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   Chapter 16 Shock

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"Get your ass down here, you useless bastard!"

"Shame you. You just tarnished our family name!"

A massive amount of scolding came at Darren in waves.

Not far away, several elders also noticed Darren's performance. Although their faces lacked any emotion, they were watching in disbelief. Darren did not seem to show any trace of exhaustion despite everything that he had been doing. This was impossible.

Abner actually got a glimmer of hope when he learned that Darren's talent had been promoted. He always felt that there was something more to this young man. But now, it seemed that he was even more than what he expected.

Only the guard of the Martial Skill Library laughed quietly as he watched him on the stage because he knew how difficult it was to understand the Profound Nine Sword Skills.

"Darren, do you really have to bring so much shame to the Chu family? If you drop out now, I, Nicholas, give you a personal guarantee that I will help save your ass from Evan's uncle," Nicholas pretended to be looking after the interests of the Chu family.

"No need," Darren stepped forward and responded faintly.

"Don't be too stubborn!" Darren's refusal made Nicholas angry. 'How dare you publicly oppose me, the future chief? Do you want to die?' he thought but decided to keep it to himself.

"Okay, show us what you've learned now so that we can move on to the next test soon," a disciple of the Ilmen Sect urged.

Darren went to the particular dummy and found that it had the same meridians as that of a real person.

Darren's hands were like that of a phantom wandering around the dummy and filling it with spiritual energy that spread through the dummy's meridians in the most perfect trajectories.

"So skillful," one disciple of Ilmen Sect commented as he watched by the sidelines. His eyes lit up, "The first layer, perfect comprehension. Great!"

Everyone was astonished when they heard him.

"What? He did nothing wrong? Perfect comprehension?"

"Yeah, that's what I heard too! Perfect comprehension!"

Someone whispered.

"Brother, look..." Several elders also started watching.

"Maybe he just got lucky. Perhaps his knowledge ends at the first layer. It also could be a beginner's luck. He still has no future. We shouldn't be too impressed." The Chief Elder wasn't swayed. He was firm in his own view.

Then, Darren began to realize the second layer of the Meridians Refining Scripture to wash the impurities left in the meridians.

Just seven or eight minutes later, drops of black liquid came out from the dummy's body. After using water to wash it away, the dummy started to give off a different light.

"The second layer, perfect comprehension!"

Everyone was surprised again. The second layer was also realized? 'Still perfect! The loser was just sleeping on the platform. How did he do it?

He also achieved perfect comprehension on the second layer! He just surpassed the abilities of the majority of the people who took the test. He'll pass and qualify for the next test just as long as he has managed to comprehend the third layer!' everyone watching thought.

The disciples of Ilmen Sect seemed satisfied. 'Achieving perfect comprehension of the first two layers already shows that this juvenile is actually quite talented. How fascinating. Let's see how far he can go, ' they thought.

Chu Clan members and other bystanders, however, were starting to feel angry. 'How can this piece of shit realize two layers and achieve perfect comprehension?'

"Darren, I don't care what method you are using to cheat. Get out of there or else, we'll have a problem!"

Nicholas and the other two geniuses from the Chu family shot at Darren. They were still skeptical about his ability to realize the two layers with perfect comprehension.

"What's the matter? Are you scared? Scared that I'll be better than you?" Darren was defiant. "Let's see who's the loser."

The three geniuses became nervous. Darren was right.

"You can only win in your dreams!" In his rage, Nicholas stepped forward and confronted the disciples of the Ilmen Sect, "Brothers, this guy is surely cheating! Do everything you can to find out how he is doing it!"

"Yes! We have known this kid all his life. Everyone knows how mediocre he is. It's impossible for him to understand the Meridians Refining Scripture without cheating!" the other two added.

"How dare you! Do you doubt Jimmy's judgment? No one dares to cheat under his watch!" An Ilmen Sect disciple shouted from the other side. "And do not call us 'Brother'. From what I know, it's still unknown whether your talent is enough to enter Ilmen Sect," he added.

The man's words silenced Nicholas. Feeling helpless, cold sweat came out of his forehead.

"Continue," Jimmy Li, the leader of these disciples from Ilmen Sect, told Darren.

Results were starting to show. The audience watched in silence as Darren exerted the Meridians Refining Scripture layer by layer.

"The third level, perfect comprehension."

"The fourth and fifth layers, perfect comprehension!"

The results of Darren's test were so shocking!

No one spoke. Everyone watched.

Now, Darren could say that he surpassed Nicholas. For the fifth layer, Nicholas had only a middle-level comprehension. Darren on the other hand, had a perfect comprehens


'That's incredible!' thought everyone who was there.

