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By nightfall Aiden was physically set to leave. Mentally he still couldn't bring himself to gain enough courage to want to leave and he wasn't sure that he ever would. No amount of time will ever be enough to prepare him for the doom that awaited him. But for the time he spent with Hestia he would have chickened out from his mission, he still could but he had promised her that he was going to do right by her, by his beloved sister.

He had decided after that intimate moment with hestia that he had to prove himself, to his father, to his people and to Hestia. He had to prove that he was no coward like the people believed him to be. And for the first time the joy of no longer being in his fathers shadow appealed greatly to him because this way he could fight for Hestia.

Fulfilling this mission would make him better and stronger than his father, he Innocently thought.

As the one who saves the kingdom and stopped the prophecy he would be reverenced more than any other god. He could finally stand up to his father and get Hestia all to himself. It was safe to say that Aiden was doing it all for love.

When he left the room to the portal that served as the boundary between heaven and hell his mind was made up. And although his feet shook as he walked his steps were steady. Before him stood his father, mother and the other gods. The people watched from afar some in fear not wanting to lose their sworn leader others with Indifference. But everyone had one thought in common. The belief that wasn't going to make it.

Hestia was standing by his mothers side looking the same way she did when she walked through his secret door, beautiful and pure. He adverted his eyes from her with great difficulty and moved closer to his father who had stretched his hands to welcome him.

Zeus had promised his wife yesterday while she cried that he was going to give Aiden a reason to come back and he hadn't forgotten.

With his hands resting on Aiden's shoulder he spoke. "My son If you do succeed in your mission then I shall grant of you any thing your heart most desires. You have only to ask of it and it will be yours for the taking." Zeus promised his son with authority and finality, his eyes beaming.

He looked at his wife who nodded in appreciation. "Is this your word father? Do you swear to this?" Aiden asked skeptically, he wanted to make sure his father repeated the words he just spoke and that the gods heard him well. Because he knew what his heart desired most his father might not grant him. He looked around for his friend Apollo and meeting his eyes Apollo nodded, then his gaze moved to his father.

"Whatever your heart desires, I'll give to you my son. It is my word and it is law now." Zeus repeated already knowing what his son desired most but caring less. He would not come back alive he knew that. The high priestess had stripped him of his power. He should have known better than to taste from the food his father had reserved for himself. Zeus thoughts angrily.

Aiden's eyes met with Hestia. And though they did not speak their eyes communicated. She nodded to him tears falling from her eyes as he turned his back to her.

The portal opened with a raging thunder and a great force was felt In Neptune. The heat that filled Oceania caused a gasp to escape from the lips of the gods. It was obvious that Hades had gotten stronger. His fire no longer had the weakness of the early days, it was clearly consuming.

"I could go with him to protect him." Apollo pleaded stepping forward but Zeus asked that he move back with a snap of his fingers. Apollo wanted to protect his prince and his friend but there was nothing he could do now except in secret. Something didn't just look right. Any of the gods could have gone for the battle why Aiden who had never been in one? Aiden didn't know the first thing about war so why him? Zeus had a secret and he would find it out what it was?

Aiden starred at the portal with fear, his body trembling with the heat. Hestia failed to curtail her emotions, she ran to him and hugged him tight holding him tight. She slid something into his pocket without him knowing and then buried her head on his shoulder and sobbed silently.

"I shall return to you." Aiden promised her caressing her back soothingly. "I promise you." She pulled away from him with great difficulty and stepped aside so he could hug his mother also. His mother was shaking but she was not crying. She was the Queen after all and she must be seen as brave. She had to be for the king at every point.

"Come for your blessing." Zeus instructed. He was to bless everyone who was going to be sent on a mission and although he knew this time the blessing was useless. He would yet do it to fulfil his duties as king of all gods.

"Because you have the blood of the supreme, my blood, then you shall be like him. You will trample upon all the powers of hell and and all shall bow before you. Your light shall extinguish all darkness in your path and your path shall be free from evil." When Zeus was done with the blessings he cast his staff on Aiden's head. In tradition it was to bless him but now he did it to make sure that there was no power left and he had been turned completely human.

Aiden didn't feel his power leave. He stepped into the po

rtal with Hestia in his thoughts. All the gods watched as it closed and Apollo was immediately summoned by Zeus. Hestia started to cry more when she suspected what Zeus might have done. The utmost betrayal to get rid of his own son.

