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   Chapter 4 Further Upgrade

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Darren headed home after he left the Elders Cabinet.

When he arrived home, he found Belle had fallen in a deep and sweet sleep. She must feel so secure with the knowledge that her brother was still alive. Looking at her serene expression, Darren swore that he would protect his little sister with his life.

Then Darren went to the training room that contained several books on martial skills.

"I couldn't understand these skills when my talent was only at the Ordinary Degree. How would it feel to learn these skills now?"

Darren casually picked several books on the skills that he had found challenging to understand before, and leafed through the books.

"Hepta-Punch? Easy one! Why couldn't I understand it before? Is this how it feels to be talented?"

"Shooting Punch? A piece of cake! It's just an ordinary skill."

After he finished all the books he had selected, Darren shook his head and laughed. The skills that he had racked his brain to understand but failed to were as easy as blinking an eye. But these skills were only for beginners, which offered no help to Darren.

The talented cultivators had the advantage of absorbing spiritual energy from Heaven and Earth. They not only made a quick breakthrough in their cultivation base but also had a good grasp of martial skills.

"Alas! These are only some basic skills. None of them are beneficial to me. I'd better go to the Martial Skill Library to select better ones."

Darren didn't want to waste his time studying basic martial skills.

"With my current talent level and a solid foundation, I should be able to make a further upgrade in my cultivation base."

Darren was at the second stage of the Primary Realm now. Evan, however, was at the fourth stage of the Primary Realm. Darren couldn't compare with Evan in terms of cultivation base. If Darren wanted to survive, he had to make a further breakthrough in his cultivation base as soon as possible.

A stage further would mean a quantum leap in cultivation base. The gap between two different stages of a person's cultivation base was as wide as the Milky Way. For example, Darren could kill anyone at the first stage of the Primary Realm within a few seconds, like Evan's subordinates.

That was why the breakthrough in his cultivation base was vital for Darren now.

Then Darren sat cross-legged, closed his eyes, and began to absorb spiritual energy.

As soon as Darren entered a stage of deep meditation, he could feel quintuple spiritual energy gathering in his body, which refreshed him tremendously.

"That's so great. I can't believe that I can absorb spiritual energy at such a quick speed. And I am only at level two of the Yellow Degree. Nicholas is at level seven of the Yellow Degree. How would it feel like at that level?

Blake, the son of my elder uncle, and Leo, the son of my third uncle, are also at level seven of the Yellow Degree. Those geniuses are far beyond me. But my Assimilation Skill will empower me with the talent to be superior to them. I just need time."

This thought cheered Darren up immediately.

Spiritual energy gradually gathered into Darren's body, nourishing his energy meridians and strengthening his bones. This was a sign of the breakthrough in Darren's cultivation base.

The night was over.

When the first ray of sunlight appeared, Darren opened his eyes all of a sudden.

"I did it! I'm at the third stage of the Primary Realm now."

In a seemingly instantaneous burst, Darren jumped up. Then he threw a hard fist at the training stone next to him.

The three-inch-depth hollow on the surface was hard evidence of the improvement in his cultivation base.

"I have reached a stage further. This is a significant improvement in my cultivation base. The saying is true. My power has strengthened tenfold overnight. Finally! Finally, all my hard work pays off. Otherwise, I would never have broken through the stage overnight without my previous persistent practice."

Darren was joyful that he didn't give up his practice before. His persistence finally bore fruit. After his talent had been upgraded, he would make quicker progress in his cultivation base than others.

A loud noise came from outside.

"Come on! Come on! Be careful! These are expensive. Move faster!"

Darren heard people talking and the dull sound of objects rattling in the early morning.

"What's going on outside?" Darren frowned, then he walked out of the training room.

He was greeted with the scene of a dozen servants mo

ving furniture and other things out of his room. All his belongings were lying around the yard in a mess.

"What the hell are you doing?" Darren exclaimed with anger as he clutched a servant's collar.

"Oh! It's Mr. Darren, who just survived death. The things Mr. Evan doesn't want, of course, belong to me. Well, do you have any problem with this?"

A young man with a scornful look walked toward Darren, showing no respect to him.

Darren knew this young man. He was Jay, the only son of the butler.

"Go back to where you came from, bastard! Otherwise, you will regret what you have said to me." The flames of anger were burning in Darren's chest. None of the servants had shown any respect to him. But he didn't want to teach them a lesson before the upcoming test.

"Ha-ha! Really? What do you want to do to me, loser? Have you forgotten how I beat you before? Yeah, you are the son of the chief. But, so what? You are nothing in this family. You can't even compare with a dog. My father is the butler of the Chu Clan, a decision-maker in this family. What can you do to me, loser?"

"Ha-ha, ha-ha!"

All the other servants burst into laughter. They had been a little scared to see Darren at first. But after they heard what their leader said, all their worries disappeared. Jay reminded them that Darren was only a mediocre talent in the Chu Clan. They had no reason to be afraid of Darren.

"I will give you the last chance. Fuck off!" Darren roared.

'What the hell? How did his voice become so powerful?' Jay was shocked.

But he could not act like a wuss in front of his subordinates. If they saw that he was frightened by a loser, how could he continue to be their leader?

"I guess you must have missed my fist very much, loser! Well, let me remind you of what it felt like," Jay said disdainfully, as he raised his fist.

'That's enough!'

Before Jay could swing his fist at him, Darren took action.

"You have had your chance, asshole!"

Darren flashed in front of Jay and landed several slaps on his face. Jay's cheeks swelled immediately. In the next second, Darren threw a hard fist at Jay's chest.

As his chest sank inwards because of the power in Darren's fist, Jay felt that everything around him was spinning. Agonizing pain spread throughout his body. Before he could react to what had just happened, Jay began vomiting blood.

"How, how's this even possible? Why is this loser so strong? I didn't even have the chance to fight back. I'm at the second stage of the Primary Realm. That's impossible! Impossible!" Jay found it hard to believe what had just happened to him.

"Darren, how dare you? You are so screwed this time!" Although he couldn't even get up, Jay's words were still harsh.

"Oh? Really? You are partly right because you are the one who is screwed," Darren retorted as he walked closer to Jay.

Fear spread through the air.

The servants beside Jay were too scared to breathe. Meanwhile, beads of sweat trickled down from Jay's forehead. At this very moment, he realized that he was like a trapped rabbit, out on a limb.

"You! You! What are you doing? I'm the son of the butler! My father would never let you off if you kill me! Back off!" The hands of fear almost chocked Jay to death.

"Oh! That's right! Your father is the butler! The decision-maker! But, so what?" Darren sneered at Jay.

"You are lucky to remember that! I'll forgive you if you kowtow to me and apologize. Be quick! Then take me to a doctor! If my father learns of what you've done, you will be dead meat!"

Jay didn't understand what was behind Darren's smile, so he spoke arrogantly. However, he was knocking at death's door.


In a flash, Darren threw a fist, as powerful as a thousand-pound stone falling from the sky.


A ball of yellow light flew into Darren's head. He had gained Jay's talent.

'Why did I only gain a little talent this time? Is it because this bastard is only at level one of the Yellow Degree? I got it. His talent for martial arts is inferior to mine. If I want rapid growth in my talent, I have to choose superior cultivators as my targets.'

Darren concluded after he assimilated Jay's talent.

The remaining servants, however, turned pale at the bloody scene. They knelt and shivered with fear.

"Fuck off!"

It was a waste of time for Darren to kill these untalented servants.

All the servants, having obtained amnesty, kowtowed to Darren to show their appreciation. Then they cried and ran away.

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