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   Chapter 23 Leave For The Ilmen Sect (Part Two)

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"Thank you so much, sir!"

The elder nodded at Darren, then he walked away.

Darren wasted no time and chose a fast horse from the stable. He mounted quickly and rode out, heading east.


Sand and dust flew past as Darren rushed forward on his horse. After half a day, they had traveled more than a thousand miles, where Darren was greeted with towering hills and boundless dense forests.

But as Darren pushed to keep going, the horse became worn out.

"All right! Go now! Go back to your natural home." Darren stepped off the horse and released the bridle, freeing the horse in the forest.

After walking for some time, Darren saw a luxury carriage appearing on the road ahead.

Darren, standing from a distance, saw a girl in purple cloth and a maid sitting in the carriage. Following behind the carriage, there was a stocky teenager, riding on a horse. The carriage was heading in the same direction as Darren, so he decided to ask them if they could give him a ride to the east.

He swept around the carriage to get their attention.

When the carriage's driver saw Darren, he stopped their horse at once.

The driver was surprised to see Darren and thought he was a robber, so he exclaimed, "We are the Su Clan from Ossiriand. My lady is heading for the Ilmen Sect for the new disciples' register. You are blocking our path. I beg your pardon."

The driver was a clever man. He told Darren the two pieces of key information about the girl in the carriage. Generally speaking, a robber would never want to get involved with a disciple of the Ilmen Sect, the most prestigious sect of the country.

Darren smiled and answered, "Ha-ha! I'm sorry to make you misunderstand that I'm a robber. I'm here to ask for your assistance, Miss Su. Could you give me a ride? Please?"

"What's going on?" said the stocky teenager, who was sleepy at first. When the carriage stopped, he got annoyed and dismounted from the horse at once. He rushed over and yelled at Darren, "Leave now! Do you know who she is? My cousin is the talented disciple of the Ilmen Sect. Go away now! Otherwise, I will teach you a lesson you won't forget!"

"Come on! Don't be so rude! Where are your manners?" The girl in purple stepped out of the carriage.

Her delicate face would lure any man. The gauzy purple dress accented her slender figure and her snow-white skin, striking a captivating presence.

"Where do you head for, mister?" the girl asked. Her voice was sweet and pleasing.

"The Ilmen Sect. For the new disciples' register as well. But my horse was worn out. Would you give me a ride, Miss Su?"

Although there were hundreds of miles away from the Ilmen Sect, Darren could make it in half a day by walking. But he could save this time for cultivation if he managed to get a ride. So naturally, he wanted to take advantage of the opportunity.

"You are al

so heading for the Ilmen Sect? That's so great. It looks like we are disciples of the same sect. Come on in!" The girl in purple politely invited Darren to get in the carriage.

"You? A disciple of the Ilmen Sect? Ha-ha! There's no fucking way!" the stocky teenager sneered at Darren.

"That's right!" said the chubby maid beside the girl, in a voice dripping with sarcasm. "My lady, the Ilmen Sect only wants geniuses. But look at him!"

After some thought, the girl in purple asked Darren, "I'm sorry, mister. Which clan do you come from?"

"The Chu Clan from Valmar," Darren answered politely.

"The Chu Clan? The same clan where Darren Chu is from?" the girl asked excitedly. She widened her eyes and waited for Darren's answer.

Darren deflected her question and asked, "You know Darren Chu?"

"Of course we do!" interrupted the chubby maid. "His name is well known to the whole of Valmar and its neighboring cities. He is a talent of the Black Degree. Don't tell me you are Darren Chu. It would be such an obvious lie."

Darren was dumbstruck with amazement. Although Valmar and Ossiriand were close, the distance between the two was at least hundreds of miles far. Darren could not believe that he became a celebrity in another city overnight.

"No! I'm not! I'm one of his relatives. I see him once in a while, ' Darren said, making up a random lie.

A flash of disappointment crossed the girl's face when she heard Darren's answer. Then she gently said to him, "Please get in the carriage, mister. I beg your pardon, mister. Could you introduce me to Darren Chu in the future?"

"Yeah! Of course! No problem!" Darren said with a bright smile.

"That's a trick, my lady! We know nothing about him!" the chubby maid said, squinting at Darren. "What if he lied about being Darren's relative to win your trust? Then he could take advantage of you, my lady!"

"Mind your manner, Susan!" warned the girl in purple. Somehow, the girl could tell that Darren was a special and righteous man right from setting her eyes on him. She trusted him and her own instinct.

Then she waved at Darren to have him get in the carriage.

The stocky teenager looked at Darren with fury. "Damn it! The little bastard! If I find out you are lying to my little cousin, I will tear you up. Bastard!"

The girl in purple watched out through the window and murmured to herself, "When will I be able to arrive at the Ilmen Sect? I can't wait to meet Darren Chu. I wonder what the super genius looks like?"

Darren smiled and shook his head. He had never expected that he would run into a fan of his along the way, and she was such a pretty one too. But it was not the right time to tell her his real name. So Darren sat cross-legged and began his cultivation meditation. Even if he had only a few seconds available, Darren would utilize the time to improve his cultivation.

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