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   Chapter 18 Darren's Talent (Part Two)

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Instead of replying, the guard of the Martial Skill Library directly tore open his upper garment, revealing a horrendous scar on his body.

"I got this scar from fighting the strong cultivator. Even if I was not strong enough, I bravely fought him at the risk of my own life, not like you cowards," Tyler proudly said.

Silence fell over them. The other elders were left speechless.

They had not known that Tyler Chu fought the strong cultivator of the Mysterious Realm. What had them even more bewildered about the revelation was the fact that he had not been killed in the fight.

'Has he already learned the fourth part of the Profound Nine Sword Skills?' the Chief Elder thought.

'Tyler Chu is currently only in the sixth stage of the Spirit Realm. However, with the force of the Profound Nine Sword Skills, he was able to fight the strong cultivator of the Mysterious Realm for quite a while. That's fairly powerful.'

A sudden blast of strong wind distracted the Chief Elder from his thoughts. It was so strong that even the clouds were stirred.

There was a flash and the next thing, a figure appeared on the test stage.

As the figure stood upright, more people began to take notice of the other person present on the stage. The person was wearing a grey robe that reached the floor. He appeared to be middle-aged and his eyes were as bright as stars. He had a severe commanding presence and gave off an air of mysteriousness.

"It's Elder Thomas!" Jimmy exclaimed.

He hastily saluted and urged all the other Ilmen Sect disciples to salute as well.

"Welcome, Elder Thomas," he continued.

The man was Thomas Gongsun, an elder in the School of Sword Skill in the Ilmen Sect.

"Oh, it's the elder from the Ilmen Sect. Salute now. Quickly!" A tiny commotion had started to build up among the Chu Clan elders.

Most of the Chu Clan members knelt directly to show their respects to the man whom they had only heard about in stories.

The elders held a fist in their other hand and bowed submissively.

"Please stand up," Thomas Gongsun began

en confirmed a genius with a talent of the Black Degree by an Ilmen Sect elder. It was now official, then. It couldn't possibly be fake. The people who used to look down on and tease him – all of them were now admiring him.


After about two hours had passed, Nicholas and the other candidates gloomily stepped out of the test room. All of them looked dejected.

"Failed. All of you," Jimmy frankly said.

All those so-called talented people spent too much time inside the test room. They had a hard time trying to pass the test for the Ilmen Sect. The level of their talents was just too low, after all.

Everyone had their eyes focused on Darren. Compared to the others who went out with no luck, he was the star of the moment.

"Darren, I'll see you in three days," Jimmy said as he walked over to the other Ilmen Sect disciples who were preparing to leave.

"See you, brothers," Darren politely called out. Jimmy waved goodbye and left with the others.

Darren then started to climb down from the test stage one step at a time. He felt everyone's eyes on him with every step that he took.

As the last of the Ilmen Sect disciples left, Stan stood up and blocked Darren's way. He looked terribly furious. He looked like he was ready to kill Darren.

"Your talent doesn't make you strong. No matter how talented you are, I will never let you go so easily, Darren."

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