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   Chapter 20 Destructive Sword Attack

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At this very moment, Nicholas and the others were reminded of the death of Bob, the butler of the Chu Clan. When they arrived at Darren's courtyard that day, Bob had already been dead. Evan and the servants claimed that it was Darren who killed him.

Bob was an experienced cultivator, although he was not a talented one. But Darren could kill such a strong cultivator, which was hard evidence of his powerful cultivation base.

When Nicholas thought of that, he swallowed in fear. The teenager in front of him had changed. Darren was not the former loser that everyone had thought him to be. Nicholas now felt like prey at the mercy of his predator.

"Darren, you'd better keep your word. You said that you would challenge all three of us. Don't change your mind now!"

Nicholas walked forward and exchanged glances with the other two. He wanted to ensure that they would fight with him.

In the next instant, their vital energies surged, ready to work together. All three people targeted their killing intent at Darren.

"Shame on you! You three are shameless! How can you work together to fight against one? It's so unfair for Mr. Darren!"

"Boo! The three so-called geniuses of our Chu Clan. Shame on you! Only Mr. Darren is our family's true genius, the top talent."

Many of the members of the Chu Clan scorned Nicholas and the other two.

Darren, who had been standing with his hands crossed behind his back, said, "And I also remember that someone claimed to be able to defeat me with only one attack. Otherwise, he will eat shit. Well, it's time for him to fulfill his promise."

Leo's face darkened when he heard Darren. He felt so embarrassed that he wished the earth would open and swallow him.

"It's all bullshit! Winner takes all! Nicholas, let's go!" Leo let go of his pride and dignity. Defeating Darren was the only thing on his mind.

Leo rushed forward again and stretched his fists. His strong fists moved like lightning as they darted through the sky and headed straight for Darren.

Darren, however, stayed motionless. As a cultivator with the talent at level one of the Black Degree, his senses were much acuter than that of inferior cultivators. He could clearly see Leo's movements.

'Well, his right fist is a distraction. But his left fist is aimed at my throat. Nice try, Leo!' Darren knew Leo's every move, including the flaws in his martial arts skill, of course.

"Big deal."

Darren aimed a kick at Leo and successfully defended against his attack. Simultaneously, Darren launched a strike with his right hand, which was aimed at Leo's right shoulder.


The sound of the fighting echoed in the air. Leo retreated a few meters after Darren's attack, and his face went deathly pale.

When Leo's father saw this scene, his face turned grim. He could not believe that Darren had triumphed over his son with only one attack.

The Elders were awestruck to see that as well. They found it hard to believe that Darren's cultivation base was at the peak of the eighth stage of the Primary Realm. Obviously, he was an invincible cultivator among the ones at the eighth stage.

But martial arts skill was also a vital part of someone's cultivation base.

So, Nicholas and Blake summoned the top martial arts skills they had learned at once before rushing toward Darren.

A sneer cracked Darren's lips. In the Barren Wasteland, he had killed Marvin single-handedly. Marvin, the bloodthirsty and murderous hustler, was more experienced at fighting than Nicholas and

shot toward Darren simultaneously. Their movements summoned a strong wind, and the leaves on the ground whirled in the air.

Although the roiling cloud had covered the sun, several sword-lights cut through the dark sky. Darren closed his eyes as he activated his vital energy. All of a sudden, he opened his eyes, and rays of light sparkled in his eyes.

"Destructive Sword Attack!"

The guard of the Martial Skill Library, nodded with satisfaction. He commented, "Way to go, kid! Your grasp of the first move is as good as mine."

Nicholas, Blake, and Leo were highly confident about themselves. It seemed that they couldn't imagine a scenario other than Darren being defeated by them.

"Go to hell!"

Leo was the first to receive Darren's sword attack. "This is the Indestructible Golden Dome. Nothing can break it. Not even your damn sword."

But what happened next proved that Leo was wrong about this.

"How's this even possible! No fucking way! No! No! My dome! Ah!"

Darren's sword attack cut open Leo's defensive dome as easily as a knife through tofu. And in a flash, Leo received hundreds of injuries from Darren's sword attack.

Meanwhile, the attacks from Nicholas and Blake were inching closer to Darren.

"Damn it! We have lost our defense!"

Nicholas and Blake were dumbstruck with amazement. However, they had no choice now, but to continue their attacks.


The whole Chu Clan mansion shook. Their fight left numerous punch forces, blade-silhouettes, and sword-lights around the air, which injured many people present. Everyone in the audience had witnessed the mighty power of both sides.

"Ah! Ah! Ah!"

Nicholas and Blake were thrown into the air. Serious injuries covered their bodies.

The cultivators of the Spirit Realm reacted quickly by leaping into the air and catching them before they fell to the ground.

"Nicholas, are you all right?"

"How do you feel, Blake?"

"Wake up! Leo!"

The three so-called geniuses passed out when Darren attacked them. All the witnesses, however, were astonished.

Moments after the fight ended, thunderous applause burst out from the audience. Those young disciples were too shocked to speak. They had just witnessed a miracle, a legend.

What a powerful sword attack! The sword light of the Destructive Sword Attack stunned everyone to the core.

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