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   Chapter 13 Fury

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The gate opened with a creak.

Darren arrived at the Chu Clan residence several hours later.

When he opened the door, he noticed that many people turned to watch him.

"Look! It's Darren! He has been missing for two months. I thought he had died."

"Yeah, he is still alive. But so what? The protection the elders promised him has expired. He will die sooner or later."

"That's hard to say now. Can you feel his aura? It's much stronger than before."

"You must be kidding me! Okay! Let's say you are right and that he has become stronger. However, he is still nothing in comparison to Mr. Evan and the other geniuses in our family."

They murmured among themselves about Darren scornfully. They all agreed that Darren was making a huge mistake by returning.

But Darren just ignored them. The Ilmen Sect would come to the Chu Clan for recruitment today, which provided him with an opportunity to prove himself.

Darren walked toward his courtyard.

As he stepped in front of the door, he heard a loud slap.

"Spill it! Where is the little asshole?"

"Hit her! Don't stop till she tells the truth!"

Darren trembled with anger when he heard the conversation. He regretted leaving his little sister at home when he journeyed to the Barren Wasteland to improve his cultivation base.

But his sister was included in the elders' protection. 'Who has the nerve to bully my sister?'


One kick from Darren shattered the door. Then a tall man turned to him and glared at him.

"That's great! You're here now! I thought you would never return."

Darren recognized the tall man who had spoken to be Bob Lin, the butler of the Chu Clan. And the person who was standing beside Bob Lin was Darren's enemy, Evan.

"Ha-ha! Long time no see, my brother! If you had returned earlier, nothing would have happened to Belle. Where have you been hiding? Look at this poor girl! Oh, her face is bleeding. What if her pretty face is scarred because of this? What a pity that would be!" Evan was thrilled to see Darren. He finally had the chance to kill this loser now.

"Sons of bitches! Go to hell!" Darren widened his eyes as burning anger coursed through his body. When he saw what they had done to his only little sister, he could no longer control his fury.

"Catch him! He will regret returning. Soon, he will know that death is the only way to get rid of my torment. Get him now!" When Bob learned that Darren had killed his son, he began searching for Darren. Two months had passed, and yet, no one knew of Darren's whereabouts. All this while, he had been dreaming of tearing Darren to pieces.

"Darren! Run! Run away now! Don't worry about me!" Tears escaped from her eyes when Belle heard her brother's name. Although she had almost lost consciousness from the blows, her first instinct was to tell her brother to run and save himself.

Darren felt sorry for his little sister.

"Ah! All of you! Go to hell!"

Darren, who was now out of control, threw his fists at Bob's subordinates. Darren had summoned such tremendous power in each punch that he severely injured every enemy who was coming at him, with just one blow.

"How is this even possible? How could he be so strong now?" At once, Evan could feel something was strange.

Bob squinted at Darren when he noticed the change.

"Surround him. Attack him together! Kill him! Now!" Then Bob rushed toward Darren with his remaining subordinates. He was highly confident about this fight. After all, his cultivation base was at the eighth stage of the Primary Realm.

"Ha-ha!" Evan laughed with satisfaction. He was relieved to see that Bob, a strong cultivator of the eighth stage, was ready to join the fight.

But Evan was struck dumb with amazement by what happened in the next second.

As soon as Bob had rushed over, Darren threw a dozen successive fists at him. Bob was forced to take several steps back.

"What? What the hell?"

Evan froze when he saw this scene. 'How, how could this even be possible? Bob is at the eighth stage! How could Darren injure him?'

He could not believe what his eyes were seeing. 'Why is Darren so strong? Did he just defeat Bob, a cultivator at the eighth stage? What happened to him?'

While Evan was racking his brain for an explanation, he was greeted with a hard fist.


The blow broke Evan's bones.

"Mom! Mom! Uncle! Help me!" Evan cried out.

Although Darren was about to throw another fist at Evan to end his life, Bob continued the fig

ht against Darren, despite the acute pain he felt.

