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   Chapter 22 Leave For The Ilmen Sect (Part One)

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After the mysterious woman took Belle away, Darren let it out of his mind. He went back to his room and began absorbing the spiritual energy from heaven and earth.

The next morning, Darren woke from his meditation. When he opened his eyes, light radiated from his pupils, and he found that his vital energy had sharply increased.

"Wow! That's incredible! Now I can absorb spiritual energy at such a fast speed. But I'm still at the eighth stage of the Primary Realm. Alas, one cannot make a stage breakthrough overnight."

The higher cultivation base was, the more difficult a breakthrough would be. For example, if the spiritual energy Darren needed to make a breakthrough from the seventh stage to the eighth stage equaled a pot of water, the spiritual energy he needed to move from eighth to ninth would be a pond.

The difficulty in upgrading one's cultivation base was more evidence of the great gap between different stages. This was why the chance for a cultivator to defeat one at a higher stage was close to zero.

"After two days, it's time to choose a school of martial arts. I have to leave for the Ilmen Sect now. Otherwise, I will miss that." Darren started off after he packed up. His cultivation journey in the Ilmen Sect was coming soon.

As the preeminent sect of this country, the Ilmen Sect possessed plenty of cultivation resources and rare books on martial arts skills. It was the sacred place that every cultivator yearned to enter, including Darren.

When Darren passed by the central yard of the Chu Clan, the young men watched him with admiration and envy.

"Have you heard the latest news? The rule for selecting our family chief after half a year has been changed."

"Yeah! Of course! I read the bulletin in the morning. I'm guessing the rule

"So you've decided to join the competition after half a year?" the elder said with a deep sigh.

"Yes, sir," Darren answered calmly.

"Well, that's your call to make. I know you are a talented kid, but you should keep up your discipline when you begin your cultivation in the Ilmen Sect. The progress in cultivation base requires persistence and diligence. There are millions of strong cultivators beyond our standing, but I believe you will be one of them sooner or later. Work hard, kid!"

Then the elder took out a roll of parchment and handed it to Darren. The elder said, "Although I'm not as talented as you, my knowledge about the Profound Nine Sword Skills is much better than yours. After all, I've studied this skill for as long as I can remember. This is my note about the first four moves. I hope this will be helpful for you to understand the Profound Nine Sword Skills. Here you are."

Darren took the parchment, which was an incredible gift to him.

Darren's talent was at the Black Degree, but he still had difficulty understanding the Profound Nine Sword Skills. The parchment would be a great help for Darren to have a better grasp of the top martial arts skill.

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