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   Chapter 2 Prologue

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In hell a loud raging laughter could be heard from the far ends of the palace. The laugher came from the happy and prosperous lips of Hades and his children. The palace was at this time filled with the elders and spiritualist of the kingdom. They watched as their plans manifested with ease.

"He is bringing his son." Hades laughed as he watched all that happened in Oceania from his spiritual mirror. The Mirror showed Aiden sitting lonely and scared after he had excused himself from the presence of his father.

"Zeus is a proud and stupid man. How dare him send that little boy that disgrace of a son here to kill my son! His pride will be his fall and that of the other gods."

Hermes growled in laughter. Hermes was the son of Hades, his true heir and future destroyer of Neptune as the prophecy had said.

The night was dark and the fires of hell burned around them shedding light into their glowing eyes as they gathered around and spoke in glee.

"I'll take him down for you Hermes. You don't have to soil your hands with his blood. He's no match for you." Zena, Hermes only sister spoke as she straddled her brother sitting on his laps, her lips upturned in an evil smile. They both drank wine from the same cup.

The sits were all covered in fire.

"No sister. I want to meet this little boy. I've heard he's an Angel. Oh the things I could do to him!" Hermes licked his lips. His sister glared at him for a while and then finally understanding what he meant she burst into laughter. She was getting more and more amused.

"Alright then he's yours. But, " She paused placing a finger on his lip, "Don't be selfish brother. Please do share him with me. I'll also like to feed off his innocent glory."

"Oh no sister. You have a lot of play things let me have this one but If he isn't much fun then surely I'll give him to you. Anything for you." Hermes smiled. He kissed his sister a sign that a deal had been settled. They both smiled.

Hades who was at this time talking to the elders looked at his son in admiration. He was blessed to have the devil himself as a fruit. His sons eyes shown red just like him but unlike him sometimes one could see the fire in his sons eyes. His son burned his enemies with just a look. A true heir he was, the true son of Hades.

"Make sure you don't kill him immediately. That would be no fun. Break him son. Break him so much he forgets his name break him so much he forgets who he is. Create for him his own hell." Hades smirked and paused his lips. Then watching his son again he continue. "And when you've created his hell make his fire you."

Hermes chuckled at his fathers excitement. His sister had turned around now to see also for herself the glow on her father's face. She smiled heartily, while she rested herself on her brother. She too was proud of him, she too loved him.

"Be careful." The high priestess suddenly groaned and everyone turned to face her as she spoke with urgency in her voice.

"Speak, What troubles you?" Hades asked the priestess his brows crooked in suspicion. He adjusted himself in his throne of fire eager to hear the prophecy that the priestess has been shown to by the earth.

Her eyes had turned white and she was no longer in her body but her soul was now moving to and fro the garden of light. In a voice of a thousand she spoke drawing to herself the attention of all that was present.

"Heaven and hell shall meet in fire. A love that would join both, and destroy both a love of fire and ice. The prophecy shall be fulfilled if only this love is not giving into. If this love is made true nothing will be able to stand in the way not heaven nor hell. Not family nor duty. Not pain or pleasure. If this love comes true there will be only it and there will be no end."

Everyone looked at the high priestess in astonishment as her eyes returned back to it's brown orbs. Hades sighed.

Her brown eyes took in all the expressionless faces around her and she breathed out willing herself courage to speak again. "The battle is not against heaven but hell."

Hades looked at his son, they both shared a glance only them understood and in that moment Hermes promised his father loyalty.

Aiden had been in his room since his father made the proclamation that he leaves Neptune by nightfall. He had to see Hestia his sister and lover before he leaves and he had quickly summoned her into his abode.

He was waiting for his sister, while he paced the room restless. His gloomy eyes didn't leave the secret door his sister was to use in entering his Chambers. His room was all white like the cloud having only a bed for when he deemed it fit to rest. Although gods do not need to sleep they needed to rest. Most times however, the bed was used for making love.