"No matter how strong you are, you are going to die today!"

Bob, anger burning in his chest, took out a plain iron canister and pressed the button on it. Then, thousands of tiny arrows shot out simultaneously.

"Thunder Arrow Attack!

Go to hell! Asshole!"

Darren didn't make a move even though numerous powerful arrows were aimed at him. A sword, carrying an icy aura, appeared in Darren's hand. He brandished the sword and left perfect arcs in the air. A second later, all the arrows around Darren fell to the ground. Then Darren, with the sword pointing at Bob's throat, rushed forward.

Before anyone could react, a thin line appeared on Bob's neck. As the line spurted blood, the tall figure fell to the ground.

"Shit! I'm so screwed this time!" Like seeing a death devil, Evan shivered with fear in front of Darren.

Darren brandished his sword again. This time, he pointed it at Evan. Evan was on the edge of death!



All of a sudden, an elder hovered in front of Darren. He had used his sword to block Darren's attack.

"You have mastered the Profound Nine Sword Skills!" The old man was surprised. He hadn't noticed Darren's skill level while blocking his attack. It had been so powerful that his hand felt numb from the impact.

"Go away! This asshole is going to die today. Nobody can stop me," Darren shouted.

Darren turned to the elder and recognized that he was Abner Chu, who had promised to protect him and his sister.

"Mind your attitude! You'd better show respect to an elder of the Chu Clan." Abner Chu frowned.

"Fuck you! What kind of an elder are you? You can't even keep your promise. Look at what they have done to my little sister! But you did nothing about it. You are an incompetent elder!" Darren was so furious that he had lost complete control. He didn't care who he was talking to.

"Enough!" Abner Chu berated Darren.

However, Darren's accusation reminded Abner that he had failed to carry out his duty this time. All of his attention had been directed toward his cultivation in the Elders Cabinet. If the servant hadn't reported this intense fight to Abner, he would not know anything about what was happening outside. He had rushed to Darren's courtyard as soon as possible after hearing the servant's report.

"Go away, kid! I'll forgive what you have done today," Abner Chu said after some contemplation.

"And I say fuck you!" Darren was insane with fury.

In the next instant, he swung his sword at Evan.

"Help me, please! Help me, Elder! Help!" Evan cried as he ran to hide behind the elder.

Abner had not expected Darren to take action in front of him. The attack from Darren's sword was too quick for Evan to dodge. Even Abner was slow to react. Evan lost an arm.

"Ah! Ah! Ah!" Evan cried out with pain as he rolled on the ground.

"I'll give you one last chance. Fuck off!" Abner activated his spiritual energy of the Spirit Realm and pressed Darren to the ground.

Darren felt it hard to breathe under the tremendous pressure, which was akin to carrying a mountain on his back. Finally, he calmed down a little.

He cast a glance at Evan, who was crying with pain. Then he walked to Belle and hugged her before leaving the yard.

"You fucking bastard! You think you can leave here after what you have done to my nephew? There is no way I will let that happen."

Several people rushed into the yard just as Darren was leaving.

Darren looked around and found that three geniuses of the Chu Clan, his two uncles, and a few strong cultivators were blocking his way. The person who was talking to Darren was Evan's maternal uncle, who now glowered at Darren.

"It's too late! I can't do anything to help you now." Abner sighed regretfully. He blamed himself for his dereliction of duty. If he had noticed what was happening earlier and had come to stop Evan, Darren would not have lost control.

Since the chief's death, the Chu Clan had undergone immense strife. Since this was a challenging time, other clans' attitude toward them was vital. Although Abner wanted to protect Darren, the other elders of the Elders Cabinet would never agree with his decision.

'If I protect Darren, the whole Yue Clan would feel offended. I can't sacrifice the Chu Clan's future for an untalented loser like him, ' Abner rationalized.

"Come on! Come kill me!" Darren screamed with widened eyes. An invincible power exploded in the next second.

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