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   Chapter 27 Morning Birthday Celebrations

I'm Your Voice By April Melody Characters: 11412

Updated: 2019-07-23 10:32

Melody's POV

Mahish caught her wrist whistling, 'stay, ' tune.

But she protested without looking at him. 'Look at me, ' he whistle tuned but she pulled away giving marks on her wrist. So he left her and she ran away without turning back. Everyone was surprised by her reaction as she always enjoys his taunting but today was different. All bustled along with her but she successfully locked her door. She took her phone and texted him.

"Don't bang the door or try to come inside. I'm hell angry and I hate you." With that, she switched off the phone.

In the meanwhile, everyone banged on the door. Sushma shouted her stubborn daughter to open the door. Mahish was totally surprised by her message and showed it to everyone. His heart was banging as her angry face was still flashing in front of his eyelashes.

"Okay! Just leave her alone. She will be fine by morning, " Raj declared.

Aurora couple was worried, Sushma assured them. Aurora couple glared at Mahish, he was confused and sad yet a time. Raj took all of them away pressing Mahish's shoulder in assurance.

Mahish saw the door for a while, sadness was evident on his face. He went to the door and caressed it. He wants to go inside and comfort her but went to his room thinking of her weird behavior because sometimes he teases her but today it went wrong. He remembered her burning angry face, red eyes, and nose, and her lower lip crushed in between her teeth.

'Her reaction was not fake. But why she got angry? This was not the first time, I did something like this, ' he thought, caressing her picture on his phone.

Nanmaya went in front of the mirror and saw her fuming face. Suddenly she laughed silently looking into the mirror.

'I still remember Mahi, you texted to Lipsika in the group chat that I can't be angry on you even for one day. Tomorrow, I'm going to show hell with my fake anger. Get ready Mr. Mahish Aurora, ' an evil smirk played on her lips looking at his picture through the mirror.

'I will not allow that, ' he brain declared.

'Whatever, ' she cross-armed with attitude.

'You are so bad. Do you want to make him sad again?' He brain asked sadly.

'No, ' she pouted.

'But let me show him hell for once. I'm waiting to play the fake angry drama and suddenly today I got the chance when the lyrics turned into teasing. I know he will make the final line praising in that para but I took the change and played the drama. If I wouldn't come back to my room, I would hug and kiss him then and there without caring about our parents, ' she gazed her reflection.

'But till his confession, you been angry right?' Her brain questioned.

'Excuse me, I'm angry at myself. Stop being innocent and all, ' she pouted.

'Nanmu, poor Mahi and it's your twenty-first birthday. How can you hurt him like this?' Her brain requested.

'Let it be memorable in this way, ' she yawned.

'Tomorrow is going to be tough yet a time fun too, ' she laid on the bed.

Mahish was looking at their pictures which are taken from these two weeks, they're looking perfect for each other. With a sad face, he caressed her picture which he took a year back secretly from his balcony. She wore his favorite red saree playing in the garden with a beautiful smile playing on her lips.

'I'm sorry to hurt you Doll. Tomorrow, I will make it a memorable day, ' he thought and laid on the bed looking at their picture dangl

t's not easy, " Raj mumbled.

Mahish gawked sadly, Raj understood his feelings as he knew how soft-hearted Mahish was when it comes to his loved ones. Raj left him smirking rubbed his palm.

"Let me help you as you are in the beginning stage of your relationship. With practice, you'll become a gem, " Raj winked naughtily.

With a sad pout, Mahish watched him. He was emotionally attached to Raj rather than Rohan and always can show his weaknesses to Raj than his own parents. Raj loves Mahish's spirit and lovely nature as there are only a few men like him in the world with a soft heart.

"Your girl was angry for a stupid reason..." Mahi cut him off nodding negatively and ready to explain something but Raj cut him off.

"Listen to me first, Champ. My princess spoiled you a lot, dammit." Raj laughed, Mahish grinned sheepishly.

"The reason was weird but her anger is real. She's not that kind but it's okay, you know people change..." Mahish nodded. "... you shouldn't get sad but fight back with her weakness, " Raj said, smirking wickedly.

Mahish smirked understanding his words and gave a fist bump. Mahish hugged and whistle tuned, 'thank you Dad, ' Raj patted his back

Mahish felt happy for the Raj's support and started planning things in his mind with a constant smirk playing on his lips.

'She was playing with you Mahi just like your mother plays with your father. Poor Aurora men, I pity them. Why can't they be smart like me?' Raj though with an attitude.

'Sush can explain you clearly, ' his brain mocked.

"You just shut up, " he said it out loud.

Mahish left him looking with questioning face. Raj shook negatively but Mahish understood, suppressed his laughter and started walking inside.

"Okay man, sometimes happens, " Raj said with annoyance.

But Mahish was laughing his heart out without turning back. Raj scolded his brain keeping weird faces. Mahish controlled, turned back and whistle tuned, 'look at me Dad, '. Raj gazed awkwardly.

"Your daughter was a xerox copy of you Mr. Raj Mehra, " he signed, whistling the name.

"Oh really. Then come on, kiss me. I'm a good kisser too, " Raj smirked.

Mahish cringed and felt disgusted, keeping weird faces he ran inside. Raj laughed loudly walking inside.


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