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   Chapter 12 Mahi Went To Goa

I'm Your Voice By April Melody Characters: 7862

Updated: 2019-07-16 13:33

Nanmaya's POV

I took a breath of relief observing the surroundings. Finally, I had safely reached home. I can't stop myself and ran to Dad who was sitting on the garden bench. He stood up in shock, I hugged him and cried.

"What happened, Princess?" But understanding my situation, he cooed me with soothing his words.

I cried for a long time, he patiently handled me. After composing myself, I told him everything and requested him to not to say, everyone. First, he didn't accept but agreed finally.

He took me to my room without getting doubt to anyone. After going to my room, he told me to take a bath. I got scared to be alone so requested him to stay in my room.

I took a bath for one hour but I couldn't able to take off that dirty touch. I cried and cried but it became hard every minute. I heard Mom calling me to come out. Composing myself, I wore my nightwear and went out. She hugged me and fed me without a word. I glanced at Dad, he just gave an assurance smile. I didn't break in front of her.

I don't want to eat but Mom will not leave and I want to cry like hell, so ate fastly without any hassle. She took the plate and kept it on the side table after I completed. She stood in front of me and kissed my forehead. I just want to cry hugging her but controlled.

"I'm proud of you. Take rest, I will come and sleep with you, " Mom said with a smile.

I pressed my lips to control but my tears which are not stopping. She caressed my hair and left the room. I cried remembering those horrible moments. Dad came and sat with me. I hugged him crying hard, he made me sleep on his lap. After some time, Aunt and Uncle came along with Mom. Immediately, I wiped my tears.

"We know everything, so stop hiding it, baby, " Aunt said hugging me.

I sobbed, holding her. I felt Uncle caressing my head. After a few minutes, I stopped.

"Don't think that your situations trouble us and for God sake stop hiding things from us, " she said caressing my right cheek.

I gave a small smile and hugged her.

"We are so proud of you, " Uncle said and hugged me.

I started playing with his shirt buttons but suddenly got panicked.

"Does Mahi knows it?" I queried hastily.

"No, he went to Goa with his girlfriend, " Aunt said.

I'm shocked because this was the first time Mahi went out without telling me.

'Now he h

e now he needs space from me. We didn't say anything to him as I don't want Mahi to kill Varun but said I broke-up with Varun. Mahi felt happy and boosted me that I'll get the perfect man.

'But he couldn't able to understand my Cutie Pie is the best of all.'

He was not being like himself and not spending time with all of us. He even rejected a concert. I didn't bug him nor our parents but I approached Lipsika. She said everything was fine between them. So I left it to themselves.

I felt lonely as that incident chased me. Moreover staying away from Mahi though living under a roof killed me. So I thought to leave this place. When I said to my parents they felt happy but Mom pestered me to be in India itself. I just want to go away from Mahi. So I requested her and finally, she accepted. We told to Aunt and Uncle, even they felt happy and blessed me to chase my dream.

I applied for Royal Academy of Music in London and for the visa too. I got the seat but I didn't feel happy. I didn't tell any of this to Mahi, tried many times but something stopped me. Music was not my dream but he made it possible. If something can give me peace other than Mahi is MUSIC.

All these months are hell as we spend very less time and moreover, he behaved unusually. Just checking me whether I'm fine or not, chatting a little. Sometimes, I want to pull his collar and ask him to share the things with me but I think, I lost that right on him. It's been a month and a half that we practiced.

'I miss our practice, his music, him and mostly us, MaNan.'


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