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   Chapter 13 Shocked Yet Suprising

I'm Your Voice By April Melody Characters: 8133

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Nanmaya's POV

I came to the music room which was our world. The wall was filled with our pictures, music designs, we painted. The right half of the room was filled with our awards, achievements, his favorite music instructions, sofas, chairs, two single coat beds, fridge and what not.

Sometimes we fall asleep after our practice sessions. My eyes caught the left side of the room. I still remember he arranged a big mirror, filled half of the wall. To give the best performance, first we should know what we are showing to the audience, so he made that arrangement.

This room has many beautiful memories which are still flashing in front of my eyelashes. Our laughter, fights, music, everything was special. When our parents said that we all are living together, we beamed at them like crazy kids. Dad gifted this room and asked to make them proud.

I went to the balcony. It was vastly filled with many plants around the wall. There was a wooden rectangular patio on the left side of the balcony covered with flame vine, bleeding heart vine, and bougainvillea plants along with colorful lights. We love greenery and always took care of them taking shifts but I'm the lazy one.

In the center of the balcony, Dad arranged a bench pillar though patio filled with chairs. We always sit on it rather than the chairs. Once we fought and he occupied the whole space. I don't have another bench to sit, so I made the home upside down to make another bench.

Rohi Uncle constructed a big bench in length and breadth compared to that. I mocked him but the main problem was I can't climb on it because of its height.

We had many memories with these benches, whenever I want to talk to him face to face, he would help me to sit on it and we talk, fight and what not. His bench was Symphony while mine was Rhythm. I chuckled for our stupidity to create names for the bench. I stood there caressing my rhythm.

I turned back feeling someone gaze. Mahi stood cross-armed to his chest and leaned onto the door. His tantalizing eyes were adoring me with that never-ending smile.

"Mahi..." I whispered. "... when did you come?" I leaned on rhythm.

He was adoring me with that dazzling smile.

"Just, " he signed.

Keeping his hands in the pocket, he strode towards me. His was looking dull but that dazzling smile was adoring him.

"Where are you till now?" I asked.

"With Lips, " he signed.

'Is it truth or else a si

embering all these worst days. I left him after I felt relaxed.

"I am a bad frie..."

"You know how insec..."

We both started yet at a time but trailed off. He chuckled but I glared.

'You go first, ' he whistle tuned.

I glared understanding his next words.

"Okay, I will, " he signed not meeting my gaze.

His face was red and gazing here and there awkwardly. I pulled his chin harshly to look at me but still didn't meet my gaze.

Rubbing his palm, "You know how insecure I am?" I continued to glare him.

"It's just me, you don't need to sacrifice but..." He trailed off looking away.

'What sacrifice? I didn't understand anything.'

"Go ahead, " I declared harshly.

He took a deep breath, "See whatever comes, nothing will change between us right?" He sighs, questioned staring awkwardly.

My anger roused to its next level.

'What does he think of himself huh?' Angry tears were flowing like lava on my cheeks.

Gritting my teeth, I slapped on his left cheek. Caressing his cheek, he gulped hard avoiding eye contact. I pulled his collar to look at me.

"What do you think huh? You changed everything between us and I played accordingly to it but now you are asking this? I hate you, Mahi. I hate you..." I chanted, hitting his chest.

Yes, I hate him for his stupidity. At first, he stood taking everything but suddenly he held my hands and blew air on them. My palm became red and now I'm feeling the pain but I pulled it and again hit him continuously.

This time he held it immediately and whistled, 'I Love You, ' tune. I stared him in shock, stopping my assault.


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