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   Chapter 19 Naughty Mahi

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Nanmaya's POV

He smiled and bowed his head, whistling, 'thank you, ' tune. I smiled caressing his left hand.

"So, please don't think much and try to forget those memories, " he smiled widely.

I smiled, understanding his words. He was really an amazing man. Even if I'm raped, he would still accept me but he made me strong to protect myself and I'm only his in every mean. I remembered, he expressed badly about himself. I pulled his shirt, so our faces are a few inches from each other. He was shocked looking at me scared as I'm ready to kill him.

"Dare you to express bad about my dear friend Mahish. I will kill you, " I whisper yelled looking at him angrily.

He smirked raising an eyebrow. I gave a challenging look.

He took off my hands, "Even you say that..." He trailed off with a sad face and gulped hard.

I got confused but he smirked biting his lower lip.

'Now what?'

"When you cry, your already big nose looks so horrible increasing its size with redness, " he signed with a wink.

I gasped and my anger roused to peaks. Before I catch him, he jumped on the ground whistling, 'good night' tune and ran away. I went to the mirror to check myself.

God, I look so horrible with puffy eyes, swollen lips, red nose, and my hair became a nest.

I groaned but... wait.

Now I remembered why he trailed off, even I said, 'I'm a bad friend, '.

'Isn't it truth Mahi?' I whispered looking at his picture through the mirror. My phone popped a message.

"Except your puffy sad eyes, you look so sexy like we made hardcore lovemaking. I just want to eat your swollen lips like cherries. I don't want to scare you so ran away. Don't you dare to come to my room, then my bed will be a mess with our naked bodies, " I gaped at his erotic message.

I threw the phone on the bed keeping my right palm on my fast beating heart.

'Is he really my Cutie Pie?'

Again a message pooped. God, I don't want to read his s*xting.

'Really, ' my brain mocked.

Ignoring it, I took the phone. A video message was waiting on the screen along with heart emojis. I played the video.

"Don't get angry with the previous message. I just want to make you feel better but I don't want to do in front of you as I'm highly aroused, " he closed his eyes for a second rolling a circle around himself, opened his eyes.

"Just leave it. Please wash your face, hum your favorite song and close your eyes to have a beautiful

Mahi brought chips bowl along with our favorite ice-cream. I widened my eyes in happiness and pulled him, blabbering how much I missed them.

We sat back on the bed facing each other. I sat cross-legged leaning onto the headboard, kept the pillow in my lap while he too sat cross-legged opposite to me. He brought my favorite peanut butter fudge core ice cream and his favorite strawberry cheesecake. We ate while chatting about Musicano preparation.

"By the way, Mahi, " I played with the spoon.

He raised an eyebrow keeping a spoonful of ice cream in his mouth. I should ask him carefully without showing my desperation.

"How many times did you kiss Lipsika? How was the feeling? Please tell me, " I teased him but my heart was scared to hear. Immediately, his expression turned into a questioning one, I gestured what. He kept the ice cream bowl aside.

"What did you understand about my break up tale, Nanmu?" He sign, questioned with a teasing expression, whistling my name.

I pouted twirling my orbs in the process of thinking.

"It means you didn't kiss her?" I exclaimed happily but immediately controlled and cleared my throat.

He smirked nodding negatively. I gulped and had a spoonful of ice cream. He too ate a spoon of ice cream without taking the bowl into his hands.

"Why didn't you kiss? She is beautiful right?" I asked in confusion.

He gawked at me as if I said some stupid joke. He kept the ice cream bowl in my lap suppressing his laugh but failed and started laughing like a manic rolling on the bed. I got confused looking at his reaction.

'Did I say something wrong?'


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