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   Chapter 9 I Miss Us, MaNan

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Updated: 2019-07-12 10:50

Nanmaya's POV

Mahi came inside and smacked my head gently biting his whole lower lip under his teeth. I smiled with a wink closing the door.

"Stop being jealous of my chatting session with my girlfriend and phone too. And she was with her parents, " he signed with an angry glare.

I stuck my tongue out, his eyes soften while lips smiled. He cupped my right cheek with his left palm. Looking into my eyes, he caressed my cheek with his thumb. We lost looking into each other's eyes.

He left me, "I missed my Doll." Signed with that dazzling smile.

My heart skipped a beat. I controlled and smiled at him. He went and sat on the bed. After seeing him, I'm happy and feeling hungry too.

"I'm hungry, " I declared rubbing my right palm on my stomach.

"Open the do..." Before he completes the sentence, I opened the door and saw the food pack on the right side table.

I happily took it and came inside, jumped on the bed and started blabbering. He shook his head in disappointment but with that never-ending smile.


My head was aching with his nonstop talking.

'God, how can he talk that much? I just hate this Varun.'

When I said to Kushi about Mahi's relationship, she told me to accept Varun's proposal who was my friend Vidya's brother. Since six months, Varun likes me and finally confessed his feelings, a month back. Obviously, I didn't accept.

I didn't like Kushi's idea but I felt alone all the time. So, accepted him but asked him to give me some time to accept the relationship. He was such a nice guy and accepted.

I still remember the day, I told Mahi about Varun. First, he didn't accept and told many weird reasons. His reasons are stupid but finally accepted. He literally threatened Varun to take care of me.

But loving Mahi and trying to accept Varun was a big thing. I'm happy for Mahi but feeling grief for my bad luck. I can't cry and trouble everyone but hiding my feelings was killing me. We all spend time as a couple and going to double dates but...

'I miss us, MaNan.'

They will be in their phone land while Varun talks non-stop and eat peoples brain. He really doesn't understand that others get bored with his topic. I'm the one who breaks his boring topics.

Varun was a nice guy doing electrical engineering, third years. He loves machines and always like literally always talk about them. Whatever the topic we start, it will end with the topic of the machine. Not even one percent of the topic I understand. Many times I tried to change the topic but he again c

ticed at night and did our best. Even this performance became a huge success but we are exhausted and slept for two days without a care about anyone.

Since a week, Mahi was frustrated and even Lipsika was not meeting him. I thought to give him space because now he should solve their fights or anything between them. My involvement can create problems in the future. So, I didn't bug him but his sadness was killing me.

I rang the doorbell while Varun opened it with a happy face.

"Electrica, come, baby, " he said pulling me inside.

Stupid, because of his obsession with machines, he was calling me Electrica. Like seriously, I hate that name but I couldn't able to freely express my feelings to him. Never mind today was the last day for both of us.

"Varun, I want to talk to you, " I stated seriously.

"Sure baby, let's go to my room, " he pulled me to upstairs.

It's really silent as if he was alone in this big house. I thought to ask him but left it because currently there are many things to worry about.

We went to his room. I just hate his room, every single inch was about machines and stuff. I mentally groaned. I heard the door lock. I don't know how to start, I took a deep breath. He back hugged me, I jolted and pushed his hands from my body but his hold was strong. I just hate it when he hugs or kisses me.

"Varun, what is this? Please leave me, " I said in irritation, trying to take off his hand.

He left me, I took a breath. He came in front of me with a naughty smirk.

"I need you, baby, " he said huskily with lust filled eyes coming close to me.

I started taking back steps. "What the hell are you talking?" I gasped in shock.


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