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   Chapter 31 His Birthday Gift

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After 10 Years

Nanmaya's POV

He was not at all happy that too on his birthday and wants to stay alone, so I left him in the music room itself. I knew it's because of yesterday's incident but isn't it common.

'Really, ' my brain mocked.

Only to assure him but I felt bad yet a time happy. Being parents of three kids we should be strong and encourage them but he was angry on Tuhi. Poor my little baby-faced his warmth but I support her in this matter. She was like me who fights for her father.

If her friends talk rubbish about her father who's the topmost musician in the country and running the best music company, MaNan Music World. Then how can she tie her hands and mouth? Just five-year-old kids don't have any rights to talk about him. Obviously, she fought with them like her mother.

'You tell me what's wrong that poor soul did?' I asked my brain.

'She did the best thing but you know Mahi love Tuhi a lot, as she's the first daughter. You remember after seeing her buries he had unshed tears but composed?' It asked.

'Yeah, but fighting for the right thing was not wrong and I always support my kids to fight for justice, ' I said.

'The rebel mother, ' it ranted.

I giggled but had unshed tears caressing my stomach. I'm a happy mother for three kids but after Aria, my uterus was weak to carry more babies. I still remember when Mahi wants to know how many babies I wat. I beamed at him to have five babies but now it's not possible.

Life is beautiful and I'm lucky to have all the loved ones with me. We got many offers at the time of college days itself and utilized it properly. When I'm twenty-three and he was twenty-four, we started MaNan Music World which gave us success. We even did big concerts representing our country in foreign. Our dream got fulfilled too early but we didn't stop and chased for more dreams.

After a year, we got married but nothing changed in our life. We are the same MaNan who are best friends forever, love each other madly, live for music and continued to do the concerts, private music albums, and many others. As he promised till the date no one sang his songs except me. A few times, I pestered him to try others but he never thought of it and continued with me.

I still remember, when I'm twenty-six, I had Tuhi who was so tiny in Mahi's arms. She cried when I first touched her but she was happily smiling in her father arms. Everyone teased me that Tuhi was a Papa's princess but she resembles me in everything.

She pampered Sarang though she was two years old when I gave birth to him. She became a big sister to both Sarang who was three years old and Aria, one and a half year old. We always pamper, love, and give everything to all our kids equally which we learned from our parents but our parents spoiling the kids in the form of grandparents love.

Finally, I took off the jewelry and placed them safely. My eyes caught my reflection, I'm looking a little fat than before. I combed my hair and adjusted the nightgown to look lean but there is of no use.

He didn't change even one percent physically or mentally. Today was his thirty-second birthday, we all celebrated happily in the music room like as usual but he was sad because of Tuhi. Everyone thought that he was angry but I know he was sad.

He feels that Tuhi was in pain because of him but we are giving good values to all our kids that even little Aria can understand her father. The great Mr. Mahish Aurora can't give pain to his loved ones but he can take the pain happily.

'That's why I love my Cutie Pie, ' my brain stated.

'He is mine. Stop saying that, ' I glared.

I gasped feeling his touch. He hugged me from backside wrapping his arms to my navel, placing his chin on my left shoulder while those tantalizing eyes are giving me a teasing look. I smiled wrapping my hands to his hands.

He licked my left ear moving his left hand to my bosoms and right hand downwards. His breath fanned my skin, it's really hard to stand but his hold was tight enough to manage. He caressed my asserts with equal attention.

"Mahi, " I moaned circling my left hand to his head grasping his silky hair.

I'm already wet as he was squeezing my right bosom and caressing me down there. He can make me insane even without direct skin to skin contact. He pulled his hands back to my navel biting my nape. I screamed in pain digging my nails in his skin. I can feel his smile on my shoulder.

'Look at me, ' he whistle tuned. I breathed, opening my eyes.

"Doll, even after twenty-two years of our friendship, fourteen years of our love, ten years of our confession, seven years of our marriage..." I gazed him in confusion. "... you are still obsessed of me, Mrs. Nanmaya Mahish Aurora, " he signed, smriking naughtily, whistling my name.

I narrowed my eyes removing his hands on me. I walked past ahead of him but he caught my left wrist. I smirked, turning back to him and slide do

wn the nightgown overcoat with my right hand.

"As if you are not?" I huskily whispered with a challenging look.