No one heard the faint whisper of the high priestess. No one saw her eyes turn white but all heard when she said. "Heaven and hell shall meet."

In hell every human turned demon and every demon and elder and every evil force rejoiced for the time was near. The time to fulfil the prophecy. Hades eyes lightened up with expectations that could only be likened to that of Hermes, his son. However, Hermes expectations and happiness quickly died as his eyes showed red.

For the first time Hermes could feel the fire around him on his skin and within him. It felt like he was burning from within, brought to his knees by a higher force. He ignored this feeling. His face remaining expressionless.

"Son why Don't you go pay our visitor a little homage. He is from heaven after all it's not a rare occurrence to get a visitor from heaven isn't it? What kind of host would we be should we fail to welcome him from our gates" Hades laughed out loud along with the elders.

He was sitting on his throne of fire with Clara on his left and Hermes on his right. Hermes could feel that he was getting weak and had to feed of some adrenaline. What better to feed on but pain? His eyes closed with anticipation.

"Of course father. I won't like to be seen as a bad host." Hermes chuckled darkly. He bowed his head and appeared right in front of a frightened Aiden.

When Aiden entered the portal he was met by strong intensity. He had never felt such intensity before in heaven. Heaven had always been cold only when there was a high standard meeting and Apollo came was there heat. The god of sunlight always brought with him a certain warmness to heaven but even that warmness was subjected to his state of mind.

He had never left Neptune his father never allowed it, so all he knew for centuries was the cold. When he got into hell His first Instinct was to cloak himself and he had thought he did but then as he walked further, watching and enjoying the activities of those in hell, enjoying their sex escapedes, plays and games, he strangely felt like they saw him but chose to act like they didn't.

He was just about to take another step when a huge ball of fire appeared from underneath him throwing him off balance. In it a man appeared and Aiden gasped. He was the tallest man he had ever met. About 6ft 5'. His eyes were as crimson as blood and his skin was the colour of fire.

Hermes watched the man before him amused. He looked scared speechless. Had he not been feeling strange he would have laughed at the situation. He was in standing now in front of a being from Neptune and he was not the one shaking in fear.

But, why did he smell like a human.

How can Zeus send a human to fight in the land of the Hades. But there was something about this human that appealed to him. This human was the son of Zeus. Aiden is human, Hermes thought confused. What game is Zeus playing.

"Who are you?" Hermes asked. His voice was so deep it sent shivers down Aiden's spine.

Aiden looked at the man before him who seemed scared of him. Naively, he thought that the war had been made easier so he smiled. He raised his hands up to the heavens and closed his eyes willing hell to freeze over so he could defeat Hermes and leave.

He opened his eyes immediately he closed them with the painful realization that he had lost all his power. The smirk on his face quickly disappeared and with it his hope.

He looked at his hands and at Hermes. "What have you done!" He screamed enraged. He tried to blow out a tornado but still there was nothing and that's when he felt the reality of it. He just then realized that all his powers had been taken away and he was only able to survive walking into hell because the blood of the supreme flowed in him.

"I guess you are Aiden." Hermes laughed. "Oh things just got more interesting." He threw a punch to an unsuspecting, pained Aiden. And Aiden lost consciousness his last thoughts were of Hestia.

Apollo stood now In front of Zeus awaiting his punishment for speaking against him. His eyes held no fear because he felt none. No punishment could make him regret standing up for his friend. "Your son Lucius has been cast down to earth and his heart taken away." Zeus spoke.

Apollo moved closer to the throne not believing his ears. "What did you say!"

"Oh don't worry, he is still immortal but with him Is the dagger of the sun. Should he want to return one day all he has to do is extinguish himself " Zeus shrugged. "But then again all he will know will be earth. He won't even remember you. He shall be an outcast, a vampire and you Apollo will live everyday of your life with the knowledge that you are the reason why your son will forever hunt for blood in loneliness." He laughed.

"You cannot do this!" Apollo growled, rushing to Zeus with the intention to angrily tackle him down, but Zeus being a stronger god shoved him to the wall with a single breathe.

"I have already done it. But, not to worry the sun will never hurt your son." Zeus said, laughing heartily. "After all he is still your son."

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