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Kidnapped by the King of all Vampires By MiraHarlson Characters: 3537

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Silence followed his pronouncement. The vampires knew that their life source and strength were tied to Lucius their king. If he died they died too. They were not as lucky as the werewolves to be separate from their alpha. He had been their king for all these years for three millennia up until now that is if Victor was indeed speaking the truth, which he rarely did!

Victor wasn't perturbed by the silence he didn't expect a cry for war. They could moan the king all they wanted but that still wouldn't bring him back. He was dead and gone and he would find a way to keep them alive even if it meant a truce with the warlords.

"I suggest that there be a coronation as soon as possible. As his right hand man It is in my place to sit on the throne. War is upon us and we will not survive if we do not have a ruler. I do this for the kingdom and for my brother Lucius, his death shall not go unavenged."

The elders looked at him in amazement and anger. They wondered how he could dare suggest to be coronated when they had not confirmed the death of the

ked to him still enraged by his audacity, his hands now outstretched supporting his mind. "No you will listen and obey while I speak to you and never ever again threaten me little boy!" He growled.

The palace was as quiet as a graveyard everyone watched in anticipation of what would happen next. It was not for long though as Victor had a trick up his sleeve.

When Lawrence was menacingly walking closer to Victor, Victor grew angrier and his eyes turned black. Soon he started getting back his strength and then gradually he stood to the shock of everyone.

"The power that I have I did not wish to trigger but let me give you a taste." Victor laughed as he broke the mind control of Lawrence.

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