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   Chapter 29 Birthday Gifts

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Melody's POV

"We should go to the temple, " Mahish signed with a smile.

Sticking her tongue out, she ran downstairs. Her phone buzzed with birthday wishes of calls and messages which she happily accepted as a small kid. After having sweets, breakfast with lots of pampering to the birthday girl, Nanmaya bid bye to everyone.

Sushma warned to be careful but Aliya supported giving more ideas. Rohan warned Mahish to make his princess happy but Raj saved him remembering some office stuff to Rohan and supported Mahish to bare his crazy Princess with patience.

He was ready with the car as Nanmaya wore a long dress. Like a gentleman, he was standing opening the door but she ran into the car and ordered him to start the car fast. He shook his head in disappointment adoring her.

Before going to the college MaNan met Kushi and went straight away to the college without going to the temple. MaNan loves to spend a peaceful time at the temple rather than rushing. So, they decided to visit in the evening.

Kushi was going on a family trip and will miss Nanmaya's birthday party in the evening which only includes their family members and her friends Kushi, Vidya. Nanmaya doesn't want any unwanted people who can hurt her Mahi. So, she just invites her only two friends.

Vidya gave some lame excuse to not to attend. MaNan tried a lot but after her brother Varun assailed Nanmaya, Vidya mostly avoided them in guilt. So, they gave her time to come back to them. After going to the college, all day, MaNan became busy and as per he promised no one laid a bad eye on her.

Evening, Mahish took his Doll to a temple which they never visited till now. MaNan were sitting in the ambiance of Lord Krishna temple which gave peace to their heart and mind but her silence was irritating him from the morning. Nanmaya peacefully sat feeling the positive vibes and humming the devotional song coming from the mike.

'Look at me, ' he whistle tuned.

She was actually avoiding him or else her secret anger game may spoil. She turned towards her right side looking at him with a peaceful smile lingering on her lips and still humming the song.

"Sing a melodious song of Lord Krishna childhood events, " he signed with a smile.

She immediately started singing the classical song in low pitch closing her eyes. He too closed his eyes whistling the classical notes and ragas along with her. They got memorized in the joy of singing Lord Krishna's song.

The devotees gathered around them listening to the melodious voice along with the whistle which has more intensity than the voice. Nanmaya ended the song with a high pitch in twisted ragas while Mahish continued for more seconds and ended with a low pitch.

Everyone clapped while MaNan opened their eyes with a smile. This was a common thing, as they sing their heart out while devotees get memorized with their music.

Ride back to the home filled with peaceful silence with a contrast smile playing on MaNan's lips. After coming back to the home, Nanmaya directly went to her room to get relief from that heavy dress. She started taking off the jewelry with a sad face.

'I can't do it anymore. I will tell him that I'm just acting, ' she said looking into the mirror.

'Okay, I can understand but please listen to me. You didn't show anger after going to college. So, act that your anger reduced when you be with him and at night patch up but don't you dare to say the truth or else I will disturb you in class, in front of our parents and mostly in front of Mahi. So everyone will think that you went crazy. Later on, your wish, ' her brain threatened her.

'Yeah, better, ' she said unhooking her blouse but halted listening to Mahish whistle. He kept her bag on the bed and smiled.

"Wear nightwear and have a nap for an hour. I will come and wake you up before Mom shouts at you, " he signed and waited for her answer.

She observed him all the time as she has doubt that he listened to her ranting but his expressions looked natural, so she simply nodded. He smiled and went off. She closed the door taking a long breath and immediately get rid of that heavy dress.

'You are fond of heavy dresses but can't bare them. What should I do with you?' Her brain ranted.

'For now sleep, ' she hit the bed drifting into a deep slumber.

Mahish sat on his bed looking at her picture which was dangling to the wall.

'So my little Nanmu acted all the while huh?' He smirked.

'So tonight let's have fun baby, ' he thought, rubbing his hands in excitement.

'I seriously don't understand, how can she talk like a split personality? Many times I acted as I didn't listen to her silly ranting with her brain, my poor Nanmaya, ' he thought and tried to spell her name.

But his voice couldn't make the sound. He came in front of the mirror-like as usual, checked once again his throat caressing it with his right-hand fingers. He again tried to say Nanmaya but there is of no use.

'How I wish to spell this magical name all my life, ' he thought while sad tears started wetting his cheeks. His eyes caught their picture with that his lips turned into a happy smile. He wiped his tears and caressed the picture.

'Get ready to fulfill your dream Nanmu, ' he winked.


Both the Mehra and Aurora couple are waiting for their birthday girl to come downstairs. Mahish checked all the final arrangements and started having fun with them.

"No one is missing birthday girl, " they all heard Nanmaya's sad tone.

Everyone turned toward the source. Mahish breath caught hitched looking at the angel descending downstairs.

Nanmaya wore a beautiful long length golden color dress which has butterfly stonework on her chest. Long golden earrings, a simple diamond chain, her favorite diamond bracelet are enhancing her beauty. She was simply beautiful in her minimal makeup with curled hair.

Mahish came back to the world and ran to her. He put his right hand in front of her. Her heart swelled with happiness and immediately gave her left hand with a beautiful smile. He gave his dazzling smile and helped her.

Mehra and Aurora couple felt happy looking at the perfect couple. All hugged her and made her cut the cake.

Aurora couple presented a diamond set to their future daughters-in-law, Nanmaya hugged them happily. Sushma presented a beautiful pearl set which even has anklets. Nanmaya beam

ed at her mother and immediately kept the anklets and did a weird dance squealing and giggling in happiness. Raj presented a stylish acoustic guitar.

