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   Chapter 28 Birthday Romance

I'm Your Voice By April Melody Characters: 13566

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Melody's POV

After coming back to her room, Nanmaya stood in front of the mirror gazing Mahish picture.

'Idiot, stupid Nanmu, ' she groaned in frustration.

'Exactly, you deserve more scoldings, ' her brain said angrily.

'Okay, I lost. But what the hell are you doing without warning me?' She glared her reflection.

'Oh, I was captivated by that Jupi. She's looking damn sexy and...' her brain halted with the thud of the door open.

"Nanmu, are you mad? What was that huh?" Sushma roared.

Nanmaya got scared of her mother's pitch but composed and tried to explain.

"Sush, relax. Today is her birthday, " Aliya said squeezing Sushma's right shoulder.

"Stop pampering Aalu. Now she was not the same little girl but grown up and became the great girlfriend, " Sushma mocked glaring Nanmaya.

Nanmaya felt bad and thought to share everything with them.

"Okay wait, " Nanmaya said showing her right hand and went towards the door.

She saw outside, closed the door and came in between the ladies.

"I'm not really angry but just acting, " she mumbled looking here and there but not them.

"Why?" Both the ladies asked at a time in confusion.

"You only told to keep your man in grip and I want to prove that I can be angry with him for one day, " she mumbled playing with her fingers.

Sushma was hell angry with Nanmaya's stupidity but Aliya squealed in happiness. Nanmaya pouted without looking at her angry mother.

"You are crazy Nanmu. Is this correct day to do this kind of play? You know how soft-hearted Mahi is?" Sushma yelled glaring.

"Oh just shut up Sush, " Aliya side hugged Nanmaya happily.

Nanmaya smiled but still couldn't able to look at her angry mother who was ready to bury her just with her glares.

"My daughter is like me." Aliya said kissing Nanmaya left cheek adoring her.

"Aaluu..." Sushma glared both of them.

Aliya shook her head. "Doll, I support you. When he introduced Lipsika, I just want to bang both of their heads to the nearby wall. I know how much hurt you felt, " Aliya caressed Nanmaya's chin.

"You gave in very easily but today play with him as much as you want, " she said happily caressing Nanmaya's right cheek with her left hand.

"No Aunt oops Mama, " Nanmaya said biting her tongue.

"He texted her that I can't be angry with him for one single day. So, I want to make him puppy for today as it's always my job, right, " she said blinking cutely.

"Awe, superb. Go ahead, I will support you. And you Mrs. Sushma Raj Mehra stop nagging and let's see the drama. Mahi is still not the same little, cute boy but a romantic hero, " Aliya said in full drama mode.

The mother-daughter duo giggled while Nanmaya's heart skipped its beat with Aliya words.

"Okay..." Sushma said rolling her eyes. "... but don't drag too much which can make you pay ten folds. Men are always men. So, be careful and later don't bug me for help, " Sushma said in hard tone crossing her arms.

Nanmaya nodded positively but her eyes caught the time.

"God, I'm getting late, " Nanmaya rushed to the washroom.

Both the ladies giggled, "Nanmaya is going to have lots of romance, " Sushma said looking at the washroom door.

"And Mahi is going to pay for his stupidity, " Aliya said looking at Sushma.

"They are made for each other, " Sushma turned towards Aliya.

"If I die suddenly, then I'm sure you both will love my Prince, " Aliya said with unshed happy tears.

"Even if I die, you all will love this crazy girl, mainly my cute boy, " Sushma said with the same feelings.

Nanmaya forgot the towel, so she came outside but saw the emotional scene. She got irritated by their words.

"Will you both stop your 'if I die' emotional drama. No one is going to die here, " Nanmaya said angrily keeping her hands on her waist.

Both the ladies gave a you-don't-understand smile. Nanmaya took the towel angrily and went back to the washroom. Both the ladies smiled hugged and went downstairs.


Nanmaya groaned looking at the dress she wore. It's a beautiful pea

ile lingering on her juicy lips. He blew air on her eyes, she slowly opened her eyes gazing into his tantalizing eyes forgetting the world.

He smiled sweetly, "I respect your feelings baby, " he signed showering love from his tantalizing eyes.

He took a step back to take kajal, opening the lid, he put a dot on the backside of her left ear. She adored him forgetting the world. He closed the lid of the kajal and placed it in her right palm. He again kissed her forehead and ran outside without looking back.

Her eyes shine with unshed tears feeling his immense love on her. She went in front of the mirror looking at his picture.

'Mahi, I'm always yours and you have every right to touch, caress, kiss, and love me too, ' she whispered still feeling his touch.

'Can I really play this angry game?' She got confused.

'You should continue till evening. If he finds out the truth then remember his new punishment, ' her brain warned.

'Yeah, he will not touch me till the punishment ends which can be days or weeks, ' she got scared.

'So be strong or else I will kill you if my Cutie Pie won't touch me, ' her brain threatened her.

She kept her hands on her waist glaring, 'excuse me, '

'Look at the time, ' her brain said.

She got tensed, 'God, I'm late. This is all because of you, ' she blamed her brain.

'Oh really, ' her brain said with full-on attitude.

'Get lost, ' she started getting ready.

After coming outside of her room, Mahish took deep breaths to control his crazy hormones. He stood there leaning onto the railing of the steps, reminiscing those beautiful moments, waiting for her. Finally, after a long time, she graced her presence to him.

His eyes got a beautiful feast. She was looking like a lost angel in that beautiful dress. Long gold earrings are dangled to her ears, her neck devoured with a simple three steps gold chair. A dozen of bangles are giggling on her each hand. Her face was shone with minimal makeup and her hair was beautifully curled, few locks are adoring on her face.

She wants him to adore her all day but they need to meet Kushi and should go to the temple before college starts but already late. She started taking long strides while he caught her left wrist.

"Mahi, we are getting late yaar, " she said hurriedly but he was looking at the ground.

She followed the direction and a gasp escaped her lips.

"God, you brought them. You know, I literally searched everywhere but..." She trailed off wearing them.

She started dancing happily after wearing them and hugged him immediately.

"You are the best, " she said and going to place her lips on his.

But he pushed her away gently shocking her.


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