervously. He didn't understand what was going on.

"Are you sure you don't know, boy? Or you are just pretending?" The elder of the School of Arrow Skill asked him coldly. Then, he explained, "Having a sword intent seed in your body means that the vital energy you cultivate in the future will be turned into the sword intent. The blade intent seed, in the same way, will make the vital energy you cultivate into the blade intent."

Then, the elder of the School of Arrow Skill paused before he continued. "Although the sword skill and the blade skill come from the same origin, they are also like natural enemies to each other. If you bear both the sword intent and the blade intent in your cultivation process at the same time, as you become stronger, your meridians fragment inch by inch because of the conflict between the sword intent and the blade intent."

He spoke slowly. It was also the first time for disciples who were surrounding the stage to hear the reason why the sword skill and blade skill could not be cultivated at the same time. They all sighed deeply.

"Darren's future as a martial artist has just been ruined because he absorbed both seeds."

"How are you so sure?. Darren's talent is at the Black Degree! That's extraordinary among our disciples. Maybe he can break this rule!" one of the disciples said. As the elders on the stage heard these words, they shook their heads with disappointment.

"You boys are so ignorant. Even a Heaven Degree talent can't break this rule. What more someone with the Black Degree talent?" the elder of the School of Arrow Skill argued. "I think all of you know something about Hanson Xiao. He was so talented and outstanding at the beginning. But alas, he cultivated both sword skills and blade skills and ended up dead. All his strength had gone with him."

"Hanson Xiao? Isn't that the legendary Grand Realm master? The book said that he was unfortunate in his twilight years. Apparently, that was what it meant!" Many disciples knew of the legendary story of Hanson Xiao.

He was a man who entered the Grand Realm with his sword skills and was brilliant during his time.

"Indeed, it was said that Hanson Xiao's eldest disciple had tried to stop him but failed. At the beginning, Hanson's strength surged, but this was only a false impression. Every time he used his sword, part of his meridians broke up. In the end, his body could no longer withstand such damage and it exploded into pieces." An elder told everyone what he knew.

"Haha, from ancient to present, a lot of geniuses who were not afraid of death had tried such a path, but no one ended up with success. From what I know, Darren's whole life in cultivation has been ruined," an elder asserted.

Hearing this, Darren suddenly realized that he had been deceived.

'Jimmy!' Darren's brows furrowed. 'Why did he do this to me?'

Among all the people, Elsa worried most. The list of entries had been reported and could not be changed. According to the rules of the sect, the promised resources would not be changed either. She just made a huge mistake.

"Elsa, congratulations! It's really gratifying that you managed to recruit a genius like Darren for your School of Sword Skill," Elder Alan said sarcastically. The rest of the elders felt lucky for that Darren did not choose their school.

Off the stage, some young geniuses sympathized with him while some rejoiced in the misfortune that such a Black Degree talent had been wrecked before he became a true master.

At the end of the selection meeting, the new disciples followed their respective elders back to their assigned dormitories. Only Darren and Elsa stayed in the square.

On the mountain of the School of Blade Skill, William said to Elder Alan, "You almost anticipated everything. Elsa really promised such rich and generous resources to that guy. Now, Thomas will be really pissed off.

But I have a question. What made you certain that Darren would choose the School of Sword Skill?" William continually asked.

"Hump," Alan snorted coldly. "I sent someone to spy on him. I found out that he defeated his three brothers with only one stroke of the sword in the C

hu Clan. Then, he defeated your brother with a blade halfway up the road to our sect indicating that he also cultivates blade skills."

"You are so brilliant, Sir. So, this is why you were able to make this plan. This is such a huge loss for the School of Sword Skill, especially now that the Five Schools Competition is coming. I think the School of Sword Skill will end up at the bottom of all the schools!" William said.

"I owe it all to Elsa. If Thomas were here, he would have inspected Darren first himself. Things would not have been as easy then," Alan smiled smugly. He felt so lucky and blessed by the gods.

There had always been disputes among the five schools of the Ilmen Sect. Only the rules of the sect prevented public fights, apart from the duels in the Life and Death Valley.

Because of this, the secret fights became the main outlet of the five schools of the Ilmen Sect. This time, the elder of the School of Blade Skill tricked Darren into ruining himself so that the School of Sword Skill would waste a large amount of resources. Because of this, the School of Sword Skill would surely be defeated in the Five Schools Competition.


On the square, the two looked at each other wordlessly.

"Someone set me up," Darren told her calmly.

"I know." Elsa replied. Elsa was not stupid. She knew that the elder of the School of Blade Skill was responsible for what happened to Darren.

The School of Blade Skill had always resorted to dubious tactics just to gain an upper hand.

"Come back to the school with me and meet our brothers," Elsa said as she turned and headed to the Sword Mountain with a distressed expression.

Darren did not know what to say. He felt several mixed emotions. No matter what everyone said, a part of him felt like absorbing the sword intent seed and the blade intent seed wasn't much of a mistake. On the contrary, he felt like there was more to it. It even felt like an opportunity.

He then realized that there was no use mulling it over right now. He first had to enter the school. He should just focus on going to the Sword Mountain first.

Along the way, he saw the magnificent and majestic sword-shaped peak. It was probably because there were swordsmen living here that the whole mountain resonated with a fierce momentum of sword energy.

As they arrived at the simple and unsophisticated mountain gate, he heard a loud shout.

"What on earth do you think you are doing?

You must have been living in a cloud this whole time. After wasting our resources for such a wreck, you dare come here to see me?

Starting today, you are to stay in your room and think about your mistake for the next three months. This is unbelievable!"

Thomas' furious voice echoed far and wide in the mountain along the sounds of rapping on the wooden seat.

Darren hid a bitter smile as he entered the gates. After several setbacks, he finally arrived at the Main Hall.

Once he got in the hall, all eyes turned to him.

Darren only saw pieces of a broken seat, and Elsa looked very aggrieved. It was clear that Thomas had already left.

"I'm sorry, Elsa." Seeing the disappointment on Elsa's face made Darren regret what he did.

"It's not your fault. In his eyes, everything I do is wrong," she said. Then, she stood up and left as well.

There were more than 20 people in the hall. After seeing Darren, their expressions turned cold.

"How dare you come in here? Don't you know what you did? You should get out of here," one of the people said.

"See what you did! Now, even Elsa is in trouble because of you," another said. "Well, spending so many resources on a hopeless case is so unlucky. No wonder the elder is so angry!"

Every word was like a dagger. Soon, Darren's expression turned cold as well.

"Nonsense!" Suddenly, a tall young man in green stood up and shouted angrily. "The reason why the elder is so angry is because we were tricked by the School of Blade Skill. Darren is a victim. You are all so ridiculous!"

After what he said, everyone's faces began to change. It seemed that the speaker was someone respected by the disciples.

"Darren, don't feel bad. Since you have entered our school, we are brothers. We should take care of each other from now on. I'm Cody Qi. As the eldest disciple, I will do what I can so the elder will calm down. Don't worry about it," Cody said as he patted Darren on the shoulder to reassure him.

'The eldest disciple is a good man, ' Darren thought.

"Okay, Keller. Now, take Darren to his place so he could rest," Cody commanded.

"Thank you, Cody." Darren held his fist and saluted Cody.

"No problem. Go and rest. Tomorrow, I'll find someone to go and get your resources and send them to your place."

Darren nodded and then left with the one called Keller Jiao.

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