"Mahi, see my guitar is sexier than yours. Now I don't need to beg for your not-so-sexy guitar, " she mocked tuning the guitar.

He nodded smiling at his crazy Doll. She started singing her favorite song 'love me like you do' in a husky voice with slow guitar chords. Everyone was enjoying and Mahish felt the depth of the lyrics boring his intense gaze on her. Nanmaya sang with the intensity to convey her feelings. With a soft humming, she ended the song.

Everyone clapped and hugged her but Mahish simply gazed her intently. Raj broke their romance diverting the topic to food. Sushma felt relief as Nanmaya behaved normal, Aliya felt sad as Nanmaya gave in easily again but seeing their love made her happy too. They all had great family time on the dining table with laughter, teasing and mostly the family love.

At 10'o clock everyone left to their rooms. Mahish disappeared but Nanmaya thought he will come back to her later. She opened her room door and found a gift box on the bed. She squealed in happiness, took that box and found a letter too.

'Can I get a gift from the birthday girl?'

She read bobbing her head furiously and continued.

'I want to see you in this saree. Please wear it and come to the music room quickly. Eagerly waiting for my Doll.

Your, Cutie Pie.'

She immediately tore the gift pack to find a thin transparent beautiful blue, pink mixed color saree. Her eyes widened opening the saree and the blouse.

'This looks too sexy, ' with that thought she went to the washroom to take bath.

Nanmaya's POV

My reflection made me blush furiously. The blouse has thin straps displaying my cleavage and this saree shamelessly showing my curves. The blue color is in the pleats and the pink was on the upper body, hiding my cleavage in its thin layer. I was looking like a delicious fruit for my Mahi. I just wore a simple chain, earrings, a dozen metal bangles to both my hands without makeup.

'God, I'm really looking so hot and sexy. I don't want to go in front of him, ' I gazed my reflection.

'Then come on hit the bed, ' my brain said.

I glared taking a deep breath adjusting the saree looking at my reflection.

'Your gift is ready, Mahi. Within five minutes, I will be in front of your heated gaze.'

I stood in front of the music room but didn't open the door, I'm not scared but nervous. Taking a deep breath, I opened the music room door with shivering hands. He sat on the bed but stood when his eyes captured me.

He gawked at me with the wide-open mouth. His heating gaze was already boring my skin and my heart started its marathon. I was playing with my fingers without looking into his eyes.

He wore a simple white and white nightwear but looking dashing like always. His slow and steady steps, his intense gaze made me weak. I'm sure he can hear my heartbeat which is thumping loudly. He was playing with the remote and pressed the on the button.

'I'm Your Voice' I heard my husky voice and raised my eyelashes to meet his tantalizing eyes. He smiled but the smirk gave me goosebumps. The drums thundered along with the saxophone.

Again the phrase repeated in my voice with a different emotion. The music formed into a rap with a romantic touch and the phrase repeated in different emotions like angry, sad, desperate, love, etc.

'God, he recorded my voice and made it rap.'

My heart beaten according to the rhythm. The way my voice sounding the phrase gave me goosebumps. All the while he was smiling and I can't take my eyes off of him. The music ended with my whisper 'I'm Your Voice.' I remembered I said it last week.

I was in a daze while my tears have no end. He cupped my cheeks, wiping my tears. I closed my eyes with the feel of his touch. He blew air on my eyes, I didn't open them.

'All these years, he recorded my voice. I'm so lucky to have my Cutie Pie.'

"I'm not angry but just acted all the day, " I whispered and opened my eyes.

He winked smirking, the realization hit me that I can't hide anything from him. I hugged him tightly, he wrapped his protective arms to my waist. I came back to heaven after many long hours. His heart was beating fast and his touch was soothing my nerves.

He left me, "Evening I heard you, " signed smirking naughtily.

I bite my lower lip. "Are you not angry?" I knew the answer but I want to know it directly.

"No. As your bestie, I always made you crawl around me. Now being my girlfriend you tried to take revenge. I'm scared that I really hurt your feelings but relaxed after knowing the truth, " he signed.

I stick my tongue out adjusting my hair. His heating gaze was making me crazy but he pulled me with him. My eyes are not ready to leave him. He made me stand in front of the mirror.

He smiled looking in the mirror, "By the way, did you like it?" He signed with that adorable smile.

"You always use that word to make me say this which I never realized. I'm always ready to say that 'I'm Your Voice' to assure you but you purposely did to keep my voice with you. I don't have words Mahi. I love you that's it, " I said with tears.

"I made that to make you happy but not to see these precious tears, " he signed and back hugged me.

I smiled nodding positively, he wiped my tears. My eyes are not leaving his. He gestured me to look down. On his left palm, there are two beautiful MaNan bracelets with a wonderful design. Both are same but in a different size. I smiled caressing it.

He placed the big one in my right palm and put the small one to my left wrist. He kissed it and gestured me to keep the other one to him. I happily kept that and turned back wrapping my arms to his nape.

He was looking into my eyes, sneaking his fingers towards my waist and pulled me closer to him. His intense gaze burned my skin at a time rosing fire in me.

"All the gifts are amazing but I want one more gift, " I said looking into his magical eyes.

He smiled and mouthed, 'order.'

I licked my dry lips. "Love me, Mahi, " said looking into his tantalizing eyes.

He placed his lips on mine, tightly pressing to him. I raised my foot snuggling to him. My fingers automatically curled in his silky hair. He ate my lower lip, I'm not any less than him.


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