He smirked, pulled me near him, within a swift he removed my overcoat. I'm not surprised but gasped looking at his desperation. He was going to pull me more but I stopped him.

"Wait you are not obsessed with me any more right. So, don't touch me and sleep on the sofa, " I ordered him.

'I know my Cutie Pie loves me more than I love him. But teasing him was my all-time fun which I can never win over him.'

He smiled, winking, "Then my birthday gift?" He signed with puppy eyes.

I gave a poor-my-baby look, trailed my right-hand forefinger from his heart to the neck and pulled the chain outside which I gifted him a few hours ago.

"What's this?" I whispered seductively.

He bent to my height, "Nothing can replace you, " he signed sincerely with that dazzling smile.

I gave a 'really' look. He was going to place his lips on mine but I took a step back. Well, he was not any less, he pulled the nightgown downwards and I'm naked under his heated gaze.

"You always do it easily, " I complained like a kid pouting, he chuckled.

"You are getting your favorite view, then what about me?" I asked huskily, winking.

Immediately, he took off his shirt.

"So, I don't need to sleep on the sofa, " he signed, gazing intently at my assets.

He started taking off his pants.

"You know I can never stop you, " I whispered looking at his well-built body but I felt bad for my fatness.

"I'm fat right?" I said sadly.

He shook his head in disappointment with that dazzling smile. In all these twenty-two years, this expression was the same as the first time. He cupped my cheeks and gave a long forehead kiss.

"Yes, you became fat but I love these curves, " he signed, pinching my waist.

I screamed taking a step back. "So, you don't love me before?" Narrowed my eyes.

He rolled his eyes smiling, "As if you don't know, " winked.

He hugged me pulling my hands to my back and held my both hands with his right hand. Our naked bodies ignited the fire in me. I can feel him hardening down there.

"I hate you, " I said, pouting.

He frowned, whistling, 'stay, ' tune and left my hands.

"Mahi, it's hard to stand in this position, " I feigned sadly.

He narrowed his eyes, "I whistled 'stay' not 'statue' idiot, " he signed air quoting the words.

I stick my tongue out and winked. "Why are you saying 'I hate you' but not 'I love you'?" He signed with a hard face.

I giggled, "I felt bored to love you so hating you, " I mocked him.

He bites his lower lip while those tantalizing eyes gazing naughtily. He pushed me hard, I got scared screaming but I landed on the bed. Oh, I didn't realize that we reached near to the bed. My half body was on the bed, my legs are dangling on the ground

He hovered over me, whistling, 'scared?' Tune.

I smacked his left shoulder taking a breath of relief, he laughed nuzzling my neck. I moaned his name wrapping my hands around his shoulders.

'God, I'm already wet.'

He adjusted the pillow under my head and knelt on the ground. He separated my thighs placing his lips in between my thighs. I moaned his name, squeezing his head in between my thighs but he caught my legs tightly separating them and ate me hungrily. I was in heaven and really wants to realize my volcano.

He inserted his right hand three fingers ramming and eating me without a break. Argh, this is the best feeling and I'm ready to release. He hit the right spot, oh, yes I released shivering with the intensity.

He stood and pushed my legs on the bed. I properly laid on the bed looking at him seductively. Hovering over me, he entered in me without a late. I moaned his name holding his shoulders tightly. He nuzzling in my neck, I breathed, grasping his hair.

I was in heaven, as he placed his lips on mine, sucking my lower lip hungrily. Squashing his hair, I sucked his upper lip. He was squeezing my bosom, ramming fastly like a hungry bull.

Finally, I reached to heaven, released followed by him. He's pecking my forehead, I'm still breathing hard and didn't open my eyes. After a while, I opened my eyes and saw his sad face but he covered it smiling.

"Cry, " I said pulled him closer.

He immediately hid his face in my neck and wept like a toddler. I caressed his hair and shoulder mumbling soothing words. Sometimes it's hard for him to control and try to hide his pain. I'm always ready to give him peace.

'Until my last breath, he doesn't need to hide anything from me.'

He slowly came out of me and laid to my right side. After a while, his breath was even, sleeping like a toddler with a pleasant smile.

"You are still the same cute little boy. I love you, my Cutie Pie, " I caressed his face.

He suddenly pinched my waist, I screamed, gawking.

"Let me show you I'm the same or not, " he signed and pulled me closer.


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