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   Chapter 32 His Wonderful Woman

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Nanmaya's POV

I giggled but he placed his lips squeezing my bosom. I wrapped my left hand around his shoulder sucking his upper lip. He was literally eating my lower lip drawing circles on my bud. I was again flying back to heaven but he pinched my bud. I gasped and yes he took my lips into his. He was eating my lips, I gave myself to him caressing his shoulder.

He turned me to my left side pulling me closer to him, my back was completely touching his front. He kept his left shoulder under my head, pulled my right thigh on his thigh entering in me.

'Argh, this is my favorite.'

He rammed caressing my womanhood with his right-hand fingers, squeezing my bosom with the other licking my shoulder. I was a moaning mess and held him tightly.

His hands are working on their own job perfectly making me fly directly to heaven. Oh, yes I screamed his name in pleasure releasing the volcano but he still continued his passion. He was ramming like a bull while his hands are not stopping their magic, I'm again flying back to heaven.

I turned my head towards him and captured his lips, we sucked each other lips. He was squeezing my bosoms hard and ramming fastly caressing on the right sports. Yes, I'm ready to release and we both released at a time. That was seriously amazing and I just don't want to leave him. I was shivering but sucked his lips hard and left.

We are panting heavily because of our love marathon. Our bodies are shivering, he slowly came out of me. We stayed in each other arms with our fastly beating hearts. I'm listening to his melodious heartbeat and soft breath doodling on his chest.

After a long time, we made hard lovemaking. To say frankly, after Aria we couldn't spend long alone time. Today our parents took them to give us space but being with our kids was heaven than anything.

I should ask him now, I know he will say yes but I'm a little bit tensed.

"Mahi, I want a birthday gift, " I declared listening to his heartbeat.

He pushed me, I saw his shocking face.

"One more round? Well, I'm happy and ready but you are shive..." I cut him off smacking on his shoulder.

I pouted and sat playing with my fingers, I know he's laughing. He too sat up and held my chin with his right hand and whistled, 'sorry, ' tune. I narrowed my eyes, he started keeping cute faces pulling his right ear, closing his left eye. I smiled and kissed his right palm. His tantalizing eyes are adoring me.

"Two days back we went to Little Angels orphanage right. Do you remember, there we saw a cute little girl?" I asked.

"There are many, " he signed twirling his orbs.

g beyond heaven and to explain in words was difficult. He was sucking my bosom and squeezing my hips without any mercy. He entered his fingers from my backside entrance. I moaned pulling his head closer to me as much as possible. His fingers are perfectly hitting the spot, even my riding too.

I was feeling heaven with his touch, kisses, and whatnot. I held him tightly riding fastly moaning his name. I released my volcano without a late but he didn't. He falls to his left side and properly laid on the bed holding me tightly.

'Argh, I'm ready for one more time which is going to be more intense.'

He pulled me on him and held my both hands tightly to my backside and rammed. I snuggled, enjoyed his passion making me insane. My energy was draining but my romantic bull was riding too fast which I don't want to stop him. He was sucking my neck and I was again ready to fly back to heaven moaning his name. Finally, we both released our volcano.

I just laid on him lost of energy feeling a vibrating sensation in my womanhood due to the intensity of his manhood. He was caressing my hair panting heavily and I'm literally out of breath. After a while, I got my breath back, he slowly rolled me onto the bed to his left side. He was going to come outside of me but I held him tightly.

"It's not paining, So please be in me, " I said without opening my eyes.

He kissed my forehead and held me tightly to him. I just want him more but I don't have energy and want to sleep like hell. I wrapped my arms and legs tightly to him. I can feel his heated body attached to mine. His manhood was still burning inside me. It feels so good.

"Goodnight birthday boy, " I mumbled the last words for the day and slept immediately.


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