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Kidnapped by the King of all Vampires By MiraHarlson Characters: 5121

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About 3 to 4 months ago


She had been gripped hard before by a soldier, by a boxer and men in fields that underwent fierce trainings but never had she been held this hard by a hand that relentlessly showed her that she could want more. She found herself craving more of his brutality.

Her mind was processing her escape but without the knowledge of her body, maybe it feared that her body was going to secede and betray it like it was known for.

"No one. I'm no one. Is that what you want to hear?" She asked blinking down the tears that threatened to betray her she couldn't remember when last she cried and she wanted to keep it that way. If only she knew better she would not have touched him.

Noah stilled. Seeing her so vulnerable and in pain struck something in him. He now wondered within himself if he really wanted to break his mate? Did he really want to scare her? Did he really want her to be afraid of him and end up dead before her time like his mother?

Somehow he could feel his heart beat faster something it hadn't done in a long time. He was feeling guilty but he was too far gone now to change his ways or maybe it was what he wanted to believe.

His eyes roamed about her face and settled on her lips. He wanted them.

He let go of her and in impulse which was unlike him since he became the alpha, to be led by impulse he kissed her.

She kissed him back because although it was her plan to escape she wanted this man. From what she could tell he was a werewolf. Jesus Christ so th

d all fears and kissed him until she could no longer reason and she became a living pulse, conscious only of what she wanted to do to him, of how much she wanted him.

She would escape, she would run, but first she had to give into this burning passion that threatened to envelop her and drain her of life.

She felt that her life would end if she didn't give in to it. If she didn't have him In her she might never want another. She might never desire another. She was that passionate for him.

He entered into her, first slowly waiting till her eyes gave him permission to move and he moved with a rhythm both of them understood like they had been singing it's tunes since their conception. Her small gasp turned into moans of undeniable pleasure.

He thrust into her continuously until they both came undone and then she rolled on top him and rode him like a horse. Her hands were on his hair the entire time and her lips didn't leave his. She was finding out that this stranger did give her immense pleasure.

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