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   Chapter 24 My Naughty Cutie Pie

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Nanmaya's POV

'Are you okay?' He whistles tune concerned.

I felt shy like never before, nodding I stood looking at his chest. His hands left me but not his intense gaze.

My favorite music in his composition was playing in the background.

"Shall we kiss?" He signed looking at my lips.

My heart skipped it's beat, grabbing his collar I placed my lips on his. He pulled me closer wrapping his arms to my waist. My breath became heavy, I raised my foot to match his height while he to bend a little. He took my lower lip sucking it like his favorite chocolate. Sweet feelings rosed in my heart.

Automatically, my fingers crawled to his nape to play with his hair. Even I tried to match his pace sucking his upper lip. It tastes amazing and made me crave for it more.

His right-hand figures caressed my waist. My soft body snuggled to his hard frame. Our lips perfectly synchronized sucking with passion. He gently squeezed my waist making me gasp, he suddenly entered his tongue and played.

I tried to do the same thing but the pleasure made me weak to even stand on my knees. I lost the balance but he caught me tightly, bending down making me stand straight on my feet.

He bites my lower lip, I moaned tugging his hair. He again bites my lower lip but this time gently which made me dizzy. He took my lips into his mouth squeezing my waist, I moaned pulling his hair. He sucked my lips and left.

I breathed head holding his shoulder tightly. His breath is heavy and heart was beating too fast like never before mine was not any less. I hugged him listening to his heartbeat which was not reducing its pace.

He gently pushed me but I didn't open my eyes to not to meet his heating gaze. He hoisted me in bridal style, I got surprised but held his nape tightly. He smiled sweetly, I was lost in his tantalizing eyes. He placed on the bed near the headboard. He sat to my right side leaning onto the headboard. He pulled me, I landed on his heart.

Without a second thought, I wrapped my arms around him listening to his fast heartbeat. My favorite saxophone music was still playing, giving the perfect romantic feel. Without any communication, we just stayed in each other arms feeling our love.

Raising my head, "Mahi, tomorrow we will tell to our parents. They will be so happy, " I said playing with his shirt.

He pushed me a little, so I sat to give him space for moving his hands.

"Can we say it on your birthday?" He signed cutely.

"Yeah sure, " I twirled my orbs in confusion. "Wait, are you planning any surprise?" Exclaimed in happiness.

He smiled, pulling me closer and whistled 'stay' tune. I kept looking into his tantalizing eyes which are gazing me naughtily making me weak. I shivered as his breath fanned on my skin

"No, I want to romance secretly, so..." He trailed off smirking naughtily.

I gasped and gaped blinking rapidly. He came close to my lips before I realize he was licking my lower lip. I lost my balance due to the sweet sensation and fall on him but he wrapped his left hand to my shoulder and balanced me.

I licked his upper lip but he even pulled my upper lip in his mouth caressing my nape. I just don't know how he locked my lips in his but he was hungrily eating them. He gently bites my lips, I moaned fisting his shirt. Again he started eating my lips while I'm just feeling the sweet sensation as my lips are in his mouth.

I snuggled close to him as he created havoc inside me while caressing my navel. He left my lower lip and sucked my upper lip. I took the chance to suck his upper lip.

God, this is heaven, I'm ready to do this forever. He pulled his lips away. I tried to open my eyes but he pecked my lips without a gap caressing his left-hand fingers on my soft sport while right-hand figures brushed on my navel.

I was in heaven but I want to feel his lips longer than these pecks. He stopped pecking without leaving my frame. I opened my eyes to see his heating gaze. I pushed him without looking at him and sat quietly.

'Look at me, ' he whistle tuned. I raised my eyelashes to see his teasing look with a naughty smirk.

"Remember, if you disturb me in future, I'll shut like this, " he signed winking.

I gasped pressing my

lips tightly. He laughed pulling my right cheek. I pushed him, got down quicky without care of my saree. In this process, it came up till my thighs but immediately, I stood up.

He whistled 'stay' tune but this time I can't, so I ran to my room while he chased me but I'm always capable to run away from him. Before he reached my room, I closed the door. I leaned onto the door breathing heavily but the smile was not leaving my lips. He didn't bang the door which surprised me.

I closed my eyes, taking long breaths. His lips are still lingering on mine. God, the way he touched, kissed, and mainly his musical confession. Uff, that was the best confession anyone can get. I caressed the places his fingers lingered on my body. My phone buzzed with a message. Immediately, I took it falling on the bed.

"Take rest for today but tomorrow I will not leave you till I kiss you for five times, " I gasped reading the message.

My cheeks heated up, I don't know what to reply, so switching off the phone, I laid comfortably on the bed without changing the saree. I'm too lazy and moreover, his touch was still lingering on me. Sleep was far away as every single moment played in front of my eyelashes.


"Get up Nanmu. Will, you or should I get the spare key?" The door was banging with Mom's angry voice.

I groaned in irritation. "Get up, open the door, " Mom threatened.

My eyes snapped opened. No, I'm in saree and I can't explain her. Immediately I got up and went near the door.

"Mom, I woke up and going to the washroom. So chill and resume your work, " I said, kept my phone in charging and ran to the washroom.

I wore his favorite orange top with dark blue jeans. Curling my hair as he likes, I wore his favorite long earrings, chain, bracelet, bangles gifted by him. I applied kajal and his favorite pink lip gloss.

'Do you like it?' I asked his picture through the mirror.

Last night events flashed in front of my eyelashes. With one final glance at my reflection, I took the bag, phone and scurried outside.

I halted hearing his melodious whistle, my heat stooped for a second. I turned backside holding my racing heartbeat. He leaned onto the left side wall to my room placing his palm in his pant pocket.

'You want to kill me or what Cutie Pie?'

That dazzling smile killed me, those tantalizing eyes gazed me from head to toe. He wore my favorite pista color T-shirt with black color pants. He came to me in two strides. I stood there like a statue.

"I Love You, Nanmaya, " he signed, whistling my name with love in those tantalizing eyes.

My heart swelled with happiness as this is my all-time dream to see this beautiful scene every single morning.

"I love..."

He suddenly placed his lips on mine, I'm surprised and stood rood. He sucked my lips and left it, winking he bustled towards steps but whistle tuned, 'look at me, ' I turned towards my backside. He gave a tight flying kiss showing number one and left.

I'm still in shock and my legs became jelly. I came back to the world listening to Mom's voice.

I strolled to his bike while he went to bring the keys. Throughout the breakfast, I kept silent and didn't look at him. Our parents nagged me to tell the reason but I just shrugged it off. He assured them to take care of the situation. I leaned on the bike waiting for him. He scurried holding the helmet in his left hand, keys in right.

'God, he was looking dashing and the way his hair dance made me crave to run my fingers in his hair.' He came and sat on the bike giving me a teasing smile.

Pouting "Symphony, please stop teasing me, " I said playing with my helmet.

'Look at me, ' he whistle tuned.

"I thought you like me being romantic, " he winked.

"I do but..." I swayed not meeting his teasing gaze.

Pinching my chin gently, "Awe my baby is shy and all, " he signed teasingly.

Smacking his left shoulder I pouted. He laughed adjusting his hair. I gawked him, drolling.

'God, my Cutie Pie was looking dashing.'

Raising an eyebrow smirking, "Okay! Only at home, " he signed.

I smiled and sat on the bike placing our respective helmets, I hugged him tightly. He gently squeezed my palm and rode to the college.


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