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   Chapter 15 The Test Began

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Dust rose as the palms hit. As the dust settled, the crowd saw a skinny old man standing opposite Stan.

"It's the guard of the Martial Skill Library!"

"Why is he helping this loser?"

The audience was baffled.

"The masters from Ilmen Sect will arrive in a minute. It will be rude and indecent for them to see the strife among the Chu Clan members. They might forbid the Chu Clan members from participating in the selection. Let us finish the test first."

The guard of the Martial Skill Library did not explain why he defended Darren, but he spoke with good reason.

"That makes sense. We'll let this loser live a little longer."

At that moment, Darren thought he was doomed. He was going to be killed by an outsider in front of his so-called family.

A shiver went down his spine. In this world, no one cared about the weak and the incapable.

"Boy, I made a mistake. Try your best in the test. I will protect you with my life regardless of whether you win or lose," whispered the guard of the Martial Skill Library.

"Thanks," replied Darren dryly.

"Here, they come! The masters from Ilmen Sect have arrived!"

Several figures descended from the sky; each of them appeared distinguished and impressive.

"Alas! Look! The masters from Ilmen Sect are so young!"

"I heard that they are elite disciples of Ilmen Sect! How fortunate to enter the Spirit Realm at such a young age!"

"We warmly welcome you, masters!"

The Chu clansmen, regardless of their level of power, bowed to salute the Ilmen Sect masters while the high-ranking elders of the Spirit Realm cupped their hands. The Ilmen Sect had always been held in high public esteem.

"You are too polite. We have come for the selection. Let us begin."

The disciples of Ilmen Sect were men of action. From the moment they arrived, they got straight to business. Everyone was impressed.

"All juniors under the age of 17 should head to the training ground now," commanded an elder.

Many figures ran to the training ground, one by one, excitement written all over their faces. They all had high hopes of passing the test.

Darren made his way to the training ground after the crowd had dispersed. Stan had arranged for several men to watch him in case he thought about escaping.

Yet, Darren did not have the slightest inclination to escape. Who, of the young generation, could stop him after he had entered the eighth stage of the Primary Realm?

"Here are the test rules," started a young disciple from the Ilmen Sect, who was now standing on a high platform in the arena.

Everyone held their breath. They listened intently as they did not want to miss a single word.

"The test comprises of three parts. Whoever passes all three will become a disciple of the Ilmen Sect." After a moment of silence, the young disciple from Ilmen Sect continued speaking, "Part one is the Insight test. All candidates will learn the same cultivation method. The quicker you learn and the more you master, the better result you will get.

Part two is the Talent test. Upon clearing the first test, candidates will enter the Ilmen Sect's test dimension. The sooner you exit the dimension, the better your score in the test.

Part three is not a significant part of the test. Candidates' results from the first two tests will decide whether or not you will become a disciple of Ilmen Sect. However, you will need to choose one from the five lines of Ilmen Sect to begin your cultivation.

Besides, every disciple who passes the tests will be rewarded with one chance to get support from a Mysterious Realm master during their lifespan. This alone is of great benefit."

The announcement created a heated discussion among the Chu Clan members.

The support from a Mysterious Realm master meant a lifesaving chance if a person was in danger. Since a master's advice was priceless, this reward was highly coveted.

The eyes of the Chief Elder of the Chu Clan brightened suddenly. This was the opportunity he had wanted. If any Chu Clan member got the reward, there would be no trouble like the assassination of the former Chief of the Chu Clan.

"OK, announce the candidates' names now."

"As you wish," replied a Chu Clan elder. "Nicholas Chu, Leo Chu, Blake Chu, Hank Chu……, there are twenty-one in total."

Darren's name was not on the list. However, any immediate family members could join the test according to tradition.

"Dear master, I, Darren Chu, will participate in the test as well." Darren stepped forward and added respectfully.

"How dare you! Get out!" All elders turned pale as they feared that Darren had offended the master.

"As an immediate member of the Chu Clan, I have the right to partake in the selection. It is the master who makes the decision. On what basis do you banish me?" Darren questioned.

"All right, I have no patience for this nonsense. Let him join," said the disciple from Ilmen Sect.

"Yes!" someone answered.

"How dare he speak with a master like this?" They cursed Darren.

Twenty-two Chu Clan members, including Darren, marched up to the platform. Everyone glared at Darren contemptuously.

A stone tablet about 10 meters high, densely inscribed with small characters, was carried on to the platform.

"You have six hours to learn the Meridians Refining Scripture starting from this moment. There are six levels in the Meridians Refining Scripture. The more you understand, the better your result. A gentle reminder, do not force yourself if you find it too challenging. The consequence will be a risk you cannot afford."

"Now, let's begin."

Twenty-two Chu Clan members concentrated on the scripture.

Darren also focused on the inscription, one level at a time.

