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   Chapter 10 I'm Proud Of My Cutie Pie

I'm Your Voice By April Melody Characters: 8811

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Nanmaya's POV

"Chill baby, let's talk frankly. I know that you love Mahish and I'm sure you both already done everything." I'm shocked and felt disgusting.

'Even he too think cheap about us? I never imagined he will think like that.'

"Varun..." He cut off me.

"Come on, baby, whom you are fooling? You both live under a roof and sometimes you both even sleep in a room. So, stop playing this innocent game, " he said with a dirty stare. I just want to snap right on his face.

'Seriously, why people judge a pure relationship with physical pleasure?'

"I never thought you have this cheap character. Yes, we stay under a roof and sometimes share a room. But our relationship was pure that this dirty-minded society can't understand. Just because a man and a woman live in one place or they are friends for a long time that doesn't mean that they do wrong things. I love him that doesn't mean that we will do it without love. It's a waste of time to explain a person like you. I'm going, " I said with disgust and took long strides towards the door.

"Do you think it's easy?" I heard him.

He pulled my left elbow with that I fall on the bed. He laughed hovering over me and pinned my hands to the bed. I struggled hard to get out of his grip but he was strong.

"Listen I don't want all that shit. I love you, but only your body. Damn you look so sexy." He said nuzzling my neck.

I felt disgusted with his touch and struggled to get a chance to kick him but he's strong. I can't even move my legs as he tangled our legs. He groaned in frustration gripping my hands tightly which was hurting me.

"Let's just enjoy, see I don't like this rape and shit. I just want a good fu*k, " he said with a wicked smile.

I stopped struggling and saw his face. He gazed with that dirty wicked smile.

"Will you keep it a secret?" I asked blinking innocently.

He was shocked at first but recovered soon. "Oh, yes, baby. No one is going to know about this. I promise, " he said widening that wicked smile but still didn't loosen his grip on my hands.

I bite my lower lip rolling my eyes as if thinking deeply. He was coming to my lips.

"Okay..." I said with a smile relaxing my body.

"Really?" He questioned pressing my hands harder.

My pain increasing second by second but blushed, biting my lower lip and nodded positively. Immediately, he loosens his grip and going to place his lips on mine but still didn't leave my hands.

" But..." I said, he stopped.

"Now what Electrica?" He got frustrated, tightening his grip.

The pain was increasing, every time his grip tighten but I didn't show it on my face.

"I have a desire, will you fulfill it?" I questioned with my ever so sweet voice, blinking seductively.

"Seriously, Electrica, I never thought it will be easy with you." He amused with questioning eyes.

"Trust me, I'll show you stars tonight?" I whispered seductively.

His wicked smile came back with that dirty stare.

"Sure baby, just order, I'm your slave tonight, " he said, looking at my cleavage.

I gave a dirty smile, "I want to be tied up and you know..." I whispered huskily with a wink.

He got shocked, "Are you serious?" Exclaimed happily.

"Well, being a girl, I shamelessly asked my desire and you..." I trailed off, turning my face to the other side. "... just leave it. Let me go, " said feigning hurt with a pout.

"No, no, no, I didn't mean that, " he was again going to kiss my lips.

"Wait, " I seductively bite my lower lip.

He stopped looking into my eyes. "Let's kiss after tying me up. Moreover, it's our first kiss. So, it can be fun you know, " I said moving my body tempting him with a wink.

"Fu*k, just wait, baby, " he left me and jump onto the ground.

He started searching in his cupboards, I slowly sat up rubbing my hands. He was looking at me every single second.

"Damn, I'm so sorry for that baby, " he said, searching hurriedly.

I smiled sweetly standing up. "It's okay Varun. You didn't expect it neither me, " I took slow sexy steps towards him.

He stopped gawking at me. "Fast, I'm already getting wet looking at you, " I whispered huskily, walking towards him sexily.

