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   Chapter 14 Not Sacrifice But Love

I'm Your Voice By April Melody Characters: 8127

Updated: 2019-07-16 13:39

Nanmaya's POV

His eyes are depicting immense love for me. He placed my hands on my lap.

"I Love You, Nanmaya, " he signed, whistling my name with immense love in those tantalizing eyes. His dazzling smile and unshed tears are telling me everything.

I really don't know what to say? Now he realized that he loves me after all these? I licked my dry lips looking at him.

"I just expressed my feelings. You don't need to repel the same but please let's be..." I cut him off.

I cleared the lump in my throat. "How long?" Asked with tears.

He showed four fingers. "Four months?" I asked.

He nodded negatively, I gasped blinking my eyes.

"Four years!" I whispered surprisingly.

He nodded staring me fearfully. Shock, surprise, happy what not my feeling are. I just want to hug him and shout that I love him madly but... I gulped the lump in my throat and licked my dry lips.

I started with a smile, adoring him. "I thought in childhood, you are a special kid but I didn't understand your real pain."

He was looking at me curiously and leaned closer to me placing his hands on my either side of me.

"But when I understood the fact, I felt that God was cruel and heartless." His lips curved into a small smile.

"Without my knowledge, I promised to be your voice and after realizing the fact, I promised myself to be your voice. I'm Your VOICE, forever, Mahi." I said with a smile lingered on my lips and kept my right hand on his heart.

He was adoring me with that never-ending smile and those tantalizing eyes are gazing me with love.

"Who won't love you, Mahi? For four years, I'm dying to feel your love but when I saw Lipsika kissing you, I died at that moment but I want only your happiness. My love is strong to support you, make you happy but not to trouble you. Being lonely, I accepted Varun but hated myself, "

He stood like a statue gawking at me. I just want to cry my heart out hugging him tightly but now I should give him some piece of mind.

"I'm the one who only knew everything about you. Your pain, insecurities, passion, everything but how can you think that I'm doing sacrifice?" Angry tears left my eyes.

I took his right hand and placed it on my heart. He moved his palm a little bit up so that it won't touch my chest.

'That's my Mahi.'

"This beats for you, "I'm not sacrificing, but I Love You, " I said with love.

He felt happy and the tears are wetting his

? All these years, we didn't understand each other but doing 'sacrifice'." I air-quoted the word and pushed him away.

"Just leave me alone Mahi and stick on to your sacrifice, " I jumped on the ground.

Suddenly, he put his hands on my either side looking at me with love. I pushed him but he didn't move.

'Just a minute, please, ' he whistle tuned. I stopped, cross-armed and glared at him. He heaved a long sigh and took a deep breath.

"All these years, I sacrificed with my stupidity but now you boosted my love. So, now I will gain your love. That's my promise, " he signed with that dazzling smile.

'Wow, let's see how long this drama goes?' I mentally squeezed his neck.

"Well I didn't even take a minute, " he signed with a wink.

He gave me a way to go, bowing his head.

"I hate you, Mahish Aurora, " I bustled without turning back.

I heard his, 'I love you, Doll, ' whistle tune. I busted in tears and ran to my room. Locking the door, I fell on the bed and cried like hell.


'Who the hell was banging the door?' I'm in deep slumber but the door was banging.

I groaned cursing Mahi and opened the door to kill him but found Allu Aunt sweet smiling face. I thought it's Mahi but Aunt banged the door? No ways, I'm sure he hid somewhere but I don't care.

Aunt told me to fresh up and come for dinner. I washed my face and applied kajal. My face was looking horrible with puffy eyes. I went to the dining table. After many days Mahi was at the dining table because of Lipsika...

'No, it's because of me he avoided all of them.' I blinked to stop these bloody tears.


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