He finally stopped his pacing after a while. Troubled about his sisters lateness he perched on the bed

then shifted inside. He caressed the satin sheets loving the feel of it, it reminded him of his sister whom he loved. He feared that she might not come that once again she may have broken a promise to him.

His heart sunk with the thought of it. Didn't she hear that I have been sent away to die? Does she feel so little of me that she doesn't dim it fit to see me on my last day in Neptune and maybe my Last day alive? He questioned no one in particular, he was getting angry. This was all his fathers fault and___

Aiden heard the secret door to his room move and he Quickly jumped up thankful that Hestia had kept to her promise. He stood up, turned back and saw her standing before him in all her beauty. She wore a red scarf that flowed down to her legs and a white gown that was just about the same length with her scarf. Her neck was adorned with golden jewelries and her skin was as shiny as gold.

"Sister." Aiden finally said breaking the spell that locked both their eyes together immediately she stepped into the room. He walked to her and pressed a kiss on her forehead holding her close. "Father has sent me on a journey of no return sister." He spoke with sadness. His eyes filled with tears. "He really hates me so much, haven't I told you sister, he will do anything to keep me away from you. He will do anything to keep us apart."

"You speak such sad words Aiden." Hestia sighed releasing herself from her brothers tight embrace. "I'm sorry I didn't come for the meeting. I should have been there, I would have stopped him. Mother, mother is useless in these matters, she can't stand up to him even for her own son. I'm ashamed. Take my hand brother." She said stretching forth her hand.

Aiden did as she said. Taking her hand they both sat on the bed, hands together, eyes locked.

"Even if you were there you cannot challenge father you know that. I won't let you endanger yourself for me. We've seen now how he shows no mercy." Aiden sighed. He pressed his sisters hands reassuringly. He was so thankful that she was here.

His blue eyes were fixated in his sisters green ones, he loved them with all of him. He caressed her hands with his thumb and kissed it. "I don't want to loose you sister you are all I have."

"And Apollo what did he say about all this." His sister asked drawing near to him so they could feed of each others want.

"He tried to reason with father but father would hear nothing about his thoughts. In the end he left in anger, my poor friend."

"I hope you are not upset with him, I know he would have done more had he not recently fathered a new born child, what's his name."

"Baby Lucius."

"Lucio." He said in remembrance. "A fine little child he is like his father and God father." Hestia could not hold back the stray tear that fell down her cheeks as she spoke. Aiden wiped her tears away with his finger and licked them, his eyes not leaving hers as they were filled with such tenderness.

"You don't have to cry for me sister, I'll come back to you."

She held her brother tightly drawing him close to her. "I don't want to lose you too. I should have blackmailed him. I should have done something, anything to stop him."

"You can't do anything, I won't let you. You will be cast away. You were supposed to be a Virgin sister."

"A Virgin yes but he made me sleep with him." Hestia argued she knew Aiden was right but she was too hurt to accept the truth.

"You had broken the vow first by sleeping with me if you hadn't he wouldn't have thought about taking advantage of you. It's all my fault that you have been put in this chaos maybe I deserve what I am getting. Maybe father doing this on purpose to punish me is exactly what I deserve." Aiden sighed.

"Love is not a crime. I love you and willingly gave myself to you." Hestia muttered her voice low. She removed her hands from Aiden's, raised his chin up and moving close to him so she was almost sitting on his thighs she kissed him. That was all the sign Aiden needed to unlock his fierce desires.

He returned the kiss fiercely. His hands moving to her scarf to pull it off her head so her gown remained her only clothing. Her cleavage showed through the gown reminding him of what lied underneath.

When they stopped kissing to catch their breaths he looked lovingly at her and smiled. "You are beautiful. Alway's beautiful. So beautiful."

She grinned at his confession. Her heart flustered. She wiped his lips with her thumb. Her core throbbed when he pulled a little part of the skin with his teeth seductively staring at her.

"And I am yours."

Her eyes held his as he brought his lips up to hers and she kissed him yet again holding his hands to hers. Their kiss was gentle at first each wanting to savor the last moment they had together before he leaves but when her tongue touched his lower lips he lost his bearing.

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