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   Chapter 14 Pressures Coming From The Clan

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People found Darren presumptuous and arrogant. That was the impression he left with almost everyone present.

"Evan, are you all right?" Evan's mother asked with concern as she picked him up.

He was crying. "My arm is broken, Mom. Help me. You must let uncle kill that bastard! Huhuhu," he replied.

"That's enough! A true man doesn't cry like a baby when he gets injured!" Evan's uncle, Stan, said as he glared at him. He was Evan's mother's brother and they were both descendants of the Yue Clan. "But since you are my nephew, I don't allow anybody to bully you like this," he continued, "Darren, as you broke Evan's arm, it's fair for you to break both your arms yourself!"

"Haha," Darren laughed at Stan's words. "He deserved that. I'd kill him without hesitation if I were given the chance," he said.

His words surprised everyone who heard. He did not seem to fear anyone. This was a mystery that no one understood.

It was well known that Stan was at the second stage in the Spirit Realm, making him the most powerful cultivator in the Yue Clan.

"You arrogant little prick! Who do you think you are?" Stan exclaimed. Then, he turned to the clan elders. "As elders of Chu Clan, do you think that it is right to punish the person who broke his brother's arm or not? The rude does not deserve mercy!" Stan asked, showing a reasonable look.

"According to our clan rules, it's proper to do that, yes," an old man from Chu Clan confirmed.

"Proper? What bullshit is that?" Darren shot dismissively. "Evan bullied me and my younger sister ever since we were children. He beat and scolded us whenever he felt like it. Shouldn't he pay the price for what he has done?

After my father's death, he provoked me again and again. I was tolerant of him but he still wanted to kill me. Shouldn't he pay price for that? He, together with Bob the butler, beat my younger sister just now. Shouldn't he pay price for that?

When Evan caused us distress, nobody showed up to help us. How dare you speak of clan rules now!" he exclaimed.

Everyone fell silent when Darren finished speaking. Everything was true.

"Humph, know your place, loser! Nothing you say will stop me from breaking your arms!" said Stan. Unable to respond to what Darren said, he decided to ignore it and resort to force.

"Do you want to take charge in our clan, outsider?" another man spoke.

It was Darren's elder uncle, Reed.

Darren cast a glance at him. He knew that although his so-called elder uncle said this, it was not because he supported him. Instead, this was his way of flaunting his status.

"Oh, my brother, why do you keep embarrassing yourself?" another remarked. "Stan is protecting his nephew and that's reasonable. He is Evan's uncle. Since his father, our brother, died, the responsibility to do so has fallen on Stan. Also, isn't it a little too early for you to speak with that tone? You're not even chief," Mark, Darren's younger uncle said sarcastically.

"Does that mean you are taking Stan's side? As your elder brother, it is then my responsibility to teach you a lesson, you rude bastard!" Reed replied angrily.

"You want to teach me a lesson? Really? Okay, let me see you try. Come on!" Mark said.

"Bullshit, let's fight then!"


Suddenly, all the people wanted to fight each other and Darren stood in the background of it all, forgotten. There were many rival factions within the Chu Clan and they had never been harmonious.

"Stop!" A thunderous sound roared.

With it appeared several old men. They all were calm and steady like hills. They were the elders of the Chu Clan. Among them was the Chief Elder.

"Chief Elder!"

"Chief Elder!"

Everyone in attendance, including outside cultivators invited by different factions, acknowledged the presence of the Chief Elder. Everyone knew of the strength he possessed. He was the strongest in the Chu Clan and had gotten to stage seven in the Spirit Realm.

"Stop arguing. The man who will be in charge of our clan will not be decided by you all!" he declared. He glanced at the people in the crowd. "We have all decided that the junior who will be qualified to enter the Ilmen Sect will be appointed as the chief. Do you all agree with that?" he asked.

Hearing this, Reed, Mark, and the genius Nicholas, all laughed in triumph. It was exactly what they wanted.

"No way! I think it would be unfair to decide the chief based on the qualifications of becoming a disciple of Ilmen Sect," a woman said. She was married to a man in Chu Clan from Zhou Clan and she thought it was unjust because her son's talent was only at the sixth level.

