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   Chapter 25 Five Kisses

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Nanmaya's POV

We are sitting on this beautiful circular bed leaned onto the headboard. He was tuning the guitar, I'm simply gazing him who sat to my right side. He's a true music devil, always loses in the musical world.

My Cutie Pie became the naughty romantic hero. Argh, the three kisses but for him, only two which happened after the morning kiss was still flashing in front of my eyelashes.

Flashback On

In the college, during the lunch break, he pulled me to one of the empty classrooms pinning me to the wall.

"Mahi, what?" I whispered shockingly.

His tantalizing eyes gazed me intently making me hard to stand. He made me sit on a height bench. I know what's going to happen and I'm eager but scared that anyone my encounter our secret romance though he locked the door.

He cupped my cheeks caressing it with his thumb. He kissed my forehead, a blissful feeling roused in my heart, an involuntary tear rolled down from my eyes. Always I dreamt to be kissed by him and finally it's happening. He moved his lips to my right eye followed to left. It was a soft yet passionate kiss.

Not only lip kiss even these kisses are sensual. He smooched my right cheek for a long time and shifted to left, brushing my lips, smooched my left cheek with the same passion. Pecking my lips, he left me. It's hard to endure this sweet sensation, controlling my raging heartbeat, I opened my eyes to find him adoring me.

"You look so beautiful, Doll, " he signed. "How much I craved all these years to touch you, feel you and kiss you. Please don't start the guilty mode. Everything happens for a reason. See I learned to love you more and our bond became strong too, so please, " I got captivated in his adorable smile.

"I love you, Mahi, " I said looking into his eyes.

He pecked my forehead, whistling, 'I love you' tune.

"Let's go, " he signed and pulled me.

When we came back to the home, I directly went upstairs to my room but he suddenly pulled me after I climbed all the steps. I gasped and held his shoulder tightly. Understanding his next move, I nodded negatively but he smirked placing his lips on mine.

He was a step-down, so I easily laid my arms on his shoulder without raising my foot. Snuggling closer to him, I opened my mouth, he sucked my lower lips hugging me tightly.

My bosoms pressed tightly to his chiseled chest, my fingers rosed to his silky hair, fondling. Hungrily, I sucked his upper lip like my favorite dish. He trailed his fingers into my top pinching my waist gently. I gasped, he got the chance to play with my tongue.

I reciprocated the passion, grasping his hair. I don't know what happened but his lips are in my mouth. I sucked his lips as he did last night. He completely surrendered to me giving me a chance to explore him.

I snuggled sucking his lips hungrily sifting his hair. He pulled his lips giving a long peck. I was in a daze and didn't dare to open my eyes. He blew air on my eyes, so opened though I felt shy.

He smiled and mouthed 'I love you.' I smiled and gave a peck, "I love you too, " said loosening my grip.

He left me but still held my hand. After he was assured that I can stand, he left me, showing showed two fingers, winking.

"Oh hello, it's three, " I showed three fingers.

He nodded negatively, moving those two fingers.

"In college...?" I trailed off feeling shy.

"Those are lovely pecks but not kiss, " he signed, smirking.

I felt shy and narrowed my eyes, smiling and bustled to my room. I heard his whistle which was my favorite song in his composition.

After having the snacks we came to the music room. He pulled me after closing the door, I tried to protest but his sensual touch made me accept the kiss. He sucked my lips bending, I snuggled more to him raising my foot to hold his shoulder tightly.

Leaning back onto the door, he bent to my level, sucking my upper lip. I smiled in between the kiss standing on my feet and sucked his lower lip hard but he pulled away showing three fingers. I was disappointed with the small kiss but argued that it's the fourth one.

Flashback Off

My eyes wandered to his throat making me wonder how that voice sounds. It must be soothing, husky, too melodious and...

Being a kid, I felt he's special but after understanding the truth, I blamed God many times. What was his mistake to bare such a pain? I never show my pain in front of him but my Cutie Pie always understands diverting me.

To the world, he's a strong, inspiring, best upcoming musician and lyricist but only I knew his vulnerable side. Though he creates wonderful music and lyrics gaining immense love from the audience but to sing those beautiful lyrics with his voice was another kind. He knows that can't happen in this birth, so treat mine as his.

We search for new technologies in science every year to get his voice but he declared to stop it two years back. I still remember that day, he sat right next to me and heard my songs for hours to control his depression. Silently I supported him rather than rambling some inspirational words. Later he created the most sensual melodious music which made him happy.

