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   Chapter 11 My Guider

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Nanmaya's POV

"Because God created them like that, " I said with a sad pout.

Our parents shook their head in disappointment, he heaved a heavy sigh. I pressed my lips in a thin line lowering my head. He tapped my knee, so I raised my head.

He smiled and whistle tuned, 'relax'.

"Look, man is strong because since childhood everyone says 'you are a man, you should be strong, stop crying like a girl, get laid or marry as many girls as you want, use your power and like this many more'. So the man got habitual to be strong and use his immense power on the wrong things."

I nodded understanding the things.

"Coming to girls 'you are a girl, so stop being like this and that, you can't study, you can't wear this and that type of clothes, you can't be friends with boys, you can't laugh loud and mainly you can't say no to your husband and in-laws. Finally, YOU ARE WEAK.' Her parents, family, society always boost her to become weak. So, she tamed to be weak."

I heaved a heavy sigh with a sad face.

"But not all parents. Our parents gave us equal rights and supported us equally. And there are many who treat their daughter equal to their son.

"Women are weak because they see everything with heart but men can't. If she stops feeling with heart then she will be Kali and can rip him into pieces.

< Kali - Indian goddess, who is known for anger and destruction.>

"When men show power, she feels weak because no one said you are strong and fight back. So she can't show the real Kali.

"She tries to fight back but she feels he was strong, so it makes her weak. And not all the situations can be the same, so no comparisons and I don't want to extend this matter.

"I just want to prove that women and men are equally strong in their own ways. When he caught all the three of you at a time you girls are hell scared and couldn't fight back strongly. And I don't say that you girls did a mistake or something.

"At that time, it's common to get scared and you girls are young and lean too. But you forgot one thing, you are three and even can kill him but scared seeing his poster and behavior. Right?" I nodded.

"Here, I'm not criticizing us means men but we do feel ashamed of our kind when we face this kind of things. We respect women, sometimes tease and criticize her but not in a wrong way. I don't say all men are bad and women are good or vice-versa. It's all about the situation and how YOU 'RE handling is most important.

"So start taming your mind to be strong and I will show you how strong you are. Women should protect themselves because sometimes she can't get help. Moreover, nowadays she should compulsorily learn to protect herself though she was an infant." He paused looking at me while I waited for him to continue.

"So, you are going to learn the karate from tomorrow." He signed with finality.

I inserted the information into my brain and nodded positively.


Now I feel so strong and can fight with any man in the world. I learned karate well and everyone was praising me. But this was all because of my Cutie Pie. Many times, I gave up but he boosted, scolded, pushed me hard to achieve this.

I'm happily dancing like a manic, they'll are laughing at my childish behavior. Suddenly Mahi pulled and pinned me to the nearby wall and kept his right feet on my foot.

I got surprised, struggled and chanted, "leave me".

Everyone gasped looking at us. Aunt and Uncle tried to pull him but Dad stopped them.

'Why Dad was not stopping him?'

Mahi expressions became hard and for the first time, I truly got scared of him. I cried and wiggled in his hold but he didn't leave me. I screamed and tried a lot but literally failed.

Suddenly he left me. I got scared and ran to Mom. For a few minutes, I cried hard and didn't look at him. Mom and Aunt made me calm. I was sitting on the bed still crying.

He came to me and sat in front of me cross-legged. I got scared and held my legs tightly to my chest without looking at him.

'Look at me, ' he whistle tuned.

I love him, but I can't accept this kind of behavior. I closed my eyes and a lone tear escaped from my eyes. Moreover, my Cutie Pie can never behave like that. Imme

diately, I opened my eyes.

"In this condition, what will you do?" He signed with a serious face. I gasped and lowered my head.

'Look at me, ' he again whistle tuned.

"I'm your best friend. You trust me more than your parents but got scared and couldn't fight back with me, "

I felt disappointed and useless. Along with me, he too worked hard still I can't fight. I wept biting my inner cheek.

"Can I touch you?" I nodded.

He moved closer to me, bend my knees, so I cross-legged. He cupped my cheeks, wiping my tears with his thumb. I closed my eyes feeling his touch but I still see his scary face. Immediately, I opened my eyes. He gave me that dazzling smile and left me.

"First of all, I'm really sorry for my behavior. It will never happen in our lifetime, " he signed sincerely holding his ears.

I nodded with a small smile. I think it will take time to forget this incident.

"I did it purposely to make you understand things. Don't disturb me in the middle and stay calm, "

I nodded sitting comfortably and leaned onto the headboard. Everyone was looking at him curiously.

"Do you remember in childhood if Aunt and Uncle want you to do homework what they did?" He signs, questioned.

"Yes, they would give me chocolate or anything I wished for, " I looked at my parents.

They smiled and even Aunt and Uncle.

"Okay, if Priya didi asked you to take care of Sid for an hour. What you will do?"

'What is he up to?'

Sid is a two years old neighbor kid. I just love him and always play with him.

"Obviously, I will bring him to our garden and play with flowers but I don't like one thing. He tears the flowers, " I said with a pout.

He smiled, shook his head in disappointment with that never-ending smile.

'God, how did he even kept that hard face which was still scaring me?'

"So in these two cases did you understand anything?" He signed.

I thought a lot, "Yeah, giving something to get something, " I twirled my orbs in confusion.

He smiled and whistle tuned, 'good'. I smiled as if I got the best singer award at the college.

"Sometimes using brain was most important rather than physical strength. When a man or more forcing you what happens is, the more you fight and struggle the more he uses his strength. Rather than that use your brain but not in all situations. Okay? You should understand and act accordingly.

"When he was forcing you, his desire is to get you in any way. So, he uses all his physical and mental strength and the more you protest the more he increases his pressure on you. Again reminding you not in all cases but use it when needed.

"Stop protesting and try to act as if you are accepting him..." I cut him off.

"Mahi, " I roared in disgust.

'Calm down, ' he whistle tuned and signed, "Try to understand me, "

I took a deep breath, closing my eyes, licking my dry lips, I opened my eyes. He gave 'trust me' smile.

"I'm not telling you to accept him. Act as if you're fine to accept him, talk to him seductively but wisely in a way that he should trust and leave you. Make him believe with your 'words and actions' but no need to to do something which you're not comfortable.

"When he started believing you then take the situation into actions very quickly. Apply the tricks and at last, just kick him down there. No worries if he even dies but kicks him there, so that he can't chase you for sure but again reminding you to play the tricks according to the situation, " he explained clearly.

"I suddenly held you. It was purely unexpected and even if someone wants to attract you it will be unexpected. First, you will get panicked, struggle and try to fight but obviously, he will tell something or maybe not. Observe his actions, words and understand his intention, situation, and even surroundings. Then slowly play the act but not immediately, " he signed.

I processed all the things in my brain and nodded.

Flashback OFF

These are the things, I remembered and played accordingly. Every inch in me cried to talk and act like that but in that situation, no superman comes and save me. So, I did what can protect me.

"Princess, " I heard Dad's voice.


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