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   Chapter 18 Sharing My Pain

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Nanmaya's POV

Today I took him to the parlor which he hates the most because girls rape him with their eyes. No one can leave the change to gawk at my Mahi who is a tall, lean, well structured handsome hunk with an amazingly cute face. He has a damn cute face that no girl can restrict his cuteness with little stable

Just little because once he grew the beard all over his face. He looks like a cruel villain in the movies. We couldn't enjoy his cute expressions because of that jungle on his face covered his cuteness.

So Aunt and I literally threatened him to take it off and made a promise that he will never grow jungle on his face. With half heart, he accepted and stick on to it.

'Well back to the earth from Mahi's land, Nanmu, ' my brain mocked me.

'Just go away, I'm angry, ' I glared.

'Uff, even I don't want to deal with you, ' it said.

He always feels awkward to be in the parlor but today 'I' felt awkward because all he did was to gaze me intently. We have been for two hours and not for once he diverted his tantalizing eyes away from me. Wherever I go and his eyes roam along with me.

And the way he looked at me with that dazzling smile gave me goosebumps all the while. People gave my-boyfriend-can't-leave-me looks. I felt so embarrassed and after coming home, I ran after him for half an hour but I couldn't able to catch that tall tree.

'But my cutie pie made your heart thunder with his naughtiness, right?' My brain bugged me again.

'Oh hello, he is MY Cutie Pie stop calling YOUR Cutie Pie okay?' I glared stressing the words.

'You and I are the same, idiot, ' it declared.

I heard the knock.

'I will see your end later, ' I glared gritting teeth.

"Come in, Mahi, " I said weekly.

He came with that never-ending smile and sat cross-legged in front of me. Actually, I don't have a habit to lock the door but loves to open the door for him and see his cute handsome face but now my legs are paining because of him. After he saw me half naked in our teens, he knocks the door and even I open it by myself. He clicked his fingers in front of my eyes.

"Mahi, please don't irritate me today, " I whispered weakly.

He nodded, playing with his fingers without looking at me. Even I sat blankly watching his fingers. It's been months we have been peacefully in each other's presence. And my favorite rhythm in the world, his heartbeat was soft and calm which is soothing my heart.

"Why you broke up with her except because of your love on me?" I asked suddenly of nowhere.

He raised his head and smiled. " Actually, I'm scared, I may propose you, grab you in my arms and kiss you to my heart out but..." I cut him off with my gasp.

He heaved a sigh closing his eyes. He opened and signed me to be patient. Yes, I always disturb him and right now he desperately wants to share everything with me. I nodded pressing my lips in a thin line but how can he express it like this? I'm feeling shy.

"At that time Lipsika came and I felt she was nice. But as the relationship goes on she wants to get intimate with me and always wants to kiss or to be kissed. I'm actually not ready to accept someone else accept you but that girl created hell in my life. We fought a lot and always she brings you in between us. I'm already missing you and myself with her but she wants intimacy.

"Suddenly, she planned a Goa trip. Even I just want to go away as I couldn't see you with Varun. So, I left without informing you but there she showed me hell with her sexy dresses which even didn't ignite me even a single bit. Look at you, even in your nightwear you look damn sexy..." I gasped gaping, he smirked with a wink.

"...but she is not sexy even in bikinis. On the third night, she literally forced me, like me being the man. Sorry, no offense that women shouldn't force and stuff but bloody we're in a relationship. If our partner is not ready then how can you force that person.

"So, I just left her and came back but found about Varun. Actually, I know about Varun character but you have been stubborn about him, so without your notice, I threatened him to death but that bastard..." He halted closing his eyes, took deep breaths to control his anger.

I gently caressed his palm. His face was all red while his facial muscles are hard. After a few seconds, he became normal and b

linked in assurance.

"She came after two days and started nagging me that I wouldn't have left if she is you. That's obviously right you both are different for me. We treat you like Doll but she is not even treated like a girl by her family and can go anywhere happily. Even you go but the matter is you will never hurt me or anyone by always remembering things which I don't have, " I fisted hard.

'How dare that bitch to hurt my Mahi?' But I didn't show my anger on my face.

"She just ate my brain comparing with you. But to my luck one day I found her making out with someone with that I made her out of my life." he signed happily.

I smiled nodding in disappointment while he was looking at me.

"I'm a bad friend, right? I didn't be with you when you needed. Did he hurt you badly?" He signed.

The tears wetted my cheeks. "He talked bad about us, Mahi. How can he talk like everyone, even after seeing what we are? Yes, we do love each other but our love was so pure that even we sacrificed our love for each other's happiness. Yes, we do share a bed sometimes but you never touched me wrongly not even in sleep. But that rouge touched me here Mahi..." I said rubbing my neck.

He was having unshed tears caressing my left knee with his right hand.

"I tried to prove our pure love but I felt he was not capable to learn about us, so I tried to leave but he caught my hand and pinned me to bed. I felt weak and couldn't fight back, I got scared and lost my hopes. He caught me so tightly which hurt me a lot but his words gave me a little hope.

"He doesn't want to rape but enjoy. At that time, I understood your trick and talked dirty with him. You know it killed me every inch to bare his nearness and talk to him like that. I told him to tie me u-p..." I sobbed hard holding his palm.

He untangled our hands and pulled me in his lap. I hugged him tightly, crying my heart out. He was caressing my hair and whistling the soothing song which he made for me. The tune really helps me a lot to relax. I got relaxed after a while but didn't leave him.

I'm happy to listen to his melodious heartbeat and his soft breath touching my hair. His long fingers were caressing my hair effortlessly while I played with his shirt buttons.

"I told to show him stars and finally I did it. I really want to beat him more but he seems strong even in pain, so I don't want to risk, locked him and ran away. Next day Dad, Uncle told to beat him. But I don't want to touch him, I feel so... dirty... Mahi, " I stammered weeping hard, holding his neck tightly.

He pressed me tightly to him and whistled 'relax' tune but it's really hard. I'm feeling pure in his arms but still, that rouge's dirty touch was lingering on my body. Mahi softly pushed me back and gestured to get down. I sat cross-legged in front of him.

He cupped my cheeks wiping my tears with his thumb, blew air on my face. I felt relief in his touch and became normal. I smiled, he gave a gentle squeeze to my palm and left me with a smile.

"You are the pure soul, Doll. You will not become impure just because some useless person touched you." He caressed my left cheek.

"As I told, no one can save when you need help. You did a splendid job saving yourself talking rubbish. See, don't you sing the worst tunes to get the beautiful desired tune. This is like that, to save yourself you talked rubbish. It's not a big deal compared to your safety.

"Coming to the touch, I know how worst it feels as sometimes, even I felt with Lipsika but you women are soft-hearted as you can't bare those feelings. Moreover, you're pure as you saved yourself. You know I felt so proud when Varun told me. Maybe those memories haunt you but you are a strong, my lady. So, get that out of your brain slowly. Okay?" He signed with his pleasant smile.

I felt a little bit better with his encouragement.

"And one more thing, if something wrong happens, it will never happen but still indicating. Women are pure with heart and body though it took away from them because they are a pure soul to spread love rather than take away happiness like men. There are women like Lipsika who is a shame to women kind and men like Papa and uncle who are a wonderful example of mankind..." I cut him off.

"Even you are amazing, wonderful, kind man, " I said with love.


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