After I enter into his lonely world he stopped feeling sad for not having a voice but cheered mine. Sometimes it's common to feel low. He became strong for me but never fight back for himself. He knew how to handle situations with care and always stands for justice. He's best in everything he learns. The best son, brother, friend, musician, lyricist and moreover a perfect human. I'm sure he will become the best in everything in the future too.

I was lost in his world and caressed his throat. I came back to the world hearing his whistle.

Smiling, I said, "I'm trying to figure out how to get sound to your throat, " looking into his eyes.

He kept the guitar aside and whistle tuned, 'why?'. I smiled took his left palm placing his knuckle to on my left cheek.

"If you get voice then you will be with me lifelong without feeling insecure, " I smiled.

He caressed my cheek making me realize that I was crying as he was adoring me with those tantalizing eyes. He pulled me placing my right hand on his heart and whistle tuned, 'do you trust me?'.

"You know it right? More than myself, " I said with love.

He smiled, "Sorry for breaking it before but I realized a thing. I thought to give you happiness killing my love but didn't realize that I killed 'our' love, " he signed air quoting 'our'.

"I realized our happiness lies in us, "I realized our music lies in us, "I realized our love lies in us, "I realized your happiness lies in us, "And mostly, I realized we breathe in each other love.

"So trust me, baby, I will never leave you." His eyes showered immense love.

My happiness has no boundaries, I hugged him tightly immediately. He whistle tuned, 'I love you' pulling me closer to him and pecked my forehead. I have been in his arms listening to his fast heartbeat which was only beating for me.

"Hey, did I tell you this before?" I said pulling away from him.

He kept a questioning face. "Varun and I never kissed. Just a small peck on my temples and cheeks that's it. I don't even like those kisses but I thought not to hurt that rouge, " I said in anger. He gently squeezed my palm to relax me.

I smiled and he left my palm. "Don't disturb me in the middle. It's not an order but a humble request, my dear girlfriend, " he signed, smirking.

My grin widened, I pinched his cheeks hard. He swatted my hands, keeping irritated, painful face. I laughed but he started licking my fingers one by one gazing me intently. Immediately, I pulled my hands and wiped it to my pants. I'm not looking at him but I can feel his smirk and intense gaze.

"I will not di

sturb you and please go ahead but stop these naughty things, " I pouted without looking at him.

He raised my chin with his left-hand fingers. I saw him, he gave a genuine smile. I sat comfortably crossing my legs.

"Love is precious and some people wish to do everything only with their love. I know that you guys never kissed and stuff and I'm so lucky to have you all for myself." I felt so happy.

"But if I would have s*x with Lipsika, then?" I fisted hard. He was looking at me with a smile.

"Relax, you know about it right?" He signed, pressed my palm and left.

"You know me, I really don't have any problem with these type of things. If we are in love only us and our love. Past or physical relationships shouldn't ruin the present and future. We knew each other for eleven years and you are giving me an explanation idiot?" He signed and smacked my temple.

I'm the luckiest girl on this planet and my Cutie Pie was the best in the universe.

"You are the best Mahi, " I said with adoration.

He shook his head in disappointment with that tantalizing smile. "You are obsessed with me, " signed, smirking naughtily.

I narrowed my eyes, smirking, "As if you are not, " said in a challenging tone.

He kept an 'obviously' expression showing attitude.

"I will prove it. What I will get?" I asked in full attitude.

"Prove it first, we will see, " he signed with a challenging look.

"No, first I want to know, "

"Spill it what you want, " he rolled his eyes.

I took his right hand, "If you feel insecure in future share with me and we will solve it with our love." I said looking into his eyes.

He took off his hand. "And even if I lose I will do it, " he signed looking at me lovingly.

"But you will not win, " he signed, smirking in attitude.

I smiled in attitude, showing thumbs up and he too challenged me.

I smirked looking at him sexily and bite my lower lip. He raised an eyebrow but his tantalizing eyes gazing me intently. I smiled sensually, pressing his left shoulder. He was curious but not showing it.

I slowly yet seductively got up on my knees, caught his shoulders and sat on my knees in front of him. Thanks to him that he already sat, stretching his legs in criss-cross position. I comfortably sat on my knees looking at him sexily. His lips are smirking while those tantalizing eyes gazing naughtily.

"If you are not obsessed with me then you shouldn't touch me. I can do anything but you shouldn't touch me. In the process of communication or if I touch you then it's not counted. Only if you lose the control and touch me then it's counted. Okay?" I huskily whispered gazing intently.

