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   Chapter 30 Love Making

I'm Your Voice By April Melody Characters: 10638

Updated: 2019-07-23 10:32

Nanmaya's POV

His cold fingers caressed my waist making me shiver and snuggle more to him. We're sucking each other lips hungrily like never before and sifting each other's body with passion.

His palm sensually moved down to my hips squeezing it gently. Grasping his hair, I gasped holding him tightly. He started the tongue game which aroused me to the next level. Suddenly, he tilted me back hugging me, I breathed. I can feel him hardening in his pants.

His breath fanned my skin burning my desires in his passion under his intense gaze through the mirror. He sensually traced his fingers on my neck and moved my hair towards the right shoulder. Goosebumps rosed with his sensual touch and intense gaze. Raging heartbeat, my breath became uneven as his breath fanned on my left shoulder.

He unhooked the chain fondling his fingers on my neck, I giggled. He left the chain which rolled down from my chest to the ground. His gaze followed the chain. I followed his heating gaze. My legs became jelly when his fingers fondled from my left shoulder to downwards.

"Mahi, " I breathed, shivering.

He gave small pecks on my left shoulder and it continued too long one. I held his hands tightly leaning back onto his chest to support myself. He sucked my skin entangling our fingers pulling me closer to him, the sweet sensation overwhelmed me but he halted. After a while, I opened my eyes to see his tantalizing eyes boring my skin.

He took my left hand and started taking off the bangles which are falling down rolling on the ground. His intense gaze was not leaving mine. I leaned onto his neck feeling weak on my knees. Leaving the bracelet to my wrist, he repeated the same to my right one. Erratic sweet feelings rosed in me listening to the bangles giggled on the ground.

He circled his hands to my stomach tracing his teeth on my left shoulder. I shivered, closing my eyes, moaning his name. Moving his lips towards my ear, he took off the earring on my left ear with his teeth. I caught his hands tightly as my legs are too weak to stand.

He sucked my ear caressing his right-hand finger towards my right shoulder and took off my right earring, I was moaning and shivering in his strong arms. It's hard to stand but he was holding me tightly.

He sucked my left shoulder, nape doodling my navel above the saree making me crave further. Moving his right hand to my bosoms, caressed it gently. A new erratic feeling rosed in me. I'm already wet and my legs are giving up but he held me tightly sucking my soft sports, fondling my bosoms. I'm pulling his head with my right hand grasping his hair.

He pulled the saree on my shoulder caressing my skin, squeezing my bosom, making me moan louder. He was still sucking my nape, ear and took off the saree and petticoat with ease. I gasped opening my eyes to see his tantalizing eyes mesmerized gazing my bare skin. I was just in my inners, his sexy smirk was killing me. My face was all red and my legs were giving up.

"Mahi, I can't stand, " I whispered fondling his nape, he was caressing my navel and bosoms.

His kissed my left cheek, "You're looking like heaven, " he signed. I blushed, biting my low

used looking at him all the while and ready to feel him. I caught his shoulder tightly but I saw his handsome face was a little bit tense. I caressed his nape, smiling.

"I know it will hurt but I'm waiting for this moment since I realized my love for you. So, please show me your love without any hesitance." I said with love.

He smiled, kissed my forehead and immediately entered in me. I arched my back moaning his name with tears. I felt less pain as I do masturbation, so it became so easy. He blew air on my eyes, I opened my eyes. He balanced on his knees.

"Are you feeling pain?" He signed with concern.

I nodded negatively, "Not much, I do masturbate, right? So..." I trailed off feeling shy.

"Screaming my name for sure, " he signed, biting his lower lip seductively.

I pulled him closer, "Stop teasing me and love me, " I whispered in his right ear.

He sucked my left shoulder ramming, making me fly to the clouds up to heaven.


Feeling sun rays falling on me, I groaned, caressing my face but remembered something. Slowly opened my eyes, I saw Mahi watching me with love. Immediately, I closed my eyes, biting my lower lip. He smiled, I knew it.

'Look at me, ' he whistle tuned.

I nodded negatively without opening my eyes. I'm feeling shy to look into his eyes as last night blissful moments are flashing in front of my eyelashes. It was the best night of my life. We made love that too on my twenty-first birthday.

He caressed my left cheek, kissed my forehead and whistled, 'good morning, ' tune.

Immediately, I hugged him tightly listening to his fast heartbeat. Our naked bodies are brushing to each other. I can feel him down there.

'Look at me, ' he again whistle tuned. Taking a deep breath, I raised my head to see those tantalizing eyes showering love on me.

'I love you, ' he mouthed.

"I love you too Mahi, " I said with love.

"Repeat again with my name, " I said with a smile.

'I love you, Nanmaya, ' he mouthed and I said it along with him.

He smiled and kissed my forehead. I snuggled to his chiseled chest feeling his lovely touch.


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