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   Chapter 29 Blade And Sword Intents

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Jimmy saw that Darren looked strangely uncomfortable and his heartbeat pounded fast. Still, he kept a calm demeanor. "Darren, you should hurry and refine the seeds now in case someone sees us!" he said.

Darren nodded, took the two crystals, and asked, "Jimmy, what are the blade intent and sword intent seeds?"

"Well, Darren, you might not know this, but the highest level of blade cultivation and sword cultivation is the Intent Realm. The two seeds were created by two masters. After refining them, you will gain the ability to enter the Intent Realm of sword cultivation and blade cultivation. They are both extremely valuable. I have never been able to get my hands on them for so many years in the sect," Jimmy explained.

"But why give me both seeds? I have heard that one cannot cultivate both swordsmanship and blade kills at the same time. Am I not going to get in trouble refining both?" Darren had heard of such rumors.

"Hey, that's just a rumor. Besides, that's the elders' idea. I'm sure there shouldn't be a problem," Jimmy laughed, trying to put Darren at ease.

Darren had practiced both Profound Nine Sword Skills and Grand Thirteen Blade Skills, which were great swordsmanship and blade skills respectively, and did not suffer any injury what so ever. So, it looked like the rumor saying that one could not practice both swordsmanship and blade skills at the same time was very likely untrue.

Immediately, he stopped hesitating, held the two seeds in his hands and mobilized his vital energy to begin refining.

Only in the blink of an eye, Darren felt two tiny but different breaths of energy penetrating his veins.

Seeing Darren refine the two seeds, Jimmy knew he could not stay with Darren any longer and left. As soon as he turned around, tears began to fall down his eyes. It made him feel terrible to hurt such a genius, but there was no other way for him to save his brother.

In a short while, Jimmy returned to where William was.

"I have finished what you wanted me to do. Now, let my brother go!" Jimmy commanded as he looked sadly at his brother. He had been beaten up so badly he almost seemed lifeless.

"Let him go? No way!" William's sidekick looked at him viciously and then hit Jimmy's brother on the head. Instantly, he was killed.

"No!" Jimmy screamed and rushed over to his brother. "You bastards! I will tell the elders about what happened!"

"Ha-ha! Tell the elders? Do you think I didn't get approvals from above in order to get those two precious seeds? Only the elites of the Mysterious Realm have those! Use your brain, you idiot!" Karl laughed ferociously. "This guy, Jimmy, deceived and harmed the talented disciple, Darren. Arrest him and have him flogged!"

Karl commanded. Several masters at the second stage of the Sp

mas will never agree to that," Elder Alan said doubtfully.

"I have full authority to represent my father this time and I mean what I said," Elsa said boldly. She felt a little uncertain but managed not to show it on her face.

"I choose the School of Sword Skill." Darren didn't hesitate. In fact, he had always been inclined to join the School of Sword Skill. Now that Elsa made such a generous offer, he didn't have to wait any longer.

"How bold of you Elsa! Ha-ha!" Alan laughed loudly, "Now, report the list of entry to the sect and have the Chief Elder approve it."

Once the list got handed over to the Chief Elder, it would be a done deal. The sect would distribute resources every month to the disciples.

"Darren, welcome to the School of Sword Skill!" Elsa said. She had a huge smile on her face.

"Please teach me, Elsa," Darren said modestly.

The choosing time for schools for martial arts skill was coming to an end. A disciple from the School of Blade Skill approached Elder Alan and whispered something in his ear.

"Elsa, your school paid such a price for a cripple. Watch out for your father's anger," he said slyly.

"Elder Alan, just because Darren did not choose your school, it doesn't mean you can say such things about students. Do you have no manners as an elder?" Elsa said angrily.

"If you don't believe me, feel free to check it out yourself. Darren has dug his own grave and has become a cripple!" The disciple from the School of Blade Skill announced loudly.

Immediately, an elder stepped forward and went to Darren to check his meridians.

"You refined both the sword and blade intents at the same time! You combined both blade and sword intents in your body! I'm sorry, child. You have destroyed your own future as a martial artist!" the elder said with pity.

Elsa looked horrified hearing this claim.

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