"I also think so!"

"It shouldn't

be like this!"

Other people whose sons had mediocre talent in martial arts all opposed the idea.

"I have an idea. Although talent is important, a man who wants to gain immense strength is required to show more perseverance and resourcefulness. Only young, powerful men can protect our clan. That said, I would like to suggest a contest for junior members on the annual meeting that will happen in 6 months. Whoever wins first place will be chief. What do you think?" someone suggested.

The Chief Elder nodded, "It's reasonable. The one who passes the test for the Ilmen Sect can also directly challenge the strongest contender."

Nobody opposed it.

The Chief Elder then turned to Darren. "Evan is protected by the Elders Cabinet during his whole lifetime. As Darren broke the family rules, you can deal with him according to Clan rules," he declared.

"Brother, there is something I have to say," the elder named Abner who was standing beside the Chief Elder said. He somehow saw a little bit of hope for Darren. He felt like there was more to him that met the eye.

"There is nothing to speak! Nobody is allowed to challenge the family rules," the Chief Elder interrupted. In the Chief Elder's mind, talent, strength and background were what mattered in the Chu Clan. Darren was not worth supporting because he lacked all of those.

This disappointed Darren.

"Don't pretend to be impartial, Chief Elder. You think I don't have a future because of my mediocre talent for martial arts. You think I don't have background because my mother's clan is poor. Stop talking about clan rules, will you? You're such a hypocrite!" Darren felt like he had nothing to lose anymore.

"You disrespectful little bastard," the Chief Elder said angrily.

"What, isn't it true, though? Honestly, if it were Nicholas who broke Evan's arm, you wouldn't treat him the same way, right?" Darren continued.

"Nonsense! Anyone who breaks the rules of the Clan will be treated equally. Dare to say one more word and I will punish you myself!" the Chief Elder boomed.

"Hahaha!" Darren burst into laughter. "You are such a hypocrite! Everyone knows the truth! Even if Nicholas kills Evan, you will not even say a word! This is such a joke! Everyone knows that!" Darren said.

"Shut up, loser! Do you want to die?" Nicholas came out and said. Darren's words infuriated him.

The Chief Elder didn't know what to say anymore so he kept silent.

"He is a loser --a mean dog that barks wildly at anyone! He dares to talk about Nicholas because he knows he's going to die!"

"He is crazy! He should know his place! How dare he answer back to the Chief Elder!"

More people started to despise and curse Darren.

"And you, Nicholas, don't think you are extraordinary because of your so-called talent. To me, level seven talent is as useless as rubbish. Oh no, wait, it's even lower than rubbish," Darren said.

"What did you say? I dare you repeat that!" Leo and Blake were now angry as well. They also possessed level seven talent in Yellow Degree.

"Did you just say that level seven talent is rubbish? You really want to die, don't you?"

"That's just what I said. In fact, you all are rubbish in my eyes, real rubbish," Darren remarked. Darren did not care much about what he said. He knew that everyone would hate him sooner or later. He might as well speak his mind right now.

"I will kill you, little loser!"

Nicholas rushed at Darren first, throwing his fist to Darren's head.

Darren easily summoned his internal energy and quietly launched a cold sword. In the next instant, the same sword disappeared leaving only a trace of force in the air. Most of the people present did not see what happened. They only found Nicholas suddenly retreated.

Nicholas was shocked because the sword skill was so fast and so perfect. There was no flaw in it.

'Maybe it's because of my carelessness, ' he thought. This made him feel a little better.

'That was the first move in the Profound Nine Sword Skills, ' thought an old man behind the crowd. The events did not interest him initially, but Darren caught his attention at that moment. Apparently, the man was the guard of the Martial Skill Library.

He did not expect to see anything extraordinary when he came but Darren gave him a big surprise.

'He successfully executed it. But how?' The guard of the Martial Skill Library thought in disbelief. He could still remember clearly how the silly boy in front of him had only mediocre talent.

"You clown!" Now, it was Stan who was approaching Darren fast.

Bearing the pressures coming from a Spirit Realm warrior, Darren couldn't breathe and even react.

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