He smirked nodding positively. I smiled gazing him sensually, bite my lower lip and blinked sexily. I moved closer to his face, his breath fanned on my skin and vice-versa. His breath was heavy and those tantalizing eyes gazing with passion. I ran my fingers in his silky hair, he closed his eyes.

"You know how much I craved to run my fingers like this?" I whispered looking at his handsome face who was enjoying my touch.

I traced my fingers down to his face to shoulder to waist. I started taking off his shirt. Immediately, he opened his eyes gawking, I smiled sweetly and took off the shirt.

God, my Cutie Pie was making me crazy.

His strong muscles and those broad shoulders are looking sexy. His skin was soft yet hard under my fingertips. Tracing my fingers on his strong muscles I felt his muscles getting tensed and breath heavy.

"I always want to feel your strong muscles, " I whispered looking at him lovingly.

He smiled and I can't stop anymore. I placed my lips on his tracing my fingers from his hands to shoulder to the nape. I sucked his lower lips, he responded immediately sucking my upper lip hungrily. Snuggling to his chiseled hard naked chest, I sifted his hair in my fingers.

I missed his touch on my body but his strong arms immediately wrapped to my waist pulling me closer to him. I smiled and tried to push him away but he pulled me squeezing my waist. I gasped and yes he got his favorite chocolate which is my tongue.

We hungrily ate each other lips and tongue. I caressed his naked shoulders while his long fingers sensually fondling my hair. He left my lips moving his lips down to my chin to the throat to the neck. Moaning his name, I breathed pulling him closer.

'God, I can't even explain how I'm feeling.' I just want his lips to roam everywhere on my body. He was caressing my nape sensually and his lips are doing their own magic on my neck.

His lips roamed upwards to my chin to my lips. My lips are totally in his and I can feel him down there growing big craving for me, my womanhood was not any less to feel him. He sucked and chewed my lips hungrily. My bosoms heaved against his naked chiseled chest. I moan lack of oxygen, he sucked my lips and left them.

He still held me tightly, I can feel his heavy breath on my face. Immediately, I hid my face in his neck. We both are shivering and I became like a soft feather flying in the clouds. After a while, I pulled away from him but didn't look at his face and sat quietly in the same position.

'Look at me, ' he whistle tuned. I'm in still daze but raised my head.

"Not only physically, but obsessed with your smile, "Not only physically, but obsessed with your craziness, "Not only physically, but obsessed with your voice, "Not only physically, but obsessed with your happiness, "Not only physically, but obsessed with YOU, "I love you Nanmaya." He signed with love.

I was literally in tears. He pulled me closer whistling, 'stay' tune. I stayed close to him looking at his tantalizing eyes while the tears are wetting my cheeks.

"And I want to spell these words countless times, " he signed with unshed tears.

"Spell, " I whispered.

He kept a confused face and I gestured him to do it.

He mouthed 'I' while I spelled along with him "I".

He smiled mouthing, 'love you, Nanmaya, ' which I spelled along with him.

He smiled and gave a light peck on my lips.

"I'm Your Voice, Mahi. I'm ready to say anything for you. Whenever you want to say it, I'm ready to spell those magical words. And trust me I'm feeling by your voice, " I said with happy tears while he adored me with that mesmerizing smile.

I kissed his forehead, eyes, cheeks, chin. He enjoyed my kisses embracing me in his protective arms.

Kissing his throat, " I love you, Mahi, " I said looking into his eyes.

Looking at me, 'I love you, Doll, ' he mouthed while I spelled along with him but said my name.

We laughed looking at each other. I came back onto the bed, he pulled me whistling, 'stay' tune.

"You kissed all over my face but not lips, " he signed smiling mischievously.

My heart skipped its beat for his shameless thoughts. "If we continue like this we will be on the bed... you know..." I stammered without looking into his eyes.

He laughed, "don't you want it?"

"Mahi, " shyly I pushed him. "You know it right, " said biting my lower lip.

He cupped my cheeks and kissed my forehead. I closed my eyes tightly feeling his touch. He blew air on my eyes, I opened my eyes.

Leaving me, "Let's continue the musical romance, " signed showing guitar.

I smiled and kissed his left cheek. He shook his hand in disappointment with a smile.

"Not this romance, only music, " he singed winking. I gaped smacking his left shoulder.

"I should be careful with you. A few minutes back..." He stood on the ground. "... Literally, you are raping me, " he signed with a smirk.

My eyes are wide opened. "You... just wait..." I'm going to catch him as he was nearer to me but he went away.

I chased scolding him with all the animal name I ever knew.


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