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   Chapter 11 Strength (Part One)

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Darren had to be cautious because he lacked the battle experience. He had not been able to properly train and use his power in account of him having just reached the seventh stage from the third stage within one day.

"The power of his fists is indeed strong."

Darren dodged and avoided Marvin's attack.

But as soon as Marvin's fist failed to land on Darren, another fist quickly followed. This time, he used all the force he could muster.

Seeing that he had nowhere to hide, Darren clenched his hand into a fist and punched back.


The impact created by both of their fists was too powerful that Darren was thrown several strides backwards and Marvin a few couple of paces opposite.

"I haven't expected that you've already reached the peak of the seventh stage! That's great and all, but there obviously still is an impassable gap between our stages, and you haven't been able to defeat me. Now, let me show you how powerful I am."

Marvin felt much relieved after having witnessed Darren's real strength. The difference between the seventh stage and the eighth stage seemed to be little to non-existent, but in reality, there was still an immensely large disparity between the two stages.

"He is in danger," Elsa stated, accompanied by a worried scowl on her face.

But Darren was composed. He knew that the difference between him and Marvin was not impossible to overcome.

He was just learning how to adjust himself to the fight, that's all.

"I will kill you!" he shouted. Marvin started to storm towards Darren again. He extended out his fists and took a hack at him. The attack was so powerful that it felt as though his fists alone could break the mountain into pieces.

Darren dodged the attack as much as he could. Although he was not stronger than Marvin in terms of strength in the battle, he had enough wits about him to remain unhurt by Marvin's barrage of attacks.

Even at the eighth stage of the Primary Realm, Marvin still hasn’t succeeded in trying to defeat Darren.

The fight dragged on and before they knew it, half an hour had passed as they arrived at a deadlock.

Marvin's initial anger morphed into shocked frustration after he came to the realization that even though Darren has just reached the seventh stage, he still was not able to defeat the boy. He started to get fatigued and he grew more exhausted with every second that passed. He kept thinking that things would have been a lot of easier if he had used his full strength from the very beginning of the fight.

"He quickly gained experience in the battle. He is such a fast learner," Elsa remarked. She felt a sensation in the pit of her stomach as she stood beside them.

She was astounded by Darren's ability to learn so much in just a short amount of time. Even though she herself was at level nine of the Yellow Degree, it took her a while and experienced difficulty in achieving it. Theoretically speaking, it should have been more difficult for Darren to do that when he was inferior to others in stage.

'Is he more talented than me in cultivation?' she thought bitterly. The thought of it mad

e Elsa feel a constriction in her chest. 'How could such an average-looking young man be so talented? What is this?' Unbelievable is what it was.

Elsa continued observing him and focused on every move he made, even down to the most miniscule actions.

"He's using his opponent to gain knowledge in battle and use it against them! One could even say he is almost as well-versed in battle as those seasoned masters who have practiced a long time." A mix of astonishment and envy washed over Elsa's face after she had thought about how Darren, who was still just a rookie in the first place, was able to turn into a powerful and fairly competent fighter so instantly.

"Talent, he must have been a talent," she told herself. As much as she'd hate to admit it, she was genuinely impressed.

"Ah! I will kill you! Die, you scum!" Darren shouted.

He had just found an opening against Marvin and gave his vital part a good kick.

This made Marvin more furious than ever.

"You are forcing me to use my saber!" Marvin exclaimed. As he uttered those words, a saber suddenly appeared in his hands out of nowhere. He wielded the saber expertly, showing off his every gesture and every motion, moving almost as if he was one with the weapon.

"Wrath Sword Skill, the top martial arts skill in the world." Elsa fixed her eyes on Marvin.

"You hustler," Darren shouted. Almost unexpectedly, Darren saw the sword Jared left lying on the ground. Without hesitation, he casually picked it up and dashed toward Marvin head-on.

Darren felt the extreme power that the sword emitted. It was so intense, that he felt the power run through his veins and rip out into the air. Next thing he knew, he was wielding the sword like a natural.

"Well, what do you know, even his swordsmanship is freaking perfect!" Elsa exclaimed disbelievingly. Every time, Darren did something remarkable. And every single time, without fail, she was left flabbergasted. She still couldn't comprehend how such a rare talent lived in such a secluded place.

"Ah!" Marvin screamed frantically as he charged toward Darren with all the force he could muster. He reached the peak of his strength after he combined the cultivation base of the eighth stage and the saber skill together.

"Destructive Sword Attack!"

Without hesitation, Darren used the first move of the Profound Nine Sword Skills immediately.

Through the sword, his strength manifested into numerous shadows. This got him worked up as he flew towards Marvin. The shadows emitted such a tremendous power that Marvin felt genuine fear.

"What kind of swordsmanship is that? It's so ferocious. What should I do now? I'm totally screwed!" Marvin cried out. His boldness had stared to waver. A ripple of panic suddenly passed through him. But it was too late to retreat.


Waves of invisible circles were formed and spread out from the place where the sword and the saber had met. All the towering trees in the area were easily cut off by the destructive power. Elsa hurriedly ducked to search for a place to hide, fearing that it might be dangerous if the power spread to her.

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