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   Chapter 33 Epilouge Happily Ever After

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Nanmaya's POV

We all are eagerly waiting for the baby in Little Angels orphanage, office room. We sent our kids to the playroom or else we can't peaceful do the formalities.

Morning, when we said this decision, our parents are happy and ready to bring my Cute Angel immediately. Our kids are happy though they didn't understand what's exactly happening.

Mahi again poked my arm but I didn't look at him. Actually, I requested to keep the baby name as he didn't give me the chance to chose both the girls names, only I got a chance for my baby boy, Sarang.

Again he pocked me but I ignored. I didn't say the name and he was literally dying to know the name. Finally, a woman in her thirties brought my Cute Angel who was crying. Her face was all red and tears stained.

Immediately, I took her in my arms and cooed her. I'm happy to have her in my arms but sad to see her in this condition. I took the milk bottle and fed her. After lots of crying and pestering, she had the milk.

I hugged her to my heart which gave me peace like I gave birth to her a few minutes back. Papa was capturing all the moments in his new camera

"Doll, she was like Mahi who show hell to have milk, " Mama said looking at Mahi.

"Awe, my baby is a Papa's girl?" I asked in a baby tone nuzzling her nose.

She smiled playing with my face. Everyone laughed and I heard Mahi's proud whistle. I mocked him and hugged my baby to my heart. He poked me to give the baby to him but I ignored and told Shanti Ji to start the formalities.

My Cute Angel was playing with my chain. Mahi was trying to grab her attention but she was involved playing with it. Shanti Ji asked the baby name to register.

"Mahuli Aurora, " I said looking at the baby.

"Wow, that sounds beautiful. What's the meaning, Princess?" Dad asked excitedly.

I saw Mahi smiling happily. I want to keep Mahuli name for Aria but my tall tree didn't accept. Everyone turned their gaze to him.

"Melodious, " he signed looking at the baby.

"Melodious, the same meaning of Aria right?" Mama asked.

'Look at me everyone, ' he whistle tuned.

"Nope, Aria is 'a melody' but Mahuli is 'melodious', " he signed looking at me whistling the names.

"Wonderful names, " Shanti Ji said.

Mahi signed the document with a proud smile. Papa was making the video. I had unshed tears, caressing the baby head. He passed the document, I passed the baby to Mahi and going to sign but heard a loud baby crying.

I can feel the sadness, desperation in that cry. Involuntarily, I followed the source. Everyone was calling me but my steps are only towards that anguished cry which pierced my heart.

Finally, I saw the baby and took it into my arms. The woman who held the baby got surprised seeing me. I hugged the baby to my heart and cooed with soothing words. After a while, the baby slept in my arms.

"Ma'am, you are great. Till now his boy didn't stop crying. He cries for hours and sleeps with tiredness but he stopped it in your arms so easily, " she got amused.

He was looking so beautiful with all his tiny features. I couldn't take my eyes away from him.

"He is blind, " she told.

I gasped, "What?"

"Two days back someone left this boy. We are surprised to see him because mostly no one leaves a baby boy. His cry didn't stop for hours, so Shanti Maa called the doctor. The doctor declared that this boy is blind." She said looking at the baby. Icried silently.

'How cruel society is? The society was blind not the baby.'



"They just slept please don't wake them. He's a loudspeaker, she's getting scared. She's always hitting him and he's scared of his devil sister. God bless us to have more patience, " he signed.

I was laughing holding my mouth and stomach, he was adoring me with those tantalizing eyes. He pulled my hands wrapping his arms around my waist. My laugh died, looking at his heated gaze. He placed his lips on mine but I pushed him.

"They will understand our romance, stay away from me, Mr. husband, " I whispered, winking.

He pouted keeping cute faces, "You know your cuteness validity expired because of our kid's over cuteness, " I huskily whispered.

"You devil, " he signed.

"Mamma..." we heard Tuhi and turned towards the source.

Tuhi ran to us and Sarang strolled lazily. He was a slow and lazy kid. Tuhi hugged my leg blabbering what they both did. She was a protective sister but such a complaint box. We saw Aria running towards us.

'God, this girl is super active.'

"Aria, come slowly baby please, " I said but I'm scared that she may fall down.

Dad came and raised her. "Princess, she born with skating shoes, " he said, taking a breath of relief.

I giggled, "Did you hold her?" Papa asked running inside, panting heard.

"Awe, Aria troubled her grandpa's a lot huh?" I asked looking at her.

"Even grandma's too, " Mama said.

I chuckled but heard the cradle sound. Mahu was crying while Mahi was cooing her. I hugged them humming a song.

"Perfect picture, " Papa said.

"Aliya please do something with your camera obsessed husband, " Dad said, feigning irritate.

"Princess, take Nain in your hands. Kids go to your Papa, Mamma, " Papa said looking at kids.

Dad huffed and left Aria. I slowly took Nain into my arms without disturbing his sleep. The three kids curled our legs, giving poses. Even they are obsessed to be clicked in pictures. We smiled looking at them.

"Super, " Papa said.

"Now, group selfie, " he said.

No one has energy but stood close to each other. Aria is in Dad's arms, Mama held Sarang, Mom held Tuhi, Mahi wrapped his arms around my shoulder holding Mahu in another. I held Nain while Papa was ready to take the picture. We all smiled looking at the camera.

"Perfect, " Papa said after clicking the picture in few angles.

ɚɚɚ The End ɚɚɚ

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