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   Chapter 24 A Fight

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On their way to the Ilmen Sect, Darren concentrated on cultivation in the carriage and did not bother chatting with the others.

"This guy must be kidding. He's surely pretending that he can improve a lot in such a short period," commented the fat servant girl, Susan, sarcastically as she ate sunflower seeds.

She immediately shut her mouth when the girl in purple, Fiona, shot her a glance.

"Isn't it obvious, my dear cousin Fiona? This guy isn't one of the geniuses who can pass the test and become disciples of the Ilmen Sect. I mean, think about it! Even I, your cousin who is handsome, wise and powerful, was still rejected by the Ilmen Sect. Let alone that guy?" Fiona's cousin said as he combed his hair back with vanity.

Fiona, the girl in purple, looked at her conceited cousin skeptically. 'Handsome? Hell no! Like a winter melon? Yes!' she thought to herself.

"Dear cousin, Kim, why don't you come and sit with us in the carriage? You must be tired and exhausted. I told you not to come with us but you still insisted on coming along! It's going to be a long way to the Ilmen Sect," said Fiona who was sitting in the carriage.

"Quite right! Cousin Kim, come and sit next to me. I can massage your legs to help you relax," urged the fat servant girl. Her eyes glittered with enthusiasm but her cheeks were flushed.

"Don't you have no shame, Susan? You've been wanting to take advantage of me this whole time!" said the conceited man scornfully.

"I offered help because I think you're handsome," the servant girl replied.

Hearing the conversation, Darren almost wanted to throw up and was distracted from cultivation.

On their way to the Ilmen Sect, the man and the fat servant girl kept chatting until Darren could bear no more. In his annoyance, he opened his eyes and stopped his cultivation.

"Oh, Mister, you are so diligent! You spend so much of your spare time improving your realm. I almost feel bad about myself just watching you," Fiona Su remarked in admiration when she noticed Darren.

"Well Miss, as the saying goes 'A slow sparrow should make an early start'. Naturally, those with inferior innate talent need to cultivate harder to achieve the same goal. Unlike you, Miss, you possess the innate talent of a level nine of the Yellow Degree. Enhancing your realm is just a piece of cake to you. As it is, it would be impossible for the guy over there to catch up," the fat servant girl remarked proudly as if she were the one who had a talent of level nine of the Yellow Degree.

"Shut up!" hissed Fiona, noticing that Darren paid no extra attention to the conversation when Susan mentioned her innate talent.

Clip clop, clip clop, clip clop...

Several horses galloped across the dirt road as clouds of dust trailed off behind them.

"God damn it! Ugh, ugh, ugh..." barked the conceited man who was still outside the carriage. He seemed to have gotten dust in his lungs.

d to his feet and returned to the fight.

"Ah hight oh wee yee! ( I'll fight it out with you!)" he could hardly speak clearly.


Thrown back by another fist, Kim could barely open his eyes. He was on his hands and knees struggling towards them.

"Ah hight oh...(I'll fight it out) wee yee...(with you)!" He scrambled towards a young man and held his leg firmly.

"Damn it! You are dead meat!" shouted the young man who was trapped by Kim.

"Kim, go, just go!" Fiona yelled at her cousin. She was being held by several of the men. She could not seem to do anything to help.

"Go to hell!" the young man cursed as he gave Kim a heavy punch.

This time, Darren moved right in front of Kim and managed to block the young man's fist with his palm just in time to save Kim's life.

"You pushed it too far!" Darren said coldly.

Hearing his statement, everyone came to a halt. Darren spoke with so much authority, they sensed a hint of an intention to kill.

"Hey! Kid! Back off! This is none of your business!" the young man said to Darren. He was being cautious. Still, he realized that they outnumbered them and were likely to win the fight anyway.

"I didn't want to poke my nose into your business but you pushed it too far! Shame on you for ganging up to bully a girl and beat a man on the third stage of the Primary Realm," Darren replied indifferently.

"Hahaha! What bullshit! If we can't bully her, what's the point in meeting a girl?" a young man said.

"What else? To fuck!" teased another young man as he laughed to himself.

"Since you are also disciples who are about to enter the Ilmen Sect, I will let you go. Now, get out of my sight or I'll make you pay for your foolish behavior," Darren warned.

"Fuck off! Moron! What the hell do you think you are doing? Who the hell do you think you are! Let's show him who the boss is, guys. Let's go!"

Now, the whole group of young men charged at Darren savagely.

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