After the first round, Darren concluded that i

t was very advanced.

The Meridians Refining Scripture was very ambiguous and complicated compared with martial arts cultivation methods.

"The Meridians Refining Scripture is not an ordinary martial arts skill, and its comprehension does not directly strengthen a person's power. But if one can master it fully and practice it daily, he then can refine his meridians and strengthen his essence, which will help forge the body in the long term."

Darren analyzed as he wondered how many levels he could master.

At this thought, Darren returned his focus to the scripture. He followed the description and began meditating on the first level.

The remaining Chu Clan members also began to meditate after reading.

A quarter of an hour later, three Chu Clan members on the platform began sweating profusely.

For them, the first level was a daunting task.

Another quarter of an hour passed. One disciple fainted, while another wept and laughed and screamed before losing consciousness.

"Get them off the platform. They are useless." The Chief Elder looked disappointed. These young men could not even pass the first level.

To everyone's astonishment, Darren closed his eyes tightly and did not behave unusually.

"Ha-ha, the loser is not meditating. He is just pretending."

"Perhaps he is sleeping. Otherwise, he would have shown some signs of discomfort."


The crowd roared with laughter.

"Shut up!" shouted an elder, and the crowd silenced. They did not dare to disturb the geniuses on the platform.

Mazes showed up in Darren's mind, one after another. He searched them for the exit.

"This is the way. It must be." Darren felt enlightened all of a sudden. He succeeded in understanding the first level.

Then he continued with the second level.

Darren found it complicated and difficult in the beginning because he had never read about meridians. Now, after his probing at the first level, he found the second level even simpler.

Then the third level, the fourth level…

Darren meditated on one level after another, smoothly without stopping. One hour passed.

He completed the meditation of the sixth level.

Darren opened his eyes and looked down from the platform.

"Ha-ha! Look, the loser has woken."

"Get off and stop pretending."

Someone from the crowd taunted.

Darren felt something unusual just as he was going to tell the disciple from Ilmen Sect that he had completed the meditation.

He noticed several words at the bottom of the stone tablet.

"There are seven levels in this scripture."

Darren closed his eyes and engaged himself in meditation.

Meanwhile, several other Chu Clan members climbed down from the platform.

"How did it go, babe?"

"I have mastered the third level. But I could not go on. My head is aching."

"Well done. You've done enough to pass the first test. Take rest now."

Nicholas, Blake, and Leo frowned. Obviously, they had encountered difficulties as well and were struggling to overcome them.

Darren's forehead beaded with sweat. The seventh level was so tricky that he felt as if he were lost in endless darkness, unable to get out by any means.

The clock continued ticking. Four hours passed.

At this moment, only four youngsters remained on the platform. Everyone gazed at the three geniuses, while completely ignoring Darren.

"Ah!" shouted Leo as he woke from the meditation, his face pale.

At this time, Nicholas' mother and Blake's father smiled at the thought that their sons had done better.

Another quarter of an hour later, Nicholas and Blake both woke and panted heavily. They looked even worse than Leo.

"My son must have mastered all six levels, Ha-ha!"

"Humph, maybe not. He is just forcing himself. Only the master can tell us."

Darren was the only one left on the platform now. Everyone grew impatient. It was a pure waste of time for the idiot to pretend and posture.

After a little while, Darren stood. A sharp light shone in his eyes.

The crowd burst into a guffaw at the sight of Darren in an energized mood.

"Now, come here to test your degree of mastery. The first one is York Chu."

York walked forward with his head high and began to practice his mastery of the Meridians Refining Scripture, one level after another.

"York has mastered four levels, although his degree of understanding is low. He can take the next text."

The degree of mastery for each level was categorized as low, medium, high, and perfect.

The next person was not that lucky. He had mastered three levels at a low degree and was taken away after he cried.

"Nicholas Chu is next."

As he walked past Darren, Nicholas scorned at him contemptuously. "Idiot, you are making such a scene here. Let me show you what a true genius can do!"

Nicholas began to practice his mastery of the scripture.

For the first level, he achieved a high degree of mastery.

In the second level as well, Nicholas had reached a high degree of mastery.


For the fifth level, he had acquired a medium degree of mastery.

And for the sixth level, Nicholas had a low degree of mastery.

A commotion arose in the crowd. The audience felt as if their blood was boiling.

Nicholas had achieved complete mastery of all six levels, but for the sixth level, he had reached a low degree. It was impressive. He was a very talented genius, indeed.

Even the master from Ilmen Sect nodded with satisfaction.

Then Blake and Leo continued. Neither was as good as Nicholas. Their mastery of the fifth and sixth was adjudged at a low degree.

"Darren Chu is next."

The crowd burst into laughter when Darren's name was called. This fool had slept for hours on the platform, and it was time for him to humiliate himself.

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