He smirked looking at my moves and hurriedly searched throwing all the things. I reached him gazing sexily, he became desperate and searched hurriedly. I stood on his back trailing my fingers from his right

shoulder to downwards.

"Fu*k, you are killing me, baby, " he groaned.

Immediately, I twisted his right hand and kicked his left side neck with my left-hand middle two fingers. Within a fraction of seconds, I did it so obviously, his brain can't work fast to take actions and screamed in pain. Twisting his right hand hardly, I hit on his left knees with that he lost the balance and sat on one knee.

He cursed and tried to get rid of my hold but once again I kicked on his neck twisting his fingers. I took a long step and hit him down at his center. His screamed in pain wiggling. Immediately, I left him and ran outside locking his room door. Without wasting time, I came out of his house and ran away to mine. The pain can last long, so he can't chase me.

I ran towards my home with tears and shivering body. I'm scared and disgusted with his touch. When he started talking dirty, I remembered two years back incident.

Flashback ON

I went to a movie with my friends Kushi, Vidya. It's really fun and amazing to have a girls outing. After the movie, we are passing on a narrow lonely road chattering and giggling. Suddenly, a guy came and started to molest us. We tried a lot but he held all the three of our single hands, pushed us down and started touching us. We struggled a lot but his hold was tighter than all the three of us.

By God's grace, Vidya's father came to pick her up. He rescued us, dropped at our places and talked to our parents. I cried all day, Mom and Aunt tried a lot but that rouge touch and those memories are continuously flashing in front of my eyelashes.

Dad, Uncle, and Mahi don't know all these things till evening. When they came home, I cried like hell without leaving Mahi. Everyone tried their best but I'm hell scared and felt dirty with that rouge touch.

Later that night we all sat in my bedroom. Our parents sat on the sofa and watching me. I sat on the bed, leaning onto the headboard, Mahi sat in front of me cross-legged.

"Now tell me the reason you're getting scared for?" He signed with the calm poster.

"He was so big, Mahi. His dirty touch was still lingering on my body. You know, he was so strong that he handled all the three of us at a time and we couldn't able to do anything, " I blabbered, weeping hard.

He wiped my tears and whistle tuned, 'stop cry'. I closed my eyes licking my dry lips, took a deep breath and opened my eyes. He gestured me to smile, I can't but gave a small smile.

"Okay, I want to express a few things but you need to be patient without disturbing me. Deal?" I nodded my head.

He smiled, "Being a girl, you know the hard phase every woman faces in their lifetime. Let me explain a few things in my point of view as a man.

"First, Mother. Carrying one or more babies for nine months or maybe more and giving birth feeling unbearable pain was the hardest thing in the world. But Mother does it happily for her baby. This was the real strongness in the world. I'm not so sure that every strong man can do it, " he signed.

I saw Mom and Aunt who smiled blinking their eyes.

'He is true.'

I'm always scared to give birth to a baby but Mom always assures me.

"Second, young girl. Till certain age, a very happy going girl suddenly face menstrual cycle every single month. Facing pain, mood swings, and many things but still lead her life normally. We men take it easy and make fun of it. But if God gave that pain to men, I'm sure he can't bear it every single month though he was a strong man like Bahubali or Bhalladeva, " he signed.

We all chuckled. I smiled pulling my legs to my chest placing the chin on my knees.

"Third. Here I'm not specifying any age or something. When she was in public or private place, though, she covers all her body or reveals. Men gawk at her asserts with lust. If it happens to men they may enjoy for a certain period but not throughout his life, "

Mahi always felt uncomfortable when women see him with lust. I'll be doing a happy dance in my mind though I tease him.

"This night was not enough to say how strong a woman is? So I'll directly come to the point, "

I really feel happy with his thinking. Boys always ready to criticize girls but I'm proud of my Cutie Pie.

"You know why men are strong and women are weak?" He sighs, questioned raising an eyebrow.


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