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   Chapter 10 A Great Harvest (Part Two)

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"Well..." After a momentary hesitation, Jared answered, "Are you serious?"

Elsa turned grim-faced at once. She could not believe that Jared would consider it. He had been a gentleman all this while.

"Of course, I mean it! I need a partner anyway, and you are a good choice for me. We can work together and enjoy our free time. What do you say?"

"Yes! I want to join you, sir! I am tired of all the rules I have to follow. I yearn for the way you live. And I've been dreaming about Corrine for a long time. I want her so much. This gentleman facade is really exhausting."

"Wow! I didn't expect you to be a lewdster. We are so like-minded. Ha-ha!"

"I just regret that we didn't meet sooner. How about this, my buddy? I'm taking Corrine, and Elsa is yours. She is not my type, anyway."

Marvin nodded with satisfaction. After Jared got permission, he walked to Corrine.

Darren, who had been standing beside them, thought that Jared was being deceitful, but what happened in the next second proved that Darren's speculation was wrong. Jared was totally a scumbag.

He walked over and spanked Corrine with an indecent look.

Darren felt that his talent for martial arts had been upgraded to a shocking level after he had absorbed the energy of the elixir. Then he began assimilating the cardiac core of the level eight beast.

His speed of assimilation had surged as well. It took Darren only a moment to absorb half of the spiritual energy from the cardiac core. And his cultivation base improved to the topmost level of the sixth stage.

In a general way, a cultivator, at level seven of the Yellow Degree, had to spend more than half a year to upgrade to the sixth stage of the Primary Realm. But Darren had made such a breakthrough in the blink of an eye.

'It's so close now! When I'm at the seventh stage, I will have the power to fight against Marvin, ' Darren thought.

"Come on! My beauty! Why do you run away? I promise I will be gentle, ha-ha!"

Marvin chased Elsa. Since he was not injured, he was a formidable opponent for Elsa who had been severely wounded.

"You shameless bastard! I will tear you to pieces when my cultivation base has recovered," Elsa yelled at Marvin. She had never expected that such a thing would happen to her.

"You won't have the chance after today, my baby! I will take every inch of you, ha-ha!" Marvin was more excited.

Darren, who had been standing beside them, was trying his best to absorb the energy from the cardiac core.

'I've reached the seventh stage of the Primary Realm!' Darren was thrilled about his rapid breakthrough.

'I'm not sure about my current talent level, and my cultivation base is still rising sharply. Maybe I should grasp top martial skills before I take action, ' Darren planned in his mind. If he succeeded, his cultivation base would make another remarkable progress.

He tried to remember the first move of th

e Profound Nine Sword Skills.

'Destructive Sword Attack!'

Darren practiced the first move in his mind. He was pleased when his head didn't hurt this time.

'What an abstruse martial arts skill! Even the first move is so complicated, but its power is really aggressive.'

Although Darren had achieved a significant leap in his talent, it was still hard for him to grasp the first move.

Jared, however, was touching every inch of Corrine's body with a salacious expression.

"What are you doing?" Corrine was woken up by Jared's actions. Her face paled.

"What am I doing? What do you think I am doing?" Jared shouted at Corrine as he slapped her face several times. Then he ripped her clothes and continued, "I'm enjoying my freedom. I can do whatever I want, ha-ha!" Now that the gentleman facade had been removed, everyone could see Jared's true nature.

Corrine, who had a crush on Jared before, saw his real character through his actions. She could not take such humiliation, so she killed herself by biting off her tongue.

"Fuck! She's dead! You think this will stop me? Ha-ha! No fucking way!"

Jared, like an estrous dog, continued his actions.

"You son of a bitch!"

Darren shouted at Jared. He stood up, regretting not having taken action earlier.

"What? You loser! What can you do to me? Save your nonsense! Otherwise, you will be dead meat," Jared warned Darren. However, Darren's outburst didn't stop Jared.

"Fuck! You shameless asshole!"

Darren roared. A bastard like Jared should live in the hell.

In an instantaneous burst, Darren flashed toward Jared and aimed an attack at him.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!"

Three punches broke Jared's chest bones.

"You son of a bitch! How could you do this to her? She's dead! Asshole!"

Darren slapped Jared, who was screaming in agony from the pain of the broken bones. Soon, Jared's face swelled like a pig.

"I'm sorry! I'm so sorry! Please stop!" Jared begged with a lisp.

"Go to hell!"

His begging didn't stop Darren. With the next punch, Darren killed Jared.

Marvin and Elsa froze when they saw this scene. Marvin frowned in anger.

"Damn it! You little asshole! You concealed your real cultivation base as well. That's beyond my expectation." Marvin looked at Darren without any vigilance, and continued, "But so what? You are still nothing in front of me. I'm a cultivator at the eighth stage. What can you do to me, asshole?"

"That's hard to say!" Darren shot a cold glare at Marvin. He had reached the topmost level of the seventh stage and had an initial understanding of the first move of the Profound Nine Sword Skills. The fight against Marvin offered Darren a good chance to figure out his current cultivation base.

"You are going to die!"

Marvin rushed toward Darren. Elsa's expression changed to reflect the concern she felt. She screamed, "Be careful! He has the top martial arts skill."

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