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   Chapter 21 Belle's Leaving

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The ending was really unexpected. Nobody had thought that Darren would become so strong.

Nicholas and the others were quickly carried away to be treated. To be honest, Darren had actually held back in throwing his punches. If he hadn't, he could have killed all of them.

Darren was strong, but he was not stupid. He knew that they all had powerful forces backing them up, and if he had actually killed them, then those forces would gang up on him and eventually overpower and kill him, even if he was a disciple of the Ilmen Sect.

"Darren, don't you think you went too far?" Darren's uncle Reed was so furious that his face actually turned a shade of purple. His son was badly hurt and was still in a coma because of Darren, and there was no way he was going to let him get away with that.

"They're the ones who have gone too far," Darren replied with no fear. Nicholas and his gang had showed aggressive behaviors a couple of times, and everyone knew that. They were all well aware of who was right and who was wrong.

"Reed, no more about this matter. It's just a game. A little injury is not a big deal," said the Chief Elder as he stood up.

"Humph." Despite his anger, Reed couldn't contradict the Chief Elder, and so he kept his silence after letting out a light snort.

Mark, on the other hand, looked awful but didn't utter a word as well.

They all lost face entirely in front of the elders.

"Well, now we, the Chu Clan, have a genius like Darren. It's a great honor that is worth celebrating. This is a call for celebration! Lay out a great three-day feast starting from tomorrow immediately," the Chief Elder ordered.

The elder's words also signified the end of the event.

The Chief Elder approached Darren and said, "It was my wrong judgment that caused you to be treated unkindly. I hope you don't mind it too much, Darren."

The others around them could only stare. None of them could believe what was happening, so they could only stand there with their mouths agape. Given how powerful and noble the Chief Elder was, was he actually apologizing to Darren himself? How could that even be possible?

The Chief Elder's words only proved even further how in that world, only the geniuses were rewarded with respect.

Darren's expression relaxed a little bit, then he said coldly, "If you have nothing else to say, I should go back. My sister is still seriously hurt."

Without saying another word, he turned his back on the elder, leaving everyone there speechless and astonished.

"Sure. Hurry up, take some healing medicines. And escort Evan Chu to the criminal office. I will judge him myself," the Chief Elder said. He hoped that this way, he could clear away some of Darren's resentment towards the Chu Clan.


Standing in the chill courtyard, Darren looked up at the sky and sighed with endless emotion. If he didn't have the experience from that adventure, the talent, and the strength, he would have surely died defenseless and oppressed.

Ever since his talent was unfolded before the public's eyes, the people around him all began to hide their true colors and started to change their attitudes towards him. Even the Chief Elder apologized to him. Despite the benefits he was getting from the special treatment, it all felt rather ironic and disgusting to Darren.

'In the world of martial arts

d. He was astonished, but he had the feeling that something good was about to happen.

Clank, clank, clank...

Suddenly, a vast surge of spiritual energy from heaven and earth poured down and refined Belle's body.


At this moment, a delicate figure appeared from the clouds, its eyes focusing on the Chu Clan.

"Wow, it seems like someone's gotten refined by spiritual energy! Congratulations!"

The figure wearing a white dress flew down gracefully. She looked extraordinarily beautiful. So beautiful that the people looking at her could barely believe their eyes.

From where he was standing, Darren watched his sister undergo some changes. Before he could say anything, his sister vanished from his sight. Shocked and confused, Darren ran out of the door to find his sister.

And then, Darren saw his sister floating above the clouds.

"Hello, my little friend, I'm so lucky to have met such a gifted girl today. Don't worry. I'll never hurt her. She's going to have a great future with me. If you want to see her at any point in the future, you are more than welcome to visit the Lotus Holy Land."

Even though those words echoed in Darren's head, it seemed like he was the only one who could hear them. Outside his head, everything remained quiet.

Darren felt deeply depressed as he gazed after Belle's receding figure. He was sad, but he was not too worried about Belle. Based on that person's voice, it seemed to him that she would treat Belle with kindness. Even more than that, Darren knew that it could be an amazing opportunity for his beloved sister.

"Thanks for your help," Darren said out loud to show his appreciation. He was quite unsure whether she heard him or not, but he knew of no other way.

Darren knew that it was a good opportunity. He was also aware that if Belle had stayed with him forever, she might be in even more danger. This way, she could live a much safer life.

"Lotus Holy land - I'll keep that place in my heart forever. Belle, please wait for me. I promise that I will do everything it takes so that I can visit you in three years' time."

Darren felt a loss deep in his heart. But as long as it would be for his sister's good, he didn't mind the temporary separation.

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