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   Chapter 26 I'm Darren Chu (Part Two)

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His teammates interrupted and did their best to keep things from getting out of hand. Knowing Karl, they knew how dangerous he could be if he started using his blade. The fight would end with a bloody mess and this was the last thing they wanted to see.

None of them wanted anyone to die in this fight. After all, they were all new disciples. If the sect elders found out about this, they would definitely have bad records. They didn't want such thing to happen especially before the school-choosing convention. That would be a huge obstacle not only for their cultivation in the Ilmen Sect, but also for their future.

"Karl! Don't let an asshole like him provoke you!" They all panicked.

"No fucking way! He's so screwed!" Flames of anger burned in Karl's eyes.

"You're pushing it! How could you use your blade? That's unfair!" Fiona spoke up as well for Darren's sake when she saw Karl take out his blade.

"Fuck off, bitch!" Karl shouted with fury.

This infuriated her. Although she already decided on staying out of the fight, she found it hard to control herself when she heard Karl call her a bitch. At once, she took out her saber and attacked Karl.


An intense streak of his blade shone in the air. With that, Fiona was thrown back with blood on her mouth.

'Mighty force!' Darren marveled in mind. He assumed that the attack from Karl's blade was stronger than a great martial arts skill.

Darren walked over to Fiona and helped her stand up. "Are you all right?" he asked.

Fiona, with a pale face, answered, "Yeah! I'm fine!" Although she felt as if there were powerful explosions taking in her body because of the attack, she did her best to endure the seemingly unbearable pain.

"What a phony bitch! You think all the men in the world would fall for a girl like you, don't you? You are not that pretty, bitch!" Karl sneered at Fiona.

"What's the hell wrong with you? You sissy!" Fiona refuted out of anger.

"What did you say? You bitch!" What Karl hated most was being called a sissy. He carried his blade with fury and rushed to attack once again.

Darren, raising his eyebrows, took Fiona's saber and rushed forth as well.

'Awesome! I've been yearning for an opportunity to exert the Grand Thirteen Blade Skills, '

Darren remembered every move of the Grand Thirteen Blade Skills but he hadn't ever tried to understand it before. Although he had to learn it quickly, his talent reaching the Black Degree enabled him to do so. After a quick recollection of the first move, he was able to immediately launch his attack at Karl.

They gathered up their vital energy into their weapons and launched attacks. They were as motionless as statues after the first round. And after several rounds, neither of the two sides was at an advantage. The audience, however, suffered from the loud noises from the fight.

"Oh my! They're both fucking strong! Their vital energies are so powerful!" Karl's teammates murmured among themselves.

"What? He's also a blade cultivator? Unbelievable! And his blade skill is so impressive," Fiona exclaimed with surprise.

Darren was still learning the first move of the Grand Thirteen Blade Skills during the fight, but after several rounds, he already mastered it.


s time!" Darren exclaimed. "Cloud Blade Attack!"

In an instantaneous burst, the saber shimmered with a bright light along with a loud howling of the wind that lingered in the air. A strong sand storm appeared, and suddenly, the saber seemed attached to an extremely thick, vital energy force. The constantly turning saber formed a cyclone with its swift speed.

The attacks from Darren's saber were too challenging for Karl to take. And when Darren's vital energy force swept over him, Karl failed to resist it causing him to be thrown into the air. What were left after the sand storm disappeared were Karl's broken blade smashed into pieces and several wounds on Karl's body.

The horrible scene frightened everyone watching.

Everyone's jaw dropped. They were surprised to see the mighty power of Darren's blade skill.

"Hell no!" Karl wept like a little girl.

"You'll regret what you've done to me!" "Oh my! Do you know who Karl's brother is? You have no idea about the trouble you're in now, bastard. It doesn't matter that you're a strong cultivator. His brother is also a disciple of the Ilmen Sect. What's more, he is one of the elites of the School of Blade Skill. You're screwed now!" said one of Karl's companions.

"Oh yeah? So what?" Darren sneered.

"You have the nerve, man! What's your name?" said the guy.

Darren shot him a cold glare and answered on a relaxed stance with his hands behind him, "I'm Darren Chu from Valmar. I'll take you on anytime."

"What?! He is Darren Chu!" exclaimed someone who heard him.

"I heard that there are only two talents of the Black Degree among the new disciples, and one of them is Darren Chu!"

"That explains so much! No wonder he is so powerful!"

The fact that Darren was a talent of the Black Degree was well known among the neighboring cities.

"Let's go!" Karl's teammates helped him mount his horse at once.

Darren jumped into the air and kicked two off their horses.

"You think you can get away that easily? Come on, guys, you need to pay for what you've done. I'll take your horses in exchange for your lives and you can leave. What do you say?" Darren said, as he proceeded to lead the two horses away.

"You! You'll see!" The two teenagers who owned the two horses were so infuriated. Still there was not much that they could do. After all, Darren was a talent of the Black Degree. The Ilmen Sect would treat him better than them. They also saw how strong he was.

Wordlessly, they mounted the horses of their other teammates and rode away.

"So... you are Darren Chu? Oh my!" Fiona looked at Darren with surprise, her heart thumping fast.

Darren smiled and answered, "Yeah! But that doesn't really matter right now. Take this healing elixir. We need to leave for the Ilmen Sect as soon as possible."

Darren took out a healing elixir of the Chu Clan from his pocket and handed it to Fiona. Then, he mounted one of the horses and went off.

Fiona felt so grateful for the elixir she got from Darren. She admired him very much. After eating it, she mounted her own horse and followed. "Wait for me! Darren!" Fiona yelled as she set off after Darren. She almost forgot the pain when she looked at the man in front of her. He was the one she had been dreaming about.

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