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   Chapter 9 A Great Harvest (Part One)

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"Ha-ha! Not bad! Thank you, everyone!" Marvin let out a big, energetic laugh.

"What do you mean, Marvin?" Jared asked as he looked at the laughing man. Caution coursed through Jared as he felt as though something was strange.

"Haven't you heard of the Wasteland Hustler?" Marvin turned to Jared with sharp eyes, like a snake that was ready to strike. Jared felt his senses heighten as he came to a grim realization.

"It's you!" Jared pointed his finger at him, while Marvin just stood there with a menacing grin on his face. Jared was shocked speechless, still in disbelief of what he had discerned. Elsa could only react the same way, barely able to do anything else.

They had heard of a hustler, who was unmatched with his camouflage technique, outside the Barren Wasteland. With a camouflage so perfect, he was able to join teams who came here to hunt.

However, his camouflage technique had been used for heinous crimes. Murder, rape, robbery—the hustler was a dangerous man.

None of them had suspected Marvin until he refused to join their fight. Once they had realized who he was, they were astonished.

"A level eight strange beast!" Marvin awed at the creature trapped in their snare. "Who would've expected that this team could defeat such a powerful beast?" He then turned his gaze toward the two women, his grin teasing and wicked. "What's more, these two beauties are readily available to me. Ha-ha! It's so perfect!"

"How dare you!" Elsa screamed, mad and disgusted at Marvin. Her usually expressionless face was filled with fury. Still, she was frightened. Hearing his voice, she knew that he was ready to kill.

"Don't say that, beauty! You and I are also at the eighth stage. Unfortunately, you have a serious internal injury. Your meridians are out of control. What can you do to me now? Ha-ha!" Marvin's lustful eyes trailed over the curves of Elsa's body.

He turned his attention to the beast in the trap. "I'll collect this great harvest first," Marvin said before turning to Elsa with a sly grin. "After that, I'll play a little game with you." Marvin then glanced at Darren.

"You! Little asshole! Come and deal with the dead beast. I want every piece of the Flame Tiger to be packed into the bag. You hear me? If you lose even a single tiny fur, you will be dead meat. Get over here!" Marvin shouted at Darren.

Darren had walked toward the tiger to absorb its talent before Marvin had given the order.

The talent of the Flame Tiger was different from what Darren had encountered before. It was a ball of green light.

Darren achieved a quantum leap in his talent, but he didn't know what his current level had reached.

'Wow! Everything in the world is so refreshing and new to me!' Darren could see everything within thirty miles.

'It's higher than level seven of the Yellow Degree. This is what it probably feels like to reach level eight.' Darren's heart thumped ecstatically.

Darren suddenly remembered the hustler, a cultivator at the eighth stage. He was not an easy opponent for Darren to take down. After considering his options, Darren decided n

ot to fight Marvin. Instead, Darren began dealing with the dead beast.

"What the hell are you doing, asshole? Be quick!"

"Yes, sir!" Darren feigned being scared, and his expression reflected the terror he felt. Then he began dissecting the Flame Tiger's body.

As he cut into the tiger's heart, Darren saw a crimson cardiac core and a white object as big as an egg.

"Wait! It's the Variant Beast Elixir!" Marvin's eyes brightened.

The Variant Beast Elixir, born inside some variant beasts, could not only help someone to make a breakthrough in their cultivation base but also refresh his or her energy meridians to upgrade their talent for martial arts. It was a once in a lifetime chance to see such a rare elixir.

"I've made a fortune this time. This elixir is worth a trillion." Marvin was thrilled. He yelled at Darren, "Little asshole! Pack it quickly!"

Darren could tell that the elixir in his hand was extraordinary. When he heard Marvin's order, his lips curved with satisfaction secretly. 'What a great gift for me!' Darren thought.

"Yes, sir!" When Marvin saw how dutiful Darren was being, he dropped his guard. After all, Marvin believed that Darren was only a loser at the third stage of the Primary Realm. Darren couldn't challenge him.

After Darren placed the cardiac core and white elixir into the bag, he didn't remove his hand. Instead, he clutched the white elixir tightly.

"What the hell are you doing? Don't try anything foolish! Otherwise, you will be dead meat!" Marvin yelled at Darren when he noticed that Darren had put his hand in the bag.

"I'm sorry, sir! I just wanted to check that I had put it right. After all, I can't afford to take responsibility for such a big loss," Darren explained.

"Go away! It's time for me to enjoy the beauties, ha-ha!"

Darren could feel enormous spiritual energy nourishing his body as he absorbed the energy from the white elixir.

'Wow! This is so much better than absorbing a dead beast's talent.'

Darren could feel that a significant change was happening in his body. He was in the process of metamorphosis.

Marvin, meanwhile, was walking toward the three unconscious teammates.

"Fuck off! You assholes!" Marvin kicked Kyle Zhang, and Phil Li, breaking their bones.

Then he crouched and his eyes roamed lecherously over Corrine's figure.

"What a great ass. What a pity that she has passed out. It would be better to ride her when she's awake."

Then Marvin turned to Elsa.

"Ha-ha! My beauty! I have been dreaming about you since first sight. I've fantasized about the pleasing sounds you'll make when I am all over you. And now, it's time to realize my fantasy. Ha-ha!"

Marvin said with a depraved smirk as he walked toward Elsa.

"Marvin! Let her go! You can take all the valuable things that I have," said Jared, who had been severely injured.

"You must be kidding! Bastard! You think I will let go of a beauty like her? That's so ridiculous! But you are a good boy. How about this? You can be my subordinate, and we can enjoy this beauty together. What do you think, pal?" Marvin asked.

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