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   Chapter 23 His Musical Confession

I'm Your Voice By April Melody Characters: 11249

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Nanmaya's POV

Hearing his whistle, I halted in front of my room. He strolled rubbing his palm nervously.

"Can you please come to the music room, after a while?" He signed nervously.

"Sure, text me, " I smiled.

He was nervous and I don't want to trouble him anymore.

"Do you remember the red color saree you wore in last year annual day?" I nodded.

"Please ware that one, " he requested with cute faces.

Raising an eyebrow. "Actually, I'm too lazy Mahi. Is it necessary?" I asked blankly.

He caressed my left cheek adoring me with those tantalizing eyes, dazzling smile, nodded leaving me.

"Your presence is the most important. But don't sleep huh?" He signed smirking.

I smiled, "Shall I?"

He smiled bowing his head, giving me the way. I went inside and locked the door. Immediately ran to the cupboard to take that saree and scurried to take a bath. My Cutie Pie wished and me rejecting was not possible.

How sweet he is! He just wants me to be there but I want to surprise him.

'Am I looking beautiful? God, I'm not so sure.'

This elegant scarlet red color saree has stones work all over it. I wore MaNan locket to my neck matching long earrings, applied a minimum makeup and curled my hair as he likes.

What he will do to me? Will he...

'Oh madam, you still didn't accept him but thinking all dirty huh?' My brain teased.

'What is wrong in it?' I glared.

'Till now you tortured him and now thinking of this stuff huh?' It ranted.

'Don't you know how insecure and scared I am?' My eyes stung with tears.

'Nanmu, you don't have time to do makeup again?' It teased again.

Immediately, I took the tissue wiped my tears, staring at my reflection. My phone popped up his message to come up.

Once again adjusting my hair, took long breaths, I stood in front of the music room door.

'Relax, he's going to surprise you with his confession but not the otherwise, so stop getting nervous, ' my brain ranted again.

Taking a long breath, I closed my eyes and opened the door with a smile but the lights are off. It's hell dark as the corridor lights are dim too, I went inside.

"Mahi, you there?" I whispered trying to look for him in the darkness.

Suddenly the lights are on. His tall, lean figure leaned onto the wall in kick up leg pose looking downwards with sandstone color T-shirt and black pants, his silky hair perfectly styled as I like. He's looking dashing in that poster like a model ready for his photoshoot.

He got surprised watching my traditional appearance. Biting my inner cheeks, I tried to control my fastly beating heart. He strolled lazily towards me gazing me intently which made me weak on my knees. He stood in front of me but I didn't dare to meet his intense gaze.

'Look at me, ' he whistle tuned.

Taking a deep breath, I meet his gaze, "You look so beautiful, Doll, " that dazzling smile skipped my heartbeat.

"Tha-nk you, " I whispered licking my dry lips.

I'm not so sure whether he heard it or not. I can feel his intense gaze wandering from my head to toe making me, hand to stand. I gulped playing with the saree end.

Suddenly the room changed into a mixture of pink, purple and green colors making it romantic and cool. I gasped gawking at the whole room.

Twirling around, I observed these new changes, "Mahi, really you did it! I can't imagine finally you changed our music room look as per my wish. I can't believe it Symphony. It looks really roman..." I trailed off looking at the bed.

A big circular bed was replaced by our two single beds. A pista green color bedsheet with music notes printed on it was adorning the bed with four red color heart-shaped pillows leaned onto the headboard. It's looking fantastic. My heart beated fast looking at that beautiful bed. I turned back to him wearing a confused look.

"Liked it?" He whistle tuned, smirking.

Actually, I don't have words to say, so simply nodded looking at the bed, grasping the saree end.

Suddenly, the slow piano chords played from the music player soothing my heart. He smiled and gestured me to sit on the long stool which was on my backside. I took steps while the tabla beats to my every step made my heart beats according to the rhythm.

He helped me to sit on the stool and took a few steps backward. He clicked his fingers synching with the rhythm, now he will start his beautiful lyrics for sure. The piano turned into a sad tune making me frown.

'There are days my silent world confuses me, There are days my silent world scares me, There are days my silent world was all messed up, '

It feels that the flute was singing the song in a melodious tune in the form of his lyrics. All the while, his lips are smiling but I can see the pain in his eyes.

'But you entered in my silent world, Saying I'm Your Voice.'

My lips automatically smiled reciprocating his sticking my eyes on him. The music stopped for three seconds, he took a step closer while the saxophone added a melodious rhythm in medium pitch.

Goosebumps rosed with the intensity of the tabla beats for every five seconds making me tap my fingers along with the rhythm. His magnetic gaze stuck on me with that dazzling smile.

'I still remember the day I saw your innocent face, I still remember the day I heard your melodious voice, I still remember the day our friendship blossomed, '

All the memories of our first meet flashed in front of my eyelashes. His eyes are showering immense love along with that dazzling smile, the melodious music making my heart leap in joy. The flute continued to play with his lyrics.

