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   Chapter 10 I'm Proud Of My Cutie Pie

I'm Your Voice By April Melody Characters: 8811

Updated: 2019-07-12 10:54

Nanmaya's POV

"Chill baby, let's talk frankly. I know that you love Mahish and I'm sure you both already done everything." I'm shocked and felt disgusting.

'Even he too think cheap about us? I never imagined he will think like that.'

"Varun..." He cut off me.

"Come on, baby, whom you are fooling? You both live under a roof and sometimes you both even sleep in a room. So, stop playing this innocent game, " he said with a dirty stare. I just want to snap right on his face.

'Seriously, why people judge a pure relationship with physical pleasure?'

"I never thought you have this cheap character. Yes, we stay under a roof and sometimes share a room. But our relationship was pure that this dirty-minded society can't understand. Just because a man and a woman live in one place or they are friends for a long time that doesn't mean that they do wrong things. I love him that doesn't mean that we will do it without love. It's a waste of time to explain a person like you. I'm going, " I said with disgust and took long strides towards the door.

"Do you think it's easy?" I heard him.

He pulled my left elbow with that I fall on the bed. He laughed hovering over me and pinned my hands to the bed. I struggled hard to get out of his grip but he was strong.

"Listen I don't want all that shit. I

their eyes.

'He is true.'

I'm always scared to give birth to a baby but Mom always assures me.

"Second, young girl. Till certain age, a very happy going girl suddenly face menstrual cycle every single month. Facing pain, mood swings, and many things but still lead her life normally. We men take it easy and make fun of it. But if God gave that pain to men, I'm sure he can't bear it every single month though he was a strong man like Bahubali or Bhalladeva, " he signed.

We all chuckled. I smiled pulling my legs to my chest placing the chin on my knees.

"Third. Here I'm not specifying any age or something. When she was in public or private place, though, she covers all her body or reveals. Men gawk at her asserts with lust. If it happens to men they may enjoy for a certain period but not throughout his life, "

Mahi always felt uncomfortable when women see him with lust. I'll be doing a happy dance in my mind though I tease him.

"This night was not enough to say how strong a woman is? So I'll directly come to the point, "

I really feel happy with his thinking. Boys always ready to criticize girls but I'm proud of my Cutie Pie.

"You know why men are strong and women are weak?" He sighs, questioned raising an eyebrow.


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