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   Chapter 15 Will He Bite Me

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Nanmaya's POV

Dad and Uncle congratulated me and started talking happily with each other. Thank God, they ignored my face or else Rohi Uncle will make a big fuzz. Mom and Aunt served us and sat.

Mom to my left and Aunt to my right while their respective husbands are opposite to them. Mahi and I sit in between them opposite to each other. Sometimes we swap our places. I silently played with the food as I don't have apatite.

"Are you ready to fly to London?" Dad asked me happily.

"I don't want to go anywhere Dad, " I stated looking at my plate.

Women gasped and I can feel all the men are watching me.

"What happened, Nanmu?" Mom asked.

"I don't want to go away leaving you all, " I said the fact.

Women giggled and poked their respective elbow in my waist. I moved away to avoid them.

"Take Mahi with you. I'm sure you don't need any one of us, " Dad said naughtily.

"Well, his girlfriend will kill him, " Aunt said with sarcasm.

I didn't raise my head but I heard Aunt gasp followed, "why?"

I raised my head and saw him signing awkwardly, "... didn't work between us, "

Everyone became silent thinking deeply. Finally, after a month he spells the bean.

'Congratulations Symphony, ' I didn't see him and ate.

'Look at me, ' e whistled tune.

I halted but didn't raise my head again he whistled desperately. So I raised my eyelashes and saw those tantalizing eyes.

"I will come with you, " he signed.

My anger increased because he doesn't want to study in foreign but that bloody sacrifice.

"I don't want anyone to SACRIFICE for me and I don't need to run away from anyone. So, I decided to stay happy with my loved ones, " I said harshly stressing the word 'sacrifice'.

His eyes became sad but immediately covered with a blank expression. I'm hating this expression of his.

"Are you guys again fighting?" Aunt looked at us.

"Now what you did?" Uncle whisper yelled looking at him.

"Nothing like that, please relax, " I said looking at Aunt, Uncle.

Uncle anger was not safe because he will give silent treatement to Mahi which was difficult for him to handle.

"But..." Dad cut off Uncle.

"Relax, Rohan. Now they are grown up and can take care of the situations. So, stop bugging them." Dad assuranced with a smile.

"Princess, you have every right to make decisions. It's your wish to go or stay, no pressure on your shoulders. So, think wisely and take a decision, " Dad said with his sweet smile.

'I can't go away from Mahi, Dad.' I thought.

"Sure Dad, thank you, " I smiled.

Dad blinked his eyes and gave a flying kiss. I took it and blew him back and resumed eating without talking.


I'm not talking to him nor gave him a chance to communicate with me since two days. I'm dying to talk to him yet a time angry. He tried his best but failed in front of my stubbornness. Even our parents left us to fight as much as we want. This was the best thing I love about them, they never bug in anything though it's a strong or silly reason. I heard the knock.

'Not what he wants?'

I opened the door. "I want some CDs. Can I please search?" He signed with desperate eyes keeping cute faces.

'Good try, Mahi.'

I gave him space to enter. Widening his eyes in happiness, he ran inside and went to the cupboard. I closed the door, sat back on the bed and checked my phone without looking at him.

After a few minutes, 'look at me, ' he whistle tuned.

I saw him holding the computer named CD but it's actually s*x education which he gave me long back.

"You still watching this?" He asked coming to me.

Taking a deep breath, I whisper-yelled, "Do your work, " shooting glares.

He sat on the bed ignoring my words. "Now I have the better collection, " he signed with a wicked smile.

I didn't react, "But I will not give you, " he signed with a wink.

I rolled my eyes and resumed my work which was simply opening and closing applications on my phone.

'Look at me, ' he whistle tuned.

I sighed, "Don't irritate me Mahi, " I said in annoyance.

"Ask me why?"

I closed my eyes to control myself. "Okay, why?" I asked so that he will leave me.

"I want to try all of th

em with you then I will show them, " he signed biting his lower lip with a seductive look.

I gasped and immediately lowered my head biting my inner cheeks to control my blush.

'What the hell was that?'

'Look at me, ' he whistle tuned.

I closed my eyes licking my lips and raised my head. He crawled near to me and sat on his knees in front of me.

"You are blushing!" He signs stated with the naughty look.

I gulped, "Just... take whatever you want... and go away, " I stammered without looking into his eyes.

"I got something which I didn't expect, so have a good sleep my melodious queen, " he signed naughtily leaving the CD on the bed.

He jumped on the ground walking leisurely, whistling my favorite song of his composition. I gawked at him but composed and went to close the door. But he put his leg to stop the door and leaned on to the wall. I felt shy to look at those tantalizing eyes but still glared.

"I'm better than that video, so have sweet dreams about me..." He paused, "... no about us, " he signed naughtily.

I gaped him surprisingly. He smiled, closed my mouth with his dazzling smile and left without turning back.

'Is he my Mahi or some devil possessed him?'

I closed the door and my eyes caught the CD.

Flashback ON

I pestered Kushi to give me the CD which her brother had and finally I got it.

Doors closed, check. "√"

Pin headset to the computer, check. √

Sit relaxed, no I'm excited.

I watched it curiously but it's kind of scaring me as the girl was screaming like hell which was busting my ears. I felt someone caught my shoulder. I got scared and jerked, screaming loudly. In this process, the headset fell down.

Mahi stood there with an eyebrow raise keeping hands on his waist. I got scared and started to close the screen hurriedly but not happening.

'Relax, ' he whistle tuned and closed the screen.

Weeping silently, I stood their awkwardly. He tapped my shoulder to look at him but I couldn't meet his gaze. He held my chin with his right-hand fingers, raised my head and wiped my tears.

"Why are you crying? You are fourteen and you should know these things but this is not the correct one. I have a sexual education video which was good to understand but this can scare the hell out of you, " he signed with a smile.

"Please don't tell to our parents, " I begged him.

He laughed, "You know Papa gave me that CD, " signed with a wink.

I widened my eyes. "Papa told 'at this age all these things are common but parents should guide correctly or else you can take impulsive decisions, so tell me things but don't do any wrong thing'." He signed. I nodded my head.

"And I will not tell to anyone, relax." I heaved a long sigh.

"We are friends though I'm a boy still feel free to share things with me. I may not understand everything about girls and stuff but you can help me and I will help you too. So please don't do anything without telling me. I'm your best friend and always support you. Okay?" He signed.

I smiled and nodded.

"I will share everything with you from now onwards but Symphony please don't come to my room like this. I'm a girl and..." I'm saying but he gave me the extra room key.

"Don't worry from now onwards I will knock on the door and come. Happy?" He signed with a smile.

I felt happy, "CD?" I asked without looking into his eyes.

"Naughty girl, " he signed and hit my temple gently.

Flashback Off

Like that this CD been with me and I just saw only five times. But loves to peek into the public romance which he doesn't like it.

'And what happened to him today? Like seriously, does he want to kill me?'

'I'm better than the video!' I giggled remembering it looking into the mirror where I can see his picture through the mirror.

'Will he bite me?' I blushed.

'You're angry at him and didn't accept him but thinking all weird stuff, ' my brain mocked me.

'You just go away. Now I just want to think about my Cutie Pie, ' I glared.

'Your wish. Again that insecure sacrificing king can do anything, ' it said.

'You are right!' I pouted sadly.

I threw the CD in the cupboard and slept thinking about him.


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