In the distance, the few Chu family elders who watched were also stunned. 'How did that happen?' they thought in disbelief.

"Perfect comprehension of five levels? Wow!" they exclaimed.

"How incredible! Even the young master Nicholas only had high-level comprehension for the first few layers. Darren got a perfect comprehension on all of them!"

"Am I dreaming?"

The formerly quiet training ground suddenly started to grow noisy.

Seeing this, the Chief Elder's vision was suddenly blurred and his lips started trembling.

"He..." The Chief Elder wanted to speak but could not seem to find the words.

The other families in the Chu clan were also in a state of shock, especially Evan's family.

"Brother, how can this little bastard be so talented? Would you know if he cheated?" Evan's mother asked Stan.

Stan's brows were wrinkled but there was nothing he could say. He knew that Darren could not have cheated.

On stage, the three so-called geniuses were the most dumbfounded of them all.

The disciples of Ilmen Sect were very excited. Darren's achievement of doing five layers of perfect comprehension was definitely a sign of his genius. They made the right decision of going to the Chu Clan.

Jimmy, the leader, seemed to be the most pleased. "I did not expect Chu to have such a genius. Darren will have a very promising future!"

Jimmy was an excellent disciple who joined Ilmen Sect with a level nine talent of the Yellow Degree. At that time, he only achieved perfect comprehension for the first five layers. The sixth level was highly comprehended.

It seemed that Darren's martial arts talent was no worse than his.

"Brother, did you get to comprehend the sixth layer?"

Jimmy's question echoed throughout the hall turning everyone's attention back to Darren.

Jimmy just called Darren 'Brother', which meant that Darren was just invited to join the Ilmen Sect!

"Yes, Brother," Darren replied, returning the title in acceptance.

"Brother Darren, show us!" The Ilmen Sect disciples who watched Darren were so eager to see how he did the sixth layer.

Darren then hurried to start displaying the sixth layer of the Meridians Refining Scripture.

The sixth layer of the Meridians Refining Scripture was the essence. This was more difficult to comprehend than the previous layers. In fact, it was something that even the people with the talent at level nine of Yellow Degree could not perfectly comprehend. For people like Nicholas whose talent was at seventh level or even lower levels, it would be even more difficult to comprehend.

With Darren's techniques, white fog floated above the meridians on the dummy. Darren actually turned the spiritual energy into fog.

"Ah..." Both the audience and the disciples of Ilmen Sect were in awe.

"The meridians are connected. This is definitely a perfect comprehension!"

Jimmy declared excitedly.

"Perfect comprehension, perfect comprehension!"


Cheers broke out in the Chu’s training ground. Momentum soared.

Offstage, the strongest representatives of each family also looked dumbfounded. Why didn't they see Darren's talent before?

The Chief Elder's facial muscles twitched recalling how he oppressed Darren. Regret filled him for what he did.

"Brother, I have already reminded you that there is more to Darren than you have expected. Now, he got the chance to prove himself. How about I give him an apology on your behalf?" Abner looked at Darren. It was clear that Darren never felt like he belonged to the Chu Clan. Now, he could sense that the Chu Clan had lost him completely after what had happened today.

"Bullshit!" The Chief Elder cursed. "I have always dealt with the Chu family matters with fairness. Why will I apologize to a young boy? He is guilty of treason for hiding his talent from the family. I will not punish him only if he makes amends by entering the Ilmen Sect!"

"Hey, brother..."

Abner said anxiously. He understood the Chief Elder well. He would never admit being wrong.

"Everybody!" Jimmy exclaimed, getting everyone's attention. "As an elite disciple of the School of Boxing Skill in Ilmen Sect, I hereby announce that Darren no longer needs to participate in any more tests. Instead, he can directly enter the Ilmen Sect and choose a school of martial arts skill three days later."

After the announcement, the Chu family felt all sorts of emotions.

Nicholas and other geniuses felt so defeated. The boy they looked down on just got qualified to join the Ilmen Sect even without completing all the tests! This was a big shock to them.

The others felt that the contention for the chief of Chu Clan suddenly became more complicated.

The elders of the Chu family were all resentful that they did not know how to win the heart of this super genius that just slipped through their fingers.

Darren, however, looked indifferent. He eyed the audience and looked at everyone, both friends and enemies. 'I will come back someday, ' he thought.

"Brother, the seventh layer of the Meridians Refining Scripture is too difficult. It is something I cannot fully comprehend. I need your advice," Darren said.

"What? The seventh layer?" Jimmy asked, puzzled.

And then, he reacted. "Ah? You..."

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