'I grew u

p in your friendship, But you grew up...'

"You thought I didn't?" I squealed angrily.

He huffed, pressing the stop button of music player with an irritated sigh.

"Doll, you know how I miss the flow if you disturb me like this in the middle? Here I'm being all romantic and you..." I cut him off.

Pouting, "Sorry, sorry. I will not disturb you. Please continue, I will zip my mouth, " I gestured zipping it with my right-hand fingers.

"Please be patient, baby, " he signed with pleading eyes, I nodded pouting cutely.

He closed his eyes, taking long breaths, tapped his fingers rapidly to get back to the mood. He always does the same thing whenever I disturb him like this. Rewinding the music, he smiled and started.

'I grew up in your friendship, But you grew up in our love.'

I smiled biting my tongue, he smirked continuing his beautiful lyrics along with that breathtaking music though a sad one. I love his music whether it's happy or sad or any mood.

'Saying I'm Your Voice, You entered in my lifeless world.'

The lyrics are heartwarming at a time intense. The saxophone increased to a high pitch which was too romantic to hear adding slow guitar chords while the tabla continued its rhythm. My heartbeat increased its pace due to the feel of the rhythm, even because of his intense gaze. He came one step closer.

'I still remember the days your beautiful brown orbs adored me, I still remember the days your cute plump nose rosed in anger, I still remember the days your bubbly cheeks blushed crimson, I still remember the days your rosy lips invited me to bite them, You gave me unknown sweet feelings, Saying I'm Your Voice, You entered in my fascinating world.'

He described gazing my every feature skipping my heartbeat. I smiled shedding tears feeling beautiful in every phrase of his mesmerizing words.

The flute continued with his lyrics mixing the saxophone and guitar, rosing goosebumps all over my skin. He took a step closer, the saxophone increased to a higher pitch, still, the guitar chords slowly sailed matching to the rhythm.

I still remember the day adoring your innocent beauty, I still remember the day feeling your sensitive heart, I still remember the day knowing your impeccable value, But my silent world was scared to own you, Saying I'm Your Voice, You entered in my passionate world.

A never-ending smile lingered on my lips, his eyes are adoring me with his dazzling smile. Saxophone ended, reducing the pitch slowly but the guitar continued to play. The violin added according to the rhythm slowly increasing the pitch, it sounds sad.

My heart clenched with the intensity of the sad tune. His lips are smiling all the while adoring me with those tantalizing eyes.

'I still remember the days how painful it was to wipe my never-ending tears, I still remember the days how painful it was to mask my undying feelings, I still remember the day how painful it was to push you away from me, But my insecurities agreed to give you happiness, Saying I'm Your Voice, You entered in my repressed world.'

I felt all his pain which was because of me. Biting my lower lip, I tried to control my tears looking at his tears. Wiping his tears, he signed me to 'wipe'. I smiled to encourage him but my heart was bleeding for all the pain he felt.

Again the music stooped and he took another step closer to me whistling a melodious tune along with claps synching to the rhythm.

Again the saxophone started in a medium pitch along with the tabla beating the melodious beats which are sounding sad yet a time happy too. He stopped clapping but the claps continued to play in the music player. The violin added with an amazing melodious tune making my heart beats fast with the intensity of the music.

'I still remember the days you craved to share your love, I still remember the days your painful tears accused me, I still remember the days your heart scared to trust me back, '

The saxophone increased to a high pitch removing the sadness maintaining the same tune. He sat on his knees with unshed tears but the dazzling smile was not leaving his lips along with that adoring look. The beat of the tabla continued its intensity while the guitar added soft chords decreasing the violin. I felt goosebumps with the intensity of the music.

'And this time, your love won my insecurities.

Saying I'm Your Voice, You entered into my silent world.'

He stretched his right palm showering immense love from those tantalizing eyes. Involuntarily, I placed my right palm in his with a fast-beating heart looking at his dazzling smile.

The intensity of the tabla, saxophone, and the guitar continued adding the flute to its melodious rhythm. The feel of the music was too romantic and heartwarming. Grabbing my hand, he stood up with a never-ending smile.

I was unable to move my body nor eyes, he left my hand. The flute and guitar pitch increased, decreasing the saxophone pitch tuning to a melodious romantic slow rhythm sounding like 'I love you'.

'I Love You, my love, I Love You, my voice, I Love You, my happiness, I Love You, my Nanmaya.'

I'm ready to hug him tearing in his arms. He took a step closer and cupped my cheeks, wiping my tears with his thumb. Closing my eyes I felt his touch like as usual. After relaxing I opened my eyes, he locked his eyes with mine.

Wrapping my arms around his waist, "I Love You, Mahi, " I spelled looking into his eyes.

He smiled and placed his lips on mine. For a second, I'm shocked and stood like a statue. Immediately, leaving my lips he observed my confused state.


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