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   Chapter 26 Midnight Birthday Celebrations

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Nanmaya's POV

"Mahi, wait here, I want to give you something, " I scurried to my room.

He stood in front of my room. I gave him my room spare key which he gave long back.

"You can come anytime without knocking the door, " I said smiling widely.

Bending to my height, "Anytime?" He signed gazing intently.

I nodded positively, blinking at a slow pace. He leaned on me but I kept my hands on his chest, "Five kisses are over, " I said smirking.

He nodded negatively while I nodding positively. He continued to reach my lips, my arms moved towards his nape. Hearing some clearing throats, I got scared and pushed him. Our parents are standing a few feet away watching us seriously with crossed-arms.

"Dad... Mom... noth-ing..." I stammered but Mahi hugged me from the back and signed, "We're in love with each other and wants to live together lifelong."

But their reactions didn't change and strolled to us. Mahi hugged me tightly but I'm getting hell scared. What if they don't accept us?

"Awe Doll, why are you crying? I'm just waiting for this to happen, " Aunt said wiping my tears.

I hugged her weeping hard, "See because of you, my Princess was crying, " Uncle said smacking Dad's left shoulder.

"Hey stop manhandling me. Now I have my son-in-law who can break your bones." Dad said looking at Mahi.

I laughed, "Princess, " Uncle winced like a kid.

"Awe, sorry Rohi Uncle, " I said and went to him, keeping cute faces.

He caressed my hair, "From now onwards, call us Papa, Mama, " he declared.

"Okay Papa, " I said hugging him.

I love to hug him as I feel like hugging a big teddy bear. Aunt came and hugged us.

"Mama, " I called her.

She was in tears and caressed my right cheek.

"You guys don't know, I'm your secret cupid, " Dad declared wrapping his right arm on Mahi shoulder.

'How?' Mahi whistle tuned, looking at Dad.

"Well, I'm the one begged your parents to stay in one place. I made a separate room for your music, so you both spend alone time. I'm the one who always helps you both fighting sessions. And I'm the who covered all your secret fights and romance all these months. Do you guys need more list?" He said in full-on drama mode.

We all laughed and Mahi pulled me to him. Mom came and hugged both of us with tears.

"You scared us all these months, " she said looking at each other.

We both started pulling our right ear, closing left eye. He whistled, 'sorry' tune, I sang along with him. This was our habit, everyone shook their head like as usual.

"Hey let's click a picture in this happy moment, " Unc... oops Papa said taking his latest camera phone.

"We should buy a new mansion for your future picture frames, Rohan, " Dad said smirking.

"Sure marrying them, we will buy and go to the new mansion leaving them here, " Mom said with a tit-for-tat look.

'Look at me everyone, ' Mahi whistle tuned.

"For few years no marriage discussion, " he declared firmly.

"Yes boss, " everyone said in unison.

I felt shy and hugged Mahi.

"He already took the picture, " Dad said. I blushed, hiding my face in his chest.

"Okay, now group selfie please, " Papa said.

We all stood like as usual. We both stood in the middle while he towards my parents and me towards his.

"Wow that was a perfect picture, " Papa declared showing us the pictures.


Melody's POV

Nanmaya was in the washroom having a peaceful bath but Mahish banging her bedroom door.

'Didn't I gave him all rights to come inside? But see how he's banging. Such an impatient boyfriend, ' she thought smacking her forehead gently.

'My Cutie Pie is the best and you love it too, so stop your drama, ' her brain mocked.

'There comes the great Mahish Aurora's supporter. By the way, I gave you permission to call him yours that doesn't mean that you always do it, ' she glared nowhere in particular.

Again hearing the banging she groaned and finished the bath quickly, wore her nightwear and came outside angrily. Mahish leaned onto the closed-door keeping hands in his pocket, smirking.

"You are inside but banging on the door?" She gritted keeping hands on her waist.

When Mahish eyes caught his beautiful Doll his heartbeat raced. The water droplets on her face, neck, and hands made his raging hormones go crazy. He wants to suck all those water droplets dripping inside her dress. He came out of his sexy Doll's world and shook his head smiling s

and cut the cake. Everyone sang the birthday song with claps. Mahish whistled melodiously with all his heart.

As usual, she feeds the first cake to Aurora couple followed to Mehra couple and finally to her Cutie Pie. Even Mahish feeds his first cake to Mehra couple, later to his parents and finally to his Doll on his birthday. Their parents gave those values to love everyone in their family though they were friends.

Mahish feeds cheery to her as she loves the most. She happily ate looking into his eyes which was captured in Rohan's camera. Nanmaya adored him, Mahish is having never-ending smile looking at his Doll's happiness.

He made her sit on the long sofa and gestured all of them to take the place. Aurora couple sat to Nanmaya's right side while Mehra to her left. She sat curiously waiting for his melodious music and beautiful lyrics. He smiled at her cute expressions.

Mahish pressed a button on the remote. A melodious violin reached all their ears giving a beautiful smile to their lips. Looking at his Doll, Mahish started his lyrics along with medium pitch saxophone to the lyrics.

'There is a Doll who give happiness like autumn, There is a Doll who sing like a nightingale, There is a Doll who looks like fresh jasmine, And that Doll always spread the love with her beautiful smile

Mahish sang in his heart imaging singing for her. Nanmaya was just looking at him enjoying the feel of that melodious rhythm and his beautiful lyrics. Their parents adored his love with a never-ending smile and Rohan was recording the video.

Princess, princess, a happy princess.

The chorus came with their parent's voice. Nanmaya got surprised looking at one another. All giggled for their weird voices but Mahish smiled as he knew how much they worked hard to get that rhythm, except his mother who can sing well. Nanmaya happiness has no boundaries as she never thought her parents will sing for her and adored her Cutie Pie for making it possible.

The music turned into a jovial piano rhythm reducing the violin. Nanmaya became curious about the lyrics with the never-ending smile. Mahish smirked looking at her.

'But the Doll always eats people's brain with her blabbering, '

Everyone giggled while Nanmaya pouted. Mahish controlled the urge to kiss her then and there.

'But the Doll always test people's patience with her blabbering, '

"Oh my God, that's true, " Sushma said laughing loudly while others suppressed their laugh.

Nanmaya got angry with her mother's reaction and kept sulking face. Her face became all red in embarrassment and glaredMahish. He enjoyed her expression and knew that she will love further lines.

'But the Doll always...'

"Enough, I don't want to know anymore, " Nanmaya said standing up.

She glared with burning gaze and strolled fastly. Mahish was surprised by her reaction as till now she never behaved like this. Everyone called her but she didn